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Open data, apps and maps

A really interesting blog post this week by Mark Braggins on the use of open data to help create apps and useful maps. Mark is blogging on the Hampshire Hub blog about the work him and colleagues are doing around

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A PTLLS microteach on copyright for the classroom

This week Louise Brown shares with us a session she planned and delivered as part of her ongoing PTLLS. This microteach session focused on licencing and copyright. Louise shares the activities she prepared and reflects back on how the session

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Blue lights and learning, landscapes and inspiring

This post, the summary of Week 19 Year 2 posts, is the 1,194th on this blog. There have been 16,577 views of the blog. We have created 193 categories and 1,771 tags. 246 people follow this blog, and there have been

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What can I teach about content licensing in 15 minutes?

Louise Brown needs our help in a teaching assignment. What can she fit into 15 minutes about teachers using material, created by other people, in the classroom? What can I teach about content licensing in 15 minutes? by Louise Brown.

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TV Programmes: The Future?

Karl Green considers the television copyright situation and envisages how future audiences will access it, especially when the copyright period finally ends on earlier programmes. TV Programmes: The Future? by Karl S Green.

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SHARE: User generated content? Ask nicely…

This week Dan Slee writes about how journalists, and others, need to develop positive relationships with bloggers. That bloggers should be respected, and not seen as the enemy. It’s important to remember our manners and ask before sharing content. SHARE:

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A Landmark Week

Hello lovely Weekly Blog Clubbers, it’s me, Kate Bentham, as your week 50 host. Yes, that’s right 50 glorious weeks of top blogs by top bloggers. Award yourself a pat on the back, a high five and a slice of

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Do I look gruesome in this?

Janet Davis blogs on the very interesting subject of who owns the rights to medical images, and what right a patient has to these images. Janet also discusses the use of social media and consent to share – and wonders

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FlickR and the creative commons.

A very interesting and challenging post from Peter Olding for his Week 6 #WeeklyBlogClub contribution (submitted well within the noon deadline!) on the subject of copyright, Flickr, and local authority photographs (in response to a post or similar emerging probably

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Time for copyright to expire? « Janet E Davis – The Blog

Janet Davis considers the issue of intellectual property law, prompted by Wikipedia and other major websites choosing to have a website blackout as a protest against SOPA and PIPA on 18th January 2012. She asks if it is time for

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