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There is no I in Community

A very interesting post this week from Peter Olding as he updates us about a project he’s been working on which highlights historic and ancient churches of Great Britain. Peter has realised that building a website is not enough for this project

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The first born, the last post and seven smiles

Hello lovely bloggers, how’s your week been so far? Mine’s mainly been full of cake and reading the super blogs submitted this week. There have been 10 blogs for week 3, all of which I have enjoyed, and I am

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Cultural differences

A moving blog this week from Ann Gow on the Ayrshire Health Blog. Ann shares with us a recent sad time for her family following the death of an Aunt. Ann describes how due to culture, alongside the wishes of

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Rays of Humanity

Ewan Kelly talks about aspects of working in healthcare which continue to keep him motivated and insprired even through the toughest of times. This includes observing courage, humour and human interaction. Ewan blogs about the rays of humanity which may

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Language, art and a bit of elbow grease

We’ve had 10 contributions this week – thanks to everyone who’s blogged, read and liked the posts, as well as anyone who’s decided to follow the blog. It’s been great reading all your posts, and I highly recommend looking after

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God’s Existence – The Time Argument

Ever wanted to learn more about how the universe came into existence? Karl S. Green’s blog post delves into the cause of the Big Bang and examines the related question of “what came before the Big Bang?” There are some

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Pascal’s Wager

Karl Green gets all philosophical on us this week exploring whether one should believe in God or not. Karl looks at Pascal’s Wager also at the Atheist’s Wager and the 4 choices each theory offers. Karl looks at his own

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York Minster

An amazing blog by Samuel-James Wilson as he talks us through some of the restoration work he has been involved in at York Minster, sharing some wonderful behind the scenes information and images.   For anyone with an interest in

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Advent Challenge

Amazing work by Ben Whitehouse – who instead of a weekly blog, is blogging every day of the Advent. At the time of writing this summary Ben was up to Day 14, with a nice letter to Santa, but there

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32 Christmas days and what they have taught me

There’s no better way to get in the mood for Christmas than remembering a few of the things about the festive period from previous years. 32 Christmas days and what they have taught me by Rough Cat

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