List of posts by week 2012

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Summary of Week 52 posts

  1. My Year in 12 Cakes by Kate Bentham.
  2. Thank you Weekly Blog Club by Louise Brown.
  3. Ready to hook into this boiled Christmas fruit cake now! by Helen Blunden.
  4. Something for Santa by Ben Whitehouse.
  5. Best day of my life by Peter Olding.
  6. New Years Resolution and some Festive Gifts. How to deal with the backlog of works email on the 2nd January…. by Chris Bolton.
  7. 12 months of 2012 – a set on Flickr by Janet E Davis.
  8. Meeting expectations – Ayrshirehealth reviewed by Derek Barron on the  Ayrshire Health blog.
  9. Another year over… by Sarah Lay.

Summary of Week 51 posts

  1. Screening for Dementia – Beware the Zeal of an Evangelist by Martin Brunet.
  2. Christmas Fairy Tale by Mark Braggins.
  3. My Life in Stock Photos by Andrew Jacobs.
  4. Yes, reinvent the wheel by Andrew Jacobs.
  5. Dr. Gerard Lynch [The Red Mason] – Week 1 by Samuel-James Wilson.
  6. Evolution of a Turkey, or Coming of Age at 32 by Rough Cat.
  7. Excess by Naomi on The Minimal List.
  8. The Social Sickness (infographic) by Janet Harkin.
  9. Film in local government by Matt Bond.
  10. Opinion burnout (infographic) by Janet Harkin.
  11. Who do you work with? by Andrew Jacobs.
  12. The evolution of time management tools (infographic) by Janet Harkin.
  13. My New Twitter Account by Peter Olding.
  14. Just be there by Phil Jewitt.
  15. Oh Christmas tree by Carol Woolley.
  16. The Common Phobias of Creatives (infographic) by Janet Harkin.
  17. Growing Newsome and Stirley Farm 2012 – a year in pictures by Diane Sims.
  18. OPM’s 2012 Roundup by Phil Copestake on the OPM (Office for Public Management) blog.
  19. MD of @LondonMidland has a bad “Meet the Managers” event at Birmingham New Street today (with tweets) by Ben Whitehouse.
  20. Smoke gets in your eyes. Ohh & content marketing by Ross Wigham.
  21. Cometh the Shropshire Hour by Kate Bentham.
  22. The twelve days of Christmas by Jason Leitch on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  23. 4 steps to a social media strategy (infographic) by Janet Harkin.
  24. DIBI 2012 selection by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 50 posts

  1. Giving something back by Andrew Moore
  2. SHADES OF BLUE by Gareth Morgan
  3. Dairy-Man by Richard Overy
  4. Relevance by Phil Jewitt
  5. Why us Welsh make the best guides at German Museums  by Chris Bolton
  6. Turning online into offline in 2013 by Louise Brown
  7. My Advent Challenge by Ben Whitehouse
  8. Landmarks by Ross Wigham
  9. Do I look gruesome in this? by Janet Davis
  10. My well-travelled Christmas Tree by Kate Bentham
  11. Open sesame: UK open data by Mark Braggins
  12. Are you using old tools? by Andrew Jacobs
  13. I wish it could be Christmas every day….. by Carol Woolley
  14. Facilitation Essentials #1. Why I upgraded from a clockwork cat timer to a countdown /stopwatch app by Chris Bolton 
  15. Silver screen on the Ross Wigham blog
  16. EXCLUSIVE: ‘My #Hyperwm Blog Newspaper Hell’ blog by Dan Slee
  17. But Why? by Susan Munro
  18. A man without a smiley face should not open a shop by Eddie Coates-Madden

Summary of Week 49 posts

  1. 32 Christmas days and what they have taught me by Rough Cat
  2. iphone shootings by Ross Wigham
  3. Pearl of Africa Choir by Carol Woolley
  4. Fairhaven & Woods – week 2 by Samuel-James Wilson
  5. Social media taking the pain out of reporting to trustees by Louise Brown
  6. My day in 10 pictures by Kate Bentham
  7. What a week at the Dubai 7s by The Sporting Wag
  8. Networks, change and culture by Catherine Howe
  9. 15 WordPress user errors that make you look silly – infographic by Janet Harkin via Copyblogger
  10. The sociable organisation by Phil Jewitt
  11. Come to the edge by ACC Gareth Morgan via Sasha Taylor
  12. The personal essay makes a comeback by John Battelle via Martin Howitt
  13. At the bottom of the garden by Derek Barron
  14. Rocks in his ears and other brilliant descriptions by Janet Harkin
  15. Citizen’s panels for Social Services in Wales by Participation Cymru
  16. All I want for Christmas is work by Janet Davis
  17. Care and control by Betty Gudrun on the Ayrshire Health blog.

Summary of Week 48 posts

  1. Switching from missiles to guns by Phil Jewitt.
  2. Light fantastic by Stuart Mackintosh.
  3. Welly wet weather in Wolverley by Carol Woolley.
  4. Yammer – don’t worry about it, just do it by Simon Hope.
  5. Hooray! There’s still 27 PR days till Christmas by Jo Smith of Vindicat PR.
  6. Using technology to be better trustees by Louise Brown.
  7. Fairhaven & Woods – Week 1 by Samuel-James Wilson.
  8. Coiffed Hair and Mo to Match  by Richard Overy.
  9. #mydayin10pics by Andrew Jacobs.
  10. Picture this #dayin10pics by Derek Barron.
  11. Who are you? by Phil Jewitt.
  12. The Drive to Improve 5 Year Cancer Survival – an NHS Priority, or Political Folly? by Martin Brunet.
  13. Experts are great……. you just have to keep them in their box by Chris Bolton.
  14. And then there were four. Again by Jane McIntyre on Shropshire Family Information Service blog.
  15. My Day in 10 Pics – or 7… by Helen Blunden.
  16. Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) can do …  by Elaine Hunter on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  17. Phase by Naomi on The Minimal List.

Summary of Week 47 posts

  1. BlueLight Camp: Post of posts by Mark Braggins.
  2. Ten tips for freelancers by Anna-Clare O’Neill on Ross Wigham‘s blog.
  3. It’s Hard Work Being A Rugby WAG by Hannah Chia.
  4. Do you happen to know these fellows? by Richard Overy.
  5. On the road to nowhere by Derek Barron.
  6. Teenagers – Who’d have ‘em by Peter Olding.
  7. Thankful by Ben Whitehouse.
  8. What should we be learning from the Lord McAlpine case? by Matt Bond.
  9. A day of maps and facts by Louise Brown.
  10. Unwanted Sightseeing by Samuel-James Wilson.
  11. Best Practice Glossary or Buzzword Bingo? by Chris Bolton.
  12. Red and white flower by Janet E Davis.
  13. At the edge – sand, seaweed, wave by Janet E Davis.
  14. Destination Donegal – creating The Wild Atlantic Way by Janet Harkin.
  15. Healthcare meets the software revolution by Debbie Provan on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  16. How to move from giving the public a voice, to enabling them to have a role by Rob Francis on the OPM (Office for Public Management) blog.

Summary of Week 46 posts

  1. Fourth Time’s the Charm for the Jebel Ali Dragons by Hannah Chia.
  2. Lest we forget by Stuart Mackintosh.
  3. Brew Music – Going grey with Gary and getting wrinkles with Robbie by Lindsay.
  4. Remembrance Sunday by Samuel-James Wilson.
  5. Six tips for interview: Pt 2 by Derek Barron.
  6. Is Best Practice the Enemy of Innovation? by Chris Bolton (aka @whatsthepont).
  7. All Present! And correct by Andrew Jacobs.
  8. BEYOND MEASURE? by Kate Newhouse of BDO local gov.
  9. Now that’s what I call a moustache by Richard Overy.
  10. I Matter, We Matter by Dyfrig Williams of Participation Cymru.
  11. A marketing man in charge at the BBC? Heavens! by Jo Smith of Vindicat PR.
  12. Traditions are important by Carol Woolley.
  13. A blast from his past by Kate Bentham.
  14. My day in 10 pictures by Janet Harkin.
  15. Partnership and Vision by Kerry Gilligan on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  16. Different Viewpoint by Peter Olding.
  17. Testing QR codes out in the wild by Louise Brown.
  18. At the end of the pier? by Janet E Davis.
  19. Facebook pages – the pool party’s over by Matt Murray.
  20. The power of love by Ross Wigham.

Summary of Week 45 posts

  1. Has the Poppy Appeal had its day? by Sarah Hall.
  2. Capturing the perfect pic by Sarah Hall.
  3. Something old, something new….. by Carol Woolley.
  4. Six hints for interview: Pt 1 by Derek Barron.
  5. Features vs Benefits by Andrew Jacobs.
  6. Land of the rising sun (colliery) by Ross Wigham.
  7. Los Angeles Cowboy by Richard Overy.
  8. SuperMondays Oct 2012 – Local & Hyperlocal by Janet E Davis.
  9. National Adoption Week by Peter Olding.
  10. Pop Up Local Democracy by Dave McKenna.
  11. Settling in for the winter with a jar of jelly and a bottle of sloe gin by Louise Brown.
  12. Perhaps ….. maybe … by Aileen Fyfe on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  13. 53. Local Government BlogClubs by Dave McKenna.
  14. Wheels by Naomi on The Minimal List.

Summary of Week 44 posts

  1. OFF SPIN: Why Malcolm Tucker must die by Dan Slee
  2. Marketing – a game for everyone to play by VindicatPR
  3. A DIFFERENT KIND OF BLUE by BDO local gov
  4. NHS Ayrshire & Arran – Who Cares! by Brian McCullock
  5. Rewarded by The Minimal List
  6. CityCamp Coventry: They think it’s all over — it’s only just begun by Sasha Taylor
  7. 14 ideas pitched at CityCamp Coventry 2012 by Sasha Taylor
  8. Lest we forget by Carol Woolley
  9. Two ladies, a gentleman & a motorcycle by Richard Overy
  10. Support for the Social Media Lone Ranger by Kate Bentham 
  11. Ten thoughts on getting social by Ross Wigham
  12. Lessons from a mathematician by Derek Barron 
  13. WHAT I GO TO SCHOOL FOR  by BDO local gov
  14. An apple a day by Phil Jewitt 
  15. Learner Portfolio by Andrew Jacobs
  16. Time to Fly by Billy McClean 
  17. Bribe by The Minimal List

Summary of Week 43 posts

  1. Shame about your face dad by Ross Wigham
  2. Introducing camp camp by Paul Coxon
  3. Don’t know where was at the time by Richard Overy
  4. So not a jolly by Phil Jewitt
  5. What is stop-motion animation anyway? by Louise Brown
  6. Lost: Social Media Mojo by Kate Bentham
  7. Sporting Summer Round Up by Hannah Chia
  8. Consumer coverage can be yours by Sarah Hall
  9. A hiccup for the health check-up by Martin Brunet
  10. Thanks for coming by Andrew Jacobs
  11. A Christmas Carol by Carol Woolley
  12. Viva la vida! or Why I want you to get lost by Benji W
  13. End of Life Care Pathway – Giving the Time to Choose What Matters by Karen Jones posted by Martin Brunet via The Binscombe Doctor Blog
  14. Instagram v Facebook – a socmed off for marketers by Janet Harkin
  15. Lance Armstrong – A false hero by Hannah Chia

Summary of Week 42 posts

  1. A day in the life of an eHealth leader! by Mark Fleming on the  Ayrshire Health blog.
  2. How to craft the perfect press release by Sarah Hall.
  3. Happy birthday Joshua by Stuart Mackintosh.
  4. Why the UK housing market is so broken – and what to do about it by Kim Spence-Jones.
  5. How a hashtag helped our summer by Ross Wigham.
  6. Zombie run – done! by Lindsay.
  7. Learning to learn by Kim Barron on the  Ayrshire Health blog.
  8. Patient Safety – Harvesting the Fruits of Our Labour by Susan Hannah on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  9. TRIAL NOT ERROR: Why every organisation should have Trojan Mice by Dan Slee.
  10. Taking the slow lane in a Windsor chair by Louise Brown.
  11. Dapper Gentleman in his Sunday Best by Richard Overy.
  12. To screen or not to screen?- that is the question by Colin R Martin on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  13. What’s in a name? by Andy Mahon of the BDOlocalgov team.
  14. For the fun of it by Jon King.
  15. My mum, the geek by Lesley Thomson.
  16. SPSP Fellowship – a personal reflection by Eddie Docherty on the  Ayrshire Health blog.
  17. Unleash your inner geek  by Carolyne Mitchell.
  18. It’s not about the spoons by Phil Jewitt.
  19. Grow Up by Kate Bentham.
  20. A changing view of hospitals by Janet E Davis.
  21. “Return the money” – is spending less on healthcare the moral thing to do? by Mark MacGregor on the  Ayrshire Health blog.
  22. Rorschach – A character in fiction who speaks to me by Paul Coxon.
  23. If everyone’s here, we’ll start by Andrew Jacobs.
  24. Delivering our quality ambitions by Derek Feeley on the  Ayrshire Health blog.
  25. Roti Chai, Marble Arch by Katemeout.

Summary of Week 41 posts

  1. Reflecting on a presentation by Andrew Jacobs.
  2. 20 Years Ago by Andrew Jacobs.
  3. West Wycombe wild food walk by Louise Brown on the Chilterns National Trust’s blog.
  4. Journeyman by Phil Jewitt.
  5. My musical journey… by Carol Woolley.
  6. TIMELINE: 12 tips after three years of blogging… and some reflection by Dan Slee.
  7. When you thought I wasn’t looking by Shropshire Family Information Service.
  8. The Obsidian Abyss by Janet E Davis.
  9. Concordance restrained by Austyn Snowden on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  10. “It was 20 years ago today…” How marketing has changed by Janet Harkin.
  11. Stories to commute to by Ben Whitehouse.

Summary of Week 40 posts

  1. Sixteen by The Minimal List
  2. Taking comms back to basics by Carolyne Mitchell
  3. Why I’m taking part in Blog Action Day 2012 by Janet Harkin
  4. Local social media usage: 4 months on by Mark Braggins
  5. Who is Tom Baker? by Peter Olding
  6. Trying to break painter’s block by Janet Davis
  7. Looking back (and forward) at the Lightmoor Summit by Ben Whitehouse
  8. Helping your child learn through play by Shropshire Family Information Service
  9. Abuse of Power by Paul Coxon
  10. Gangnam Style Plebs by Irena Souroup
  11. Photochallenge #3. a heron to water…. by Carol Woolley
  12. The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics by Corinne Watt

Summary of Week 39 posts

  1. Marching to the Beat of the same Drum by Corinne Watt
  2. Alright by Naomi on The Minimal List
  3. A photomarathon challenge part 1 by Kate Bentham
  4. Photomarathon: A sense of the place I live by Mark Braggins
  5. A wet urban walk by Janet Davis
  6. iPhone Photography by Matt Murray
  7. Simpl Challenges by Sasha Taylor
  8. Being a real authority by Jon King
  9. Cooking up a storm by Carolyne Mitchell 
  10. Joining up by Phil Jewitt
  11. Photochallenge #3 – A journey across the pond… by Carol Woolley
  12. A guide to recognising my influences by Ben Whitehouse 
  13. How to Format For Kindle  by Daniel Franey

Summary of Week 38 posts

  1. Because the Drugs Legislation Don’t Work by Paul Coxon.
  2. Topless Sunbathing? How Very Eighties… by Irena Souroup.
  3. Photochallenge #2 A view from a platform…. by Carol Woolley.
  4. Hello? by Ian Curwen.
  5. The third and final challenge by Ian Curwen.
  6. The importance of time offline by Ross Wigham.
  7. Being a Young Mum by Kate Bentham for the Shropshire Family Information Service’s blog.
  8. The little duck and the Tamworth pigs by Janet E Davis.
  9. Telegrams from the WHO in Oslo by Geoff Huggins on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  10. bad day? spare a thought for england’s first pr man by Dan Slee on the comms2point0 blog.
  11. It’s easy to open data and here’s how to start by Louise Brown.

Summary of Week 37 posts

  1. 18 wishes post-London 2012 by Dan Slee.
  2. The End of It All by Irena Souroup.
  3. The songs of me part 6 by Janet E Davis.
  4. My 15 Favourite quotes from #digifutures12 by Kate Bentham.
  5. See the lights by Phil Jewitt.
  6. Photochallenge #1: a postcard from Kidderminster by Carol Woolley.
  7. In memory of Hillsborough by Carolyne Mitchell.
  8. A local GDS, for Local People by Mark Braggins and Sasha Taylor.
  9. Social media and NHS Scotland by Pennie Taylor on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  10. 5 posts I liked enough to share by Janet Harkin.

Summary of Week 36 posts

  1. Thirty Six by Ross Wigham
  2. My Top 5 Moments of CultureTECH by Janet Harkin
  3. Staff magazzzzzine or a right riveting read? by Stuart Mackintosh
  4. The songs of me part 5 by Janet Davis
  5. Ouseburn cockerel by Janet Davis
  6. That #ff thang #2 He Who Liketh the Skip by Paul Coxon
  7. A Policeman’s Prayer by Andy Wilson (AKA Police Geek)
  8. A Weekly Blog Club Photomarathon Challenge by Kate Bentham
  9. Straight back at ya by Phil Jewitt
  10. What questions do website users ask? by Kevin Jump
  11. Impact of Open Source License in Government by Liz Azyan
  12. Singing in Brecon by Carol Woolley
  13. Multi-Tasking Miller by Irena Souroup
  14. When emergency comms and life collide by Carolyne Mitchell
  15. High Vis for economic data by Mark Braggins
  16. Just culture by Diane Murray

Summary of Week 35 posts

  1. Derry plans a digital creativity celebration with CultureTECH festival by Janet Harkin.
  2. The business of weddings by Ross Wigham.
  3. SOCIAL ORDERS: How the British military can help you use social media by Dan Slee.
  4. I saw a purple cow by Carolyne Mitchell.
  5. Public Sector Social Media Guidelines & Safeguarding Citizens Information by Liz Azyan.
  6. Feat. ‘Lords of Football’: Can games solve our problems and bring our communities together? by Liz Azyan.
  7. Joined in harmony by Carol Woolley.
  8. Customer Service = Anticipating Their Needs by Elaine Walton.
  9. Ouseburn August 2012 07 by Janet E Davis.
  10. How government can spend less money on IT investments by Liz Azyan.
  11. Why does blogging work? – A Highland View by Elaine Mead, guest blogger on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  12. Digital marketing conference opens inaugural CultureTECH festival by Janet Harkin.
  13. Dear PC World by Kate Bentham.

Summary of Week 34 posts

  1. The Swans of Wells by Carol Woolley.
  2. BOW SKILLS: 37 skills, abilities and platforms for today’s comms person by Dan Slee.
  3. Putting context to your content by Matt Bond.
  4. Back to the Shop Floor by Kate Bentham.
  5. Because I’m a person by Phil Jewitt.
  6. My week guest-hosting #WeeklyBlogClub by Mark Braggins.
  7. The songs of me part 3 by Janet E Davis.
  8. The songs of me part 4 by Janet E Davis.
  9. The Prince is Naked. Please don’t look by Paul Coxon.
  10. Learning to overcome baby brain by Lisa McGonigle on the Learning Pool blog.
  11. Have your cake and eat it by Carolyne Mitchell.
  12. The remarkable life of a 75 year old digital champion by Janet Harkin.
  13. Measurement: for Improvement or for Judgement? by Mark MacGregor on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  14. Remembering cousin Louis by Louise Brown.
  15. Social media – is noise enough? by Simon Hope.
  16. Get Lost! by Chris Allan.

Summary of Week 33 posts

  1. FutureGov is back on the Simpl-Train by Rachel Karasik
  2. The top ten by Ross Wigham
  3. Time Will Pass You By by Chris Allan
  4. Watching grass grow by Janet Harkin
  5. Harrow ‘How to’ online volunteer guide by Nicola Rae of Harrow Council via Matt Bond
  6. Six Songs of Me (Part 2) by Louise Brown
  7. A Blue Light on the horizon by Mark Braggins
  8. 10 years and counting by Phil Jewitt
  9. Making my kid safe online by Carolyne Mitchell
  10. Inspiring a generation through #twitterolympics by Carol Woolley
  11. Throw those curtains wide – Six Songs of Me part 2 by Kate Bentham
  12. London Calling – A Scottish Cop’s Experience of Policing with the Met by Andy Wilson
  13. The Songs of Me (Part 2) by Mark Braggins
  14. Reflective beach by Janet Davis
  15. Rings of iron by Janet Davis
  16. by John Patterson
  17. Our Olympics by Peter McClymont
  18. Fourteen songs of me by Janet Harkin
  19. Growth .. reflections from a student mental health nurse by Lauren Goudie
  20. 6 songs part 2 by Martin Howitt

Summary of Week 32 posts

  1. Offline by Phil Jewitt.
  2. Tearing down the wall – Talking with the Police by Sasha Taylor with input from Mark Braggins.
  3. That’s got a ring to it… by Stuart Mackintosh.
  4. The songs of me part 1 by Janet E Davis.
  5. Six Songs of Me by Louise Brown.
  6. Six Songs of Me by Kate Bentham.
  7. The songs of me part 2 by Janet E Davis.
  8. Heroes Live Forever by Andy Wilson aka Police Geek.
  9. Six Songs of Me by Mark Braggins.
  10. The Baby Ate My Homework… by Elaine Walton.
  11. Big hair and guitars by Phil Jewitt.
  12. A postcard from space…. by Carol Woolley.
  13. Six songs by Martin Howitt.
  14. Putting the social into media by Carolyne Mitchell.
  15. Do one thing on your holiday… switch off by Dan Slee on the comms2point0 blog.
  16. LocalGovCamp 2012 by Peter Olding.
  17. Glass half full – AHPs and assets based approach to service delivery by John McConwayon the Ayrshire Health blog.

Summary of Week 31 posts

  1. Reflection …. the key to achieving person centred care by Andrew Moore (aka @maidenturret).
  2. Internal Social Media: “Scary Monsters”? by Mark Braggins and Sasha Taylor on #logovsm website.
  3. Work No 1: All the Bellends by Irena Souroup.
  4. My Lasting Memory of the #Olympic Opening Ceremony by Paul Coxon.
  5. Young man in his bathing costume by Richard Overy.
  6. If you reach for the stars… by Carol Woolley.
  7. Wiggo’s Big Bong by Irena Souroup.
  8. SuperMondays July 2012  by Janet E Davis.
  9. The Hairy Armpit Revolution? by Irena Souroup.
  10. Is Customer Service important in today’s world by Sasha Taylor.
  11. Frontline LocalGov – A Blog for Families by Kate Bentham.
  12. Use of Force – Decision Making by Andy Wilson aka Police Geek.
  13. Going for Gold by Louise Brown.
  14. My 24 hour Olympics by Simon Hope.
  15. Going for Gold – patient coaching NHS to deliver top results by Gina A Alexander on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  16. Khao Soi Recipe by Dan Harris – a tribute by Peter Olding.

Summary of Week 30 posts

  1. Mapping geotagged smartphone photos with Flickr by Matt Murray.
  2. Time to consider weeklyblogclub evolution? by Janet E Davis.
  3. JUST RELAX: 7 ways to approach new social media platforms by Dan Slee.
  4. 23rd September 1929 by Richard Overy.
  5. Unconferences: Good, Bad or Ugly? by Mark Braggins and Sasha Taylor on #logovsm website.
  6. Musical Milestones by Carol Woolley.
  7. Value added facts… by Stuart Mackintosh.
  8. Homeward bound by Janet Harkin.
  9. #weeklyblogclub My favourite rites of passage and what they say about me by Ben Whitehouse.
  10. Contented by Phil Jewitt.
  11. Opening up our little bit of the world with QR codes by Louise Brown.
  12. Are we happy or angry? A survey of what 1,393 tweets say about the London Olympics build-up by Dan Slee on the comms2point0 blog.
  13. The Best Kept Secret in Scottish Policing by Andy Wilson aka Police Geek.
  14. Low Cost Family Fun by Shropshire Family Information Service.
  15. Eventalyser: Social Media Event Capture by John Patterson.

Summary of Week 29 posts

  1. CityCamp Coventry 1st Planning Session – 12 July 2012 by Sasha Taylor.
  2. Pinteresting… by Ross Wigham.
  3. BlueLightCamp ‘Travels’  by Sasha Taylor.
  4. Why the only way is up by Stuart Mackintosh.
  5. GOAL! 29 good things and a poor football anecdote from #localgovcamp 2012 by Dan Slee.
  6. What I believe: On Religion by Paul Coxon.
  7. My Localgovcamp 2012 list by Kate Bentham.
  8. The kite by Phil Jewitt.
  9. Content creation and the power of stories by Matt Bond.
  10. Sport-a-go-go at The Belle Vue vinyl night By Louise Brown.
  11. Social Media, Employment and Avatar Rights by John Patterson.
  12. The Virtual Choir by Carol Woolley.
  13. #weeklyblogclub: On Family by Ben Whitehouse.
  14. A gradual progress and fluorescent fashion by Janet E Davis.
  15. Frothing at the mouth, this time its Creation  by Benjamin Welby.
  16. A to Z of marketing tactics by Janet Harkin.
  17. A weekend of WordPress at WordCamp in Edinburgh by Rob Stewart.
  18. Suicide Cyclists by Irena Souroup.
  19. Putting the ‘expert’ into expert practice by Eddie Docherty on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  20. We love #lgovsm by Mark Braggins and Sasha Taylor.

Summary of Week 28 posts

  1. First: A Little Adjustment by Anke Holst
  2. Reviewing ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ by Louise Brown
  3. Olympic Torch: a flaming great challenge by Stuart Mackintosh.
  4. HELLO CAMPERS: Three years on from the first localgovcamp… so whats changed? by Dan Slee.
  5. hello world! a comms officer makes a digital promise by Emma Rodgers on the comms2point0 blog.
  6. Made In Brunel Podcast Interview: Emily Riggs by Jennifer D Begg.
  7. Changing places by Janet E Davis
  8. Facebook usage: a local perspective by Mark Braggins.
  9. Losing patience with the refuseniks by Lesley Thomson.
  10. Usain Bolts Boxer Shorts-Wallah by Irena Souroup.
  11. Quarrymen’s Cottage by Kate Bentham
  12. South West Trains and a blocked line by Peter Olding 
  13. The Big Step to a new business by Janet Harkin
  14. Ticked off by Carolyne Mitchell

Summary of Week 27 posts

  1. West Wycombe’s Wild Flowers by Louise Brown (on the Chilterns NT countryside blog)
  2. Dusting a Living by Irena Souroup
  3. The mystery of film ratings by Andrew Beeken
  4. Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova Do Women A Disservice by Hannah Chia
  5. End of term report by Phil Jewitt
  6. Writers on the storm by Ross Wigham
  7. What I learnt from Cornwall’s first public sector social media conference by Matt Bond
  8. Account Overload by Kate Bentham
  9. Integrating social media into emergency management programs by Sasha Taylor
  10. Use of Force by Andy Wilson AKA Police Geek
  11. Storm on the Tyne (with accompanying playlist) by Janet Davis
  12. National Trust followup by Peter Olding
  13. Tourism gets social by Angela Tait (A guest post on Ross Wigham‘s blog)
  14. Lanky freak? Admire the View by Irena Souroup
  15. It takes strength to ask for help by Who Cares Walsall
  16. Leading from the middle for now by Carolyne Mitchell.
  17. Estimating Social Media usage within a geographic area by Mark Braggins.

Summary of Week 26 posts

  1. Shifty Shellshock by Carolyne Mitchell
  2. Farewell my summer love… (a letter to the Edinburgh Book Festival) by Lesley Thomson
  3. A Quick Overview of IFTTT by Peter Olding
  4. Three essential marketing questions to ask by Janet Harkin
  5. Social Media – I don’t get it by Andy Wilson AKA Police Geek
  6. Our people, our places by Ross Wigham
  7. Child of the space age by Janet Davis
  8. Missed by Kate Bentham
  9. #CoSM12 – First of its kind social media in Cornwall by Matt Bond
  10. Reflections on events by Mark Braggins
  11. Attention Wonks: No Views Here by Irena Souroup
  12. Creating link resources using Delicious stacks by Louise Brown

Summary of Week 25 posts

  1. Puffin Island IslandGovCamp by Mark Braggins.
  2. Isle Lights by Mark Braggins.
  3. In Xanadu did Michael Gove by Irena Souroup.
  4. Two wheel city by Ross Wigham.
  5. Happy 5th birthday blog! by Louise Brown.
  6. The leaving of Learning Pool by Janet Harkin.
  7. From John Smeaton to #hurricanebawbag by Carolyne Mitchell.
  8. On the pickle bandwagon by Phil Jewitt.
  9. Yes  by Kate Bentham.
  10. Why I love – and hate – Instagram by Matt Murray.
  11. Wet day on the beach by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 24 posts

  1. Euro 2012: My Sophisticated Stoke City-influenced Who To Support Grudgeometer by Dan Slee.
  2. Northern Blue Lights by Mark Braggins.
  3. Kids today… by Ross Wigham on the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) website.
  4. Pointing at what isn’t there by Diane Sims.
  5. Putting your ear in by Phil Jewitt.
  6. Taxidermy, Tring and taking time out by Louise Brown.
  7. Trust me, I’m a scientist by Carolyne Mitchell.
  8. Post Boxes – they are everywhere by Peter Olding.
  9. ~Flow June 2012 by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 23 posts

  1. Reverse geotagging smartphone photos on iPhone with Koredoko by Matt Murray.
  2. Distinctly Vanilla Flotilla by Irena Souroup.
  3. Northern (High) Lights Pt1 by  Mark Braggins.
  4. Urban snapshots on a spring day by Janet E Davis.
  5. Cookie law tools and resources by Louise Brown.
  6. Staring us in the face to face by Phil Jewitt.
  7. The next big idea by Kate Bentham.
  8. Five ways to encourage participants to cover your event on social media by Rob Stewart.
  9. Protecting your social media assets by Carolyne Mitchell.
  10. This time its personal by Lesley Thomson.
  11. Linear thinking by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 22 posts

  1. BlueLightCamp: Weekend Camping Pt2 by Mark Braggins.
  2. Shared Spaces: A tale of two grapevines by Diane Sims.
  3. Filthy Cake Camp – My Rite of Passage by  Kate Bentham.
  4. To conference or unconference, that is the question by Carolyne Mitchell.
  5. Help wanted: all about the banter? by Graham Budd.
  6. If Jessica Ennis is Fat, What Hope for the Rest of Us? by Hannah Chia.
  7. A good knock by  Phil Jewitt.
  8. 18 pearls of wisdom from lgcomms academy birmingham: day one by Dan Slee on the comms2point0 blog.
  9. 24 more pearls of wisdom from lgcomms academy birmingham: day 2 by Dan Slee on the comms2point0 blog.
  10. Why I will not be famous by Janet E Davis.
  11. Speak up by  Ross Wigham.
  12. Harry Hazard by Benjamin Welby.
  13. Corporate interviews using the iPhone by  Matt Bond.

Summary of Week 21 posts

  1. Overworlds & Underworlds by  Phil Jewitt.
  2. The Late Shows 2012 part1 by Janet E Davis.
  3. The Late Shows 2012 part2 by Janet E Davis.
  4. good, bad and cake: a social media campaign to celebrate landmark birthday by Kate Bentham on the comms2point0 blog.
  5. Hull’s open data future by Adam Jennison on Benjamin Welby’s blog.
  6. Camping it up by Lesley Thomson.
  7. Let’s push some boundaries by  Carolyne Mitchell.
  8. 3 steps to writing a case study worth reading by Janet Harkin.
  9. Storifying the Torch Relay by  Peter McClymont.
  10. Changing Luggage by John Patterson.

Summary of Week 20 posts

  1. For the Love of Brooks by Irena Souroup.
  2. Opportunity Knocks by  Benjamin Welby.
  3. Having babies by Ross Wigham.
  4. Giz a Job by Kate Bentham.
  5. Ignorance Isn’t Bliss by  Simon Hope.
  6. The Red and the Green by Janet E Davis.
  7. Charlie says here’s a history lesson to open up innovation in your organisation by Dan Slee on the comms2point0 blog.
  8. Great day for blog, with apologies to Dr Seuss by Carolyne Mitchell.
  9. Mobile photography with Camera+ app by Matt Murray.

Summary of Week 19 posts

  1. Backblogs and Foreblogs by Mark Braggins.
  2. Boris’s Blond Ambition by Irena Souroup.
  3. Luke Fildes: his social realist paintings by Janet E Davis.
  4. Connected by  Phil Jewitt.
  5. Three golden management rules by Ross Wigham.
  6. I believe in public sector and local government blogs by Benjamin Welby.
  7. Morally Bankrupt: Frank Warren Defends Haye-Chisora Bout by  Hannah Chia.
  8. The use of piglets in social meda by Kate Bentham.
  9. Part 4: The Edit by Matt Bond.
  10. The only marketing acronym you need to know by Janet Harkin.
  11. If you want something new, stop doing something old by Carolyne Mitchell.
  12. Micropost: Asset Based Staff Development by John Patterson.
  13. Desert island tweeps by  Lesley Thomson.

Summary of Week 18 posts

  1. Great infographic on grammar mistakes by Janet Harkin.
  2. ‘appen it’s reet by Phil Jewitt.
  3. BlueLightCamp: Weekend Camping Pt1 by Mark Braggins.
  4. Old Pirates Yes They Rob I by  Irena Souroup.
  5. The Black playlist by Janet E Davis.
  6. The Blue playlist by Janet E Davis.
  7. Losing and connecting in a Cup Final by Dan Slee.
  8. Local Government Film Survey Launched by Matt Bond.
  9. Stuck on Storify. Or, do as I say, not do as I do… by Lesley Thomson.
  10. Elected Mayors – social media where are you? by Simon Hope.
  11. Playing shops – an update by Peter McClymont.

Summary of Week 17 posts

  1. A fortnight of Social Media: The really good, and the wheelie bad by  Matt Bond.
  2. #WeAre12 A Social Media Campaign by Kate Bentham.
  3. 28 ways to make a telephone by Janet Harkin.
  4. 47 not out by Phil Jewitt.
  5. Interlude Poetique Politique by Irena Souroup.
  6. The first rule of weeklyblogclub… by Lesley Thomson.
  7. Wild Food Wombling by Diane Sims.
  8. Eco-light night spectaculars by Janet E Davis.
  9. Screen time: welcoming Vera by Ross Wigham.

Summary of Week 16 posts

  1. Diamond Books and Turqoise Daze by John Patterson.
  2. Now that’s a proper scrum, and still agile too Part 1 by  Phil Jewitt.
  3. What’s on my iPhone: Film and Photo by Matt Bond.
  4. Blogged off? by  Ian Curwen.
  5. La Isla Benita by  Irena Souroup.
  6. No hiding place by Ross Wigham.
  7. The Titanic: it’s not the watch, it’s the story by Diane Sims.
  8. S is for ShropCamp by Kate Bentham.
  9. Once upon a time… my introduction to Scrum Agile Part 2 by Phil Jewitt.
  10. Instagram – the rise of a mobile giant by Matt Murray.
  11. Business failure is never fatal – a story of bravery by Serena McCrossan on Janet Harkin‘s blog.
  12. Analogy time by Ian Curwen.
  13. Only a game: ballbearings and pucks by  Peter McClymont.
  14. How would you tell someone to get started with social media? by Louise Brown.

Summary of Week 15 posts

  1. Sifting the online wheat from the chaff by Louise Brown.
  2. The Boat Race: Two Boats & One Idiot by Hannah Chia.
  3. Using social media in the public sector by Ross Wigham.
  4. The Centre for Economics and Business Bollocks by Irena Souroup.
  5. Memories of children’s television cartoons by Janet E Davis.
  6. ‘Be’ in Social by Phil Jewitt.
  7. ‘this, children, is how people did protests before facebook’ by  Dan Slee.
  8. Gendered UK street maps? by  Janet E Davis.
  9. One Big Facebook Family by  Kate Bentham.
  10. Anyone for teacamp? by Lesley Thomson.
  11. When your Social Media reach counts for something guest blog by Elaine Walton on Janet Harkin‘s blog.
  12. A ‘Sociable’ Enterprise? by Mark Braggins.
  13. Tackling behaviour change by Al Smith.
  14. Only a game: “Flick to kick” by Peter McClymont.

Summary of Week 14 posts

  1. Why Danny Williams Has Got It Wrong About Dereck Chisora by  Hannah Chia.
  2. Auschwitz and Not Knowing Your Neighbour by Dan Slee.
  3. Out of sync or out of order? by Phil Jewitt.
  4. Me and my Twitter by Louise Brown.
  5. Boys Behaving Badly: On Balotelli, Carroll & Reine by Hannah Chia.
  6. Keep taking the tablets by  Mark Braggins.
  7. Is that you Matthew? Memories of my grandmother by  Matt Murray.
  8. The Power of the Celebrity endorsement by Janet Harkin.
  9. How Social is My Social Media? by Elaine Walton.
  10. Confessions of a so called Wild Camper Part One by  Kate Bentham.
  11. Building Blocks and MOSAIC Tiles by John Patterson.
  12. Recipe for success…how to cook up a day of public sector digital goodness by Lesley Thomson.
  13. Check all media outputs before choosing a name by Peter Olding.
  14. Mirabelle: love unrequited by Peter McClymont.
  15. Video DJing by  Janet E Davis.
  16. Needed: more women in tech by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 13 posts

  1. 10 Reasons Why I Had Fun at the Sharjah 10s by  Hannah Chia.
  2. Saving Newsome Mills part three: If you’re not on the list… by Diane Sims.
  3. Ten more of my favourite Twitter Tools by  Mark Braggins.
  4. Looking to the stars and the planets by Louise Brown.
  5. Where did all the girl Devs go? by Sarah Lay.
  6. Semantic will be the New Black by  Janet E Davis.
  7. Safeguarding and Protecting Children by  Kate Bentham.
  8. ….and this will be called ‘Significant numbers’ by Phil Jewitt.
  9. Milibands Pasty PR by  Irena Souroup.
  10. Social media: A tool for research and collaboration by Lesley Thomson.

Summary of Week 12 posts

  1. Split Personalities Required by Simon Hope.
  2. Six Nations Final Weekend Preview: My Top 5 Players to Watch by  Hannah Chia.
  3. Osbornes Emergency Olympic Shopping Directive by Irena Souroup.
  4. Very Bendy Ladies by Hannah Chia.
  5. Coastal views March 2012 01 by Janet E Davis.
  6. Fabrice Muamba, Prayers & the Footballing Family by  Hannah Chia.
  7. In praise of the post for public sector communication campaigns by Janet Harkin.
  8. Herman the German – A Tale of Cake and Friendship by Kate Bentham.
  9. Amazing things are happening in Scotland: Part 2 by Lesley Thomson.
  10. First it was the Pigeons…. by  Irena Souroup.
  11. Part 3: Producing your first film by Matt Bond.
  12. Packtypes: Just another dog in the pack? by John Patterson.
  13. Refresh by  Peter McClymont.
  14. Ghosts of content past by  Sarah Lay.

Summary of Week 11 posts

  1. Dragons 2s v Wasps 2s: Pseudo Match Report by Hannah Chia.
  2. The Sporting Prince: Harry Charms on Diamond Jubilee Tour by  Hannah Chia.
  3. Understanding the new Facebook Page timelines for charities  by Louise Brown.
  4. Saving Newsome Mills (part two): The day the sun came out by  Diane Sims.
  5. Lipstick by Mel Bradley (guest post on Janet Harkin‘s blog).
  6. Chloe by Mel Bradley (guest post on Janet Harkin‘s blog).
  7. More than a mission statement by Phil Jewitt.
  8. #GovCampQld – thoughts, people, tweets and links by  Matt Murray.
  9. Taking back the Big Society by  Peter Olding.
  10. Naughty, Naughty Didier Drogba by Hannah Chia.
  11. Wind turbines for dummies* by Peter McClymont.
  12. A blog about blogging by Kate Bentham.
  13. Train-ing to overcome by  John Patterson.
  14. Blogging securely with WordPress and SSL Part one by Rob Stewart.
  15. The Smugness of Knitters by  Irena Souroup.

Summary of Week 10 posts

  1. Rugby In The Sunshine. It’s A Tough Life! by Hannah Chia.
  2. On Competition. From the Sofa by Hannah Chia (aka @SportingWag)
  3. On My Hands & Knees by Hannah Chia (aka @SportingWag)
  4. Hello? Anybody there by Ian Curwen.
  5. Northern Soul by  Ian Curwen.
  6. Hitting the wall by  Ian Curwen.
  7. ReallyUsefulDay – GDS meets localgov by Sarah Lay.
  8. Increasing video views by Matt Bond.
  9. Finding my voice by Phil Jewitt.
  10. Creating your own data visualisations by Louise Brown.
  11. Our first Potato Day – 10 favourite things by Diane Sims on Growing Newsome.
  12. Danny Care & the Curious Incident of the Small Bladder in the Night Time by Hannah Chia.
  13. A slightly different view by Janet E Davis.
  14. How my short film got 600 views in two days by Matt Bond.
  15. Looking at the bigger picture by Peter Olding.
  16. The Incidental Researcher. Case 1: Women in Technology by John Patterson.
  17. Introverts – Shout it Loud, Shout it Proud by Kate Bentham.
  18. How the web is celebrating International Women’s Day 2012 by Rob Stewart.
  19. Lightening Bolt and the Ginger Dwarf by Irena Souroup.
  20. SOCIAL SURGERY: Building the Art of Good Listening by Dan Slee.
  21. How empty is my basket? by Diane Sims.
  22. First memories by Peter McClymont.

Summary of Week 9 posts

  1. Real Men Play Rugby. Little Boys Play Football by Hannah Chia (aka @SportingWag).
  2. Part 1: Cameras by Matt Bond.
  3. Part 2: Tripods, lights and accessories by Matt Bond.
  4. Cannibal ambition by Sarah Lay.
  5. Stuff I know nothing about  by Phil Jewitt.
  6. Mobile photography – why your smartphone is the best camera by Matt Murray.
  7. Hanging out is where it’s at by Louise Brown.
  8. Shoes you can’t lose by Kate Bentham.
  9. A week of new growth, new adventures and new beginnings by Janet Harkin.
  10. Saving Newsome Mills (part one): Tenterhooks  by Diane Sims.
  11. Why I Support Manchester United by Hannah Chia (aka @SportingWag).
  12. Micropost by John Patterson.
  13. The SLA Event (Pt 2): Ordnance Survey Open Data and GeoVation by Mark Braggins.
  14. The Raspberry Pi and why I got into working with computers by Rob Stewart (aka @Digitalitay).
  15. FACEBOOK: Not One Big Page Please, But Lots of Little Ones by Dan Slee.
  16. Sending out an SOS by Peter McClymont.
  17. Cupcakes connections by Janet E Davis.

* If you ever wondered what tenterhooks look like, I found some in northern England

Summary of Week 8 posts

  1. Is there anybody out there? by Sarah Lay.
  2. Overly Modest Anonymous  by Mandy Atkinson.
  3. That’s more like it by Ian Curwen.
  4. My guest blog: toes in the water by Ian Curwen.
  5. Interesting people by Phil Jewitt.
  6. Coast, 3 years on…  by Janet E Davis.
  7. A new first by Ian Curwen.
  8. Harry Barrett has written on your wall by Rachel Jane Snook.
  9. Appreciating Giving Up by Kate Bentham.
  10. SLA Event (Part 1): Open Data: Powering the Information age by Mark Braggins.
  11. On not giving up (for Lent) by Diane Sims.
  12. Tartan Tweeple by Carolyne Mitchell.
  13. Snakes and ladders and jelly babies by Janet Harkin.
  14. Talking in Public by Peter Olding.
  15. Shiny – part 3 by Peter McClymont.

Summary of Week 7 posts.

  1. Hitting the spot by Phil Jewitt.
  2. JAM TODAY: Social media expressed as doughnuts by Dan Slee.
  3. LocalGovCampNW (Part 2) by Mark Braggins. [see Love, loss and bison – Week 6 summary post – for part 1 and other LocalGovcamp NW links).
  4. This week’s loss by Ian Curwen.
  5. Uh-oh by Ian Curwen.
  6. Run from hell  by Ian Curwen.
  7. Five things I lost by Diane Sims.
  8. Everything I don’t know about Open Data by Rachel Jane Snook.
  9. A little light reading by Sarah Lay.
  10. We’ll tweet again, we know where, we know when by Carolyne Mitchell.
  11. Some Semple advice by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.
  12. Is there an app for that? by Louise Brown.
  13. What’s in a name? by Peter Olding.
  14. The A-Z of my first blogging year by Janet Harkin.
  15. Talking: My Sign to Learn by Kate Bentham.
  16. Love culture, love community by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 6 posts

  1. Stop the world, I want to get off for a while by Phil Jewitt.
  2. Every thanks you ever wanted to post on Facebook (but were afraid to do so) by Graham Budd.
  3. TWITTER GRITTER: Beware Inferior Private Sector Product by Dan Slee.
  4. In Praise of the Priority Matrix by Janet Harkin.
  5. Memories of a digital detox by Louise Brown.
  6. High art for the masses by Janet E Davis.
  7. Bill Anderson 1934-2012  by Carolyne Mitchell.
  8. Epic Social Media for the Public Sector – South West by Sarah Lay.
  9. A Danger of Open Data by Kate Bentham.
  10. Does local government PR need some PR? by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.
  11. Preston is a nice place. Oh, and Local Gov Camp North West (Part 1) by Mark Braggins.
  12. Record MIDI to iPad by Andrew Beeken.
  13. FlickR and the creative commons by Peter Olding.
  14. Social media during the #bigwet January 2012 by Matt Murray.
  15. Most awesome places in the world: number 1 in a series of… by Peter McClymont.

Summary of Week 5 posts

  1. Aren’t all artificial pitches Astroturf? by Peter Olding.
  2. Astroturfing – keep off the fake grass by Kelly Quigley-Hicks
  3. Knowing your place by Diane Sims.
  4. The only man in the room: Exercise by Ian Curwen
  5. “Where am I?”… by Peter McClymont.
  6. Shropshire Digital Festival by Kate Bentham.
  7. Answer me this…. by Sarah Lay.
  8. I’m sticking up for the little guys by Carolyne Mitchell.
  9. Why I shan’t be blogging this week by Mark Braggins.
  10. What *is* on my mind? by Louise Brown.
  11. A HardKnott Task by Rachel Jane Snook.
  12. Predictions for 2012 by Matt Murray
  13. Dalmation dog driver by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 4 posts

  1. A place for everything  by Phil Jewitt
  2. My view and not those of my employer……….really? by Phil Jewitt.
  3. You can’t have the perfect database without the people by Louise Brown.
  4. Size matters by Janet E Davis.
  5. Bowling in Kazakhstan by Peter McClymont.
  6. Trying to #fail better by Carolyne Mitchell
  7. Milestones and Standing Stones (and standing still) by Diane Sims.
  8. Internal communications: the difference between information and insight by Janet Harkin.
  9. The cigarette race by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.
  10. Rhod Gilbert and Becky Betts by Peter Olding.
  11. That looks like it’s been drawn by a child by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.
  12. The mind-bending brilliance of UKGovCamp12 by Sarah Lay.
  13. GLASTO FOR GEEKS: Bullet points from UK Govcamp 2012 by Dan Slee.
  14. My First UK Gov Camp by Kate Bentham.
  15. Camping without the tents: UK GovCamp 2012 by Mark Braggins.
  16. Reflections on #UKgc12 by Justin Griggs.
  17. ukgovcamp2012 – my top twenty by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.

Summary of Week 3 posts

  1. Life Leak – Created Expectations by Phil Jewitt
  2. On sheds and snowflakes by Diane Sims (aka @72prufrocks).
  3. Content strategy linkapaloosa by Sarah Lay
  4. Warning: when NOT to advertise | Give it some sparkle by Janet Harkin.
  5. Who are your publics? by Kelly Quigley-Hicks
  6. Tracks, Maps, and Apps  by markbraggins.
  7. I am woman, hear me whimper? by Louise Kidney (aka @LouLouK).
  8. I can fly again by Carolyne Mitchell (aka @Cal444).
  9. “…a terrible place…” by Peter McClymont (@iamadonut).
  10. The Power of Information for Early Intervention by Kate Bentham.
  11. The only man in the room: That weigh in feeling by Ian Curwen.
  12. Time for copyright to expire? by Janet E Davis.
  13. What to write about by Peter Olding.

Summary of Week 2 posts

  1. Guest Post: What I know about India « raven writes…by Dan Slee.
  2. Something for the weekend, Sir? by markbraggins
  3. Coming up Roses – Created Expectations. by Phil Jewitt.
  4. What job seekers ought to know about writing. by Janet Harkin.
  5. The write way « Janet E Davis.
  6. Inspire Bradford: It Started with a Bacon Butty by Tony Holdich, CEO of Newlands Community Association.
  7. Show me the money by Sarah Lay.
  8. The end of Uncertainty? by 72 Prufrocks (aka Diane Sims).
  9. The only man in the room: Firsts and lasts by Ian Curwen.
  10. You can animate!  by Louise Brown.
  11. So, what do you do then? Defining PR by Kelly Quigley-Hicks
  12. Twitter bringing the world together? by Peter Olding.
  13. Social Media Surgeries – A Patient’s Perspective by Kate Bentham.
  14. No love for teh WordPress? by Peter McClymont (aka @iamadonut)

Summary of Week 1 posts

  1. The Fear by Sarah Lay.
  2. How will I be using technology in 2012? by Louise Brown.
  3. New starts and looking forward by Mark Braggins.
  4. Why I hate Facebook and other stories… « Allotment 5½. by Pete McClymont
  5. Peter’s Blog: Open letter to the National Trust. by Peter Olding
  6. 2012 – the start by Janet E Davis.
  7. Carl Bembridge » How can we engage with people we don’t understand?.
  8. Looking forward – 2012 and #WeeklyBlogClub by Al Smith.

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