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A, B, C – Art, bubbles, carers

Thank you very much to all who contributed posts to Week 9. Caring emerged as a strong theme this week, both as caring for people and caring about doing things. I was particularly interested in Adrienne McDermid-Thomas’s post about art therapy. My

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#thiswomancan #youngpeoplecan #artstherapycan

A team of camogie players in 1915, from the National Library of Ireland.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Week 3 of 2015. Each and every post was interesting and well-written but my personal favourites amongst this week’s  posts were the State of the Art in Medical Education by John McCulloch on the TaysideHealth blog, and #thisgirlcan: a

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Something old, something new

It’s been a while since we had a blog from Scottish Health Monthly so we were very pleased to see them return this week with a summary of health related posts captured during June. This post highlights blogs from an

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Why Scotland NEEDS Allied Health Professionals

Jacqui introduces us to the work of allied health professionals and what they can do to support people living with dementia. Why Scotland NEEDS Allied Health Professionals by Jacqui Lunday Johnston on the Let’s talk about dementia blog

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Frank Sidebottom, 150 Swedish tax inspectors and some physio

Thanks very much to everyone who contributed Week 10 posts – and apologies for my tardiness in writing the Week 10 summary. There was a strong health theme to the posts, not least since we had more healthcare professionals than usual

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The bee in my bonnet

A very honest blog this week from Laura who responds to a comment made by someone working in mental health services that the aim is to get patients into employement. Laura talks about her own experience of working whilst suffering from long

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Taking the Leap – Sharing an OT Early Intervention in Dementia

Congratulations to Alison Groat for her presentation to 200 Occupational Thepary students on Communication and Making Connections in Dementia. The presentation was aimed at developing their understanding of the importance of person centred support. Alison also introduced the students to the

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Trojan horses, writing ghosts, and aiming for the Moon

The posts in Week 46 were as varied as ever but with a strong emphasis on healthcare and training, with some ghosts of writing (but no ghost writing), the odd Trojan horse and bovine brain, and some sport thrown in.

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Training courses: ‘8 causes of reading difficulty’ & ‘Elklan’

John Cane writes about a couple of speech and language therapy training courses that he has attended recently, including one covering 11 to 16-year-olds. Training courses: ‘8 causes of reading difficulty’ & ‘Elklan’ by  John Cane.

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#OTalk Meets #OTDementia

Elaine Hunter writes about the role of occupational therapy can have in helping people with dementia and their carers, and raising awareness amongst therapists of the opportunities to help. #OTalk Meets #OTDementia by Elaine Hunter.

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