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Introducing Hampshire Hub

This week Mark Braggins updates us on the Hampshire Hub, which is a collaboration of partners including local authorities, police, fire, armed forces and others to be open by default and that any information shared will be available under open licence.

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Stress, a little grrrr, blue light and some other colours

Stress, emergency services, healthcare, and art featured in Week 8’s posts but we will start with music. Carol Woolley’s post about a choral evening A Valentines musical treat (I’ve included a video of Thank You for the Music by Abba because it

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Fun, fails, rewards, and social curry

Apologies for not writing individual blogs for each post contributed to Week 33, but I lacked time during the week and was keen to get this summary out on Sunday so we don’t fall behind during Week 34. Thanks very

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20 things from BlueLightCamp13

Catherine Howe takes the Dan Slee approach to unconference blogging in her general post about BlueLightCamp13. She writes about 20 things –  grouped into 3 thank yous, 6 research questions, 6 points relating to the question ‘what is the future of social

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Interprofessional learning…bridging the paradigm gap

The first paramedic to contribute to the Ayrshire Health blog is John Burnham. He gives an example of how the emergency services worked together at an accident, and how he has learned from joining the fire crews’ debriefs held immediately

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Gearing up to BlueLightCamp 2013

Sasha Taylor is one of the organisers for Blue Light Camp 2013 and updates us on the planning, meetings and work which has been taking place recently in preparation for this exciting unconference and hackathon. Gearing up to BlueLightCamp 2013 by Sasha

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Blue Light Camp: Coming in from the cold

An exciting blog by Mark Braggins with news and an update on Blue Light Camp, the unconference event for emergency services. The team have been working hard behind the scenes to organise this event and I am sure all of

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