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Social media: A tool for research and collaboration

For her Week 13 post, Lesley Thomson has written about her recent experience of being a guest speaker at an event held by the Scottish branch of the CILIP Universities, Colleges and Research Group. Her post includes links to presentations and

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Milibands Pasty PR

Irena Souroup has been watching the pasty drama unfold during Week 13 of Weekly Blog Club, and reveals what yumyums signify. Milibands Pasty PR by  Irena Souroup.

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….and this will be called ‘Significant numbers’

Phil Jewitt’s Week 13 post is an excellent reminder of the things that really matter in life. Many would benefit from doing what he is doing this year. ….and this will be called ‘Significant numbers’ by Phil Jewitt.

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Safeguarding and Protecting Children

For her Week 13 post, Kate Bentham has written about the crucial topic of protecting children, and advice on what people should do if they know children who need help. Safeguarding and Protecting Children by  Kate Bentham.

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Semantic will be the New Black

A Week 13 Weekly Blog Club post prompted by lots of people becoming excited that Google is starting to provide searches that move towards the Semantic Web. Semantic will be the New Black by  Janet E Davis.

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Where did all the girl Devs go?

For her Week 13 post, Sarah Lay has written another very thoughtful post on the topic of women in digital technology – or lack of women in technology, complete with references, facts and figures. Where did all the girl Devs

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Looking to the stars (and the planets)

Louise Brown looks starry-eyed in her Week 13 post for Weekly Blog Club as she shares a photograph of the moon and two planets (and if you have not seen them for yourself, look up into the sky tonight –

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Ten more of my favourite Twitter Tools

Do not be fooled by the title: this post provides more than it ‘says on the tin.’ Mark Braggins has provided very readable reviews of each and every one of the ten tools, and includes some consideration of their usefulness

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Saving Newsome Mills part three: If you’re not on the list…

In Week 13 of Weekly Blog Club, Diane Sims has reported on the very latest trouble at t’Mill as well as continuing her fascinating story of saving this important local heritage. Saving Newsome Mills part three: If you’re not on

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10 Reasons Why I Had Fun at the Sharjah 10s

Hannah Chia writes about short, sharp rugby at the Sharjah 10s for Week 13 of #WeeklyBlogClub – and mentions a previous experience in a sandstorm, and the sexiness of both the men and women. 10 Reasons Why I Had Fun

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