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BlueLightCamp: Weekend Camping Pt1

Mark Braggins is back for Week 18 with the first part of his promised coverage of the very interesting BlueLightCamp. He includes a really useful collection of links to other accounts, recordings and collations – and (for those that like

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‘appen it’s reet

Phil Jewitt talks in and about Yorkshire dialect for his Week 18 post, and warns about the possibility of different meanings. ‘appen it’s reet by Phil Jewitt.

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Great infographic on grammar mistakes

Janet Harkin gets Week 18 of Weekly Blog Club off to a bright and breezy start by sharing a very useful infographic on common grammar mistakes. The Weekly Blog Club writers certainly do not need it themselves but might find

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Number patterns, wombling and truth

Week 17 was a light week for contributions to Weekly Blog Club but they are all a great read. You will have more time to read, appreciate and respond to most or all of the 9 posts, which cover a

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Screen time: welcoming Vera

Ross Wigham has written about the ITV television detective series Vera for his Week 17 post or, rather, he has written about the backdrop to most of it: Northumberland’s fabulous landscapes and seascapes. He also reveals that the series’ location

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Eco-light night spectaculars

As happens quite often, a conversation on Twitter prompted this Week 17 post for Weekly Blog Club. Do put forward some more ideas for environmentally-friendly big public spectacles for night or dark days that could replace the big beacons and

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Wild Food Wombling

Diane Sims has contributed to Week 17 of Weekly Blog Club through the Growing Newsome blog, and shares their experience of learning about foraging for wild food (with revelations that some very surprising plants are edible). Wild Food Wombling by Diane Sims.

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The first rule of weeklyblogclub…

Lesley Thomson has written a splendid exhortation to join Weekly Blog Club for her Week 17 post. She explains why and how she started blogging as a writer member of the club, and why she finds it useful. The first

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Interlude Poetique Politique

Irena Souroup has written about the candidates for the French presidency for Week 17 of Weekly Blog Club. Unusually, her comments on them are in the form of a poem. Interlude Poetique Politique by Irena Souroup.

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47 not out

Phil Jewitt writes engagingly about his favourite number, having a birthday, time passing, and blogging goals for Week 17 (Phil, we now expect  an amazing post from you for Week 47!). Cake is also mentioned (not sure who mentions cake

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