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On the road to nowhere

Derek Barron is trying to find information on the healthcare topic that he is researching for his PhD so that he can complete the first stage, the literature review, but his first attempts brought too many results or none. Naturally,

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Moustaches, mapping the future, wandering wild coasts

Did any of you notice that I confused Week 46, Week 47 and Week 48 over the last week? Or were you all too polite to mention it? I have corrected last week’s summary now. It had all started with

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How to move from giving the public a voice, to enabling them to have a role

Rob Francis writes about encouraging local councils to unlock the capacity of local people and to find a different way of communicating with citizens and doing things. How to move from giving the public a voice, to enabling them to

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Healthcare meets the software revolution

Debbie Provan writes about the various ways in which healthcare professionals use or could use social media and other digital tools both for learning and for providing good health information. Healthcare meets the software revolution by Debbie Provan on the Ayrshire Health blog.

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Destination Donegal – creating The Wild Atlantic Way

Janet Harkin writes about a major tourism initiative in Ireland, to have a tourist route that shows off the best of the West coast and encourages visitors to linger along the way. Destination Donegal – creating The Wild Atlantic Way by Janet

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At the edge – sand, seaweed, wave

One rather abstract, monochromatic photograph + two sentences. At the edge – sand, seaweed, wave by Janet E Davis.

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Red and white flower

A photograph of a flower + 3 short sentences. Red and white flower by Janet E Davis.

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Best Practice Glossary or Buzzword Bingo?

Chris Bolton considers how work practices, qualified, are defined. Are yours bad, better or best? Best Practice Glossary or Buzzword Bingo? by Chris Bolton.

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Unwanted Sightseeing

Samuel-James Wilson writes about an unfortunate, simple little accident that ended up with a visit to hospital. Hope he has recovered or well on the way to a full recovery by the time he reads this. Unwanted Sightseeing by Samuel-James Wilson.

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A day of maps and facts

Andy Mabbett has been doing a training course about making digital maps using OpenStreetMap, and on contributing to Wikipedia. Louise Brown shares the experience with us, and what she produced, for her Week 47 post. A day of maps and facts by Louise Brown.

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