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Growing and glowing

Hello Weekly Blog Club fans, it’s Kate Bentham here, glad to be your host for week 5. It’s my first week as host since we reconvened and I’m glad Weekly Blog Club is back. It’s the reason I first started to blog,

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A mo, a splash, Houdini – and more

I must admit that I wished for a story that featured a crowd (or accumulating wealth) and one with a mat in it so I could have titled this post “A mo, a mass, a mat” because the start of

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using a social campaign to back-up a tv show

Ross Wigham has been watching ITV for possibly the first time, all in the line of duty. His job has involved using social media to help promote a television series in which Robson Green wanders around Northumberland and shows how

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Urban walk June 2013 part 3

In Janet Davis’s 3rd Urban Walks post for week 24, we are now on the return journey back home.  This set ends in the southern end of Ouseburn, at the eastern end of Newcastle’s Quayside, and shows some of the

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Urban walk June 2013 part 1

Janet Davis has submitted three great posts this week taking up the [entirely optional] theme of Urban Walks. Janet takes us on an urban walk around Newcastle upon Tyne. This Part One post focuses on some of the artwork on

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Local market lovin’

A guest post this week from Maria Loupa on the Ross Wigham blog about the Love your Local Market campaign she has been working on in Northumberland. Maria explains how through the campaign is it hoped to attract new market

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One ounce of emotion beats a ton of scientific evidence. It’s all about “the babies….”

In his post this week, Chris Bolton looks at the use of evidence in getting polices developed and practices delivered. Chris also considers the counter argument – the one often laced with emotion rather then scientific fact, the one that

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Leaving for the future

A wonderful blog from Janet Davis who looks back on how life was in London in the middle the Thatcher years. Alongside the wealth and fashion, Janet also covers how the development of the docklands was viewed to a heritage professional and

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Urban walk March 2013

As a big fan of Janet Davis’s photography, we always look forward to her Urban Walk posts. As an artist Janet see beauty in what others might miss. On this walk, rectangles and circles stood out in some really interesting photographs. Urban

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Why on earth sponsor an Unconference?

Mark Braggins writes about sponsoring an unconference, considers the return on investment,* the opportunities presented by attending and mixing with other sponsors as well as the attendees. When you have read it, if you are a company or organisation with

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