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NHS Scotland Event Day 2 by @PAG1962 & @craigwhitephd

Day 2 of NHS Scotland was so jam packed that one perspective on the day just wasn’t enough. In the first part of the blog, Paul Gray, reflects on how the day re-affirms the importance of patient-centred care, and also the

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Cultural differences

A moving blog this week from Ann Gow on the Ayrshire Health Blog. Ann shares with us a recent sad time for her family following the death of an Aunt. Ann describes how due to culture, alongside the wishes of

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Learning, earning, writing and socialising

Do you remember week 48? I know it was a while ago so you might have forgotten. For me (Kate Bentham) Week 48 has been sneering at me every time I logged on. It’s been playing on my mind. It’s

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A really interesting blog by Laura Jones on the Dumfries and Galloway blog this week looking at many aspects of patient centred care. A key word for Laura is Consideration – really taking the time to see the patient as

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Communication & Making Connections in Dementia #OTDementia

Elaine Hunter blogs about so many special occasions which take place during October, some personal and some professional in her role as the AHP consultant in Alzheimer. One of the biggest events coming up this month is co-hosting a workshop

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