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Happily Mourning the Death of a Car

A great blog this week from Rough Cat about a Ford Focus who has gone for recycling after developing one costly repair too many. Brilliant storytelling, liked this lots. Happily Mourning the Death of a Car by Rough Cat aka @Llama_Rockette

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Destination Donegal – creating The Wild Atlantic Way

Janet Harkin writes about a major tourism initiative in Ireland, to have a tourist route that shows off the best of the West coast and encourages visitors to linger along the way. Destination Donegal – creating The Wild Atlantic Way by Janet

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Remembering, renewal & revitalising

Thank you very much to Kate Bentham for offering to take over at the last minute last weekend to do the Week 44 posts and summary when I was without a computer earlier than I thought I would be (I’ve

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Naomi writes about why her family ditched their car – and how they manage without one now, mainly by walking or using trains and buses. Wheels by Naomi on The Minimal List.

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Homeward bound

Janet Harkin remembers a difficult journey in snow (when she attended an unconference) as she anticipates her summer holidays and spending time with her family (and she includes a fabulous picture of her home countryside). Homeward bound by Janet Harkin.

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A ‘Sociable’ Enterprise?

Mark Braggins’s Week 15 post will enlighten the uninitiated about the Weekly Blog Club. He also mentions the Island Govcamp, the possible (we hope ‘probable’) blogging, vlogging road trip to Island Govcamp, Orkney, family history and cake on his way

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Loss, love and bison

Week 6 of Weekly Blog Club had a remarkable 15 contributions this week. This was remarkable because one regular was too ill to write one, many of the other regulars were dashing around the country attending unconferences and other events,

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Most awesome places in the world: number 1 in a series of…

Peter McClymont slid in a Week 6 post under an elastic wire this week – but it was worth waiting for what, hopefully, will be just the first in a series. He recalls a road trip he made in the

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Dalmation dog driver

For 1st post in Week 5, a short post about a few moments in a city street, with a young man in a car (doing something that caused the women at the bus stop to exchange glances), and a couple

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Trying to #fail better

Carolyne Mitchell writes about how a dramatic experience led to very different experiences of how public services and private sector treat people. Trying to #fail better by Carolyne Mitchell.

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