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Living In A Box

Charlotte Gibbons recently took part in Sleep Easy organised by the YMCA, to raise awareness and much needed funds for this charity which supports young homeless people in accessing temporary and permanent accommodation. In this blog Charlotte writes about how she

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The Housing Associations, Welfare Reform and My Dad

A very personal blog this week from James Walsh who looks at the impact unemployment and welfare reform has had on his Dad. James shares with us the effects of being made redundant, together with ill health, had on his Dad’s

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Leaving for the future

A wonderful blog from Janet Davis who looks back on how life was in London in the middle the Thatcher years. Alongside the wealth and fashion, Janet also covers how the development of the docklands was viewed to a heritage professional and

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Inspiring youngsters + research, resilience, randomness

It became clear when going through the Week 11 contributions that inspiring youngsters was a theme that had emerged over the previous few days. Sometimes themes emerge organically, with one post sparking off an idea for another one. This one

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Learning more about Neighbourhood Planning

The Government is encouraging more people to get involved with how their local area is developed. I write a bit about a Neighbourhood Planning seminar. Learning more about Neighbourhood Planning by Janet E Davis.

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the pr challenges that face housing 

Louise Psyllides, the communications and media manager at the Chartered Institute of Housing, writes about the comms challenges in a year when #bedroomtax is trending. the pr challenges that face housing by Louise Psyllides on the comms2point0 blog.

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When Community Development becomes a pejorative term?

A warm welcome to Russell Todd who has contributed his first blog to weekly blog club. Russell writes about two neighbourhoods and how one had significantly greater cohesion, solidarity and a sense of community – and yet this was a

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The answer to life, the universe and everything?

Week 42 of Weekly Blog Club may not provide you with the total answer to life, the universe and everything – but it gives you answers to questions that you had not thought of asking, and asks even more questions.

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Why the UK housing market is so broken

First time Weekly Blog Club contributor Kim Spence-Jones considers the high cost of housing in the UK and the lack of innovation, and has a suggestion on how things could change. Why the UK housing market is so broken –

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Looking back (and forward) at the Lightmoor Summit

Ben Whitehouse blogs about his idea for a Lightmoor Summit which recently took place in his community. The summit was held to encourage greater participation in the future planning of the village and discuss how best to spend budgets. The

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