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Love, light and cake

Week 8 started on Valentine’s Day and brought in 22 contributions, some of which were actually on the week’s [entirely optional] theme of love (it is not often that people choose to contribute something that connects with the week’s theme).

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Memories of mum

Carol Woolley commemorates her mother through sharing some lovely photographs of her. Our thoughts are with Carol and her family. Memories of mum by Carol Woolley.

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Someone I love is 16 today

A lovely picture post by Karen Hart to celebrate a birthday. Someone I love is 16 today by Karen JK Hart.

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‘Doing’ social media: Be brave. Be honest. Be human.

Lesley Thomson went to the Scottish Health Council’s conference on eParticipation and the NHS, and shares what was said at it, with lots of relevant links. ‘Doing’ social media: Be brave. Be honest. Be human. by Lesley Thomson on the Scottish Public

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My Super XV Quest Part Two: What’s in a Name?

Hannah Chia starts her (own, unique) selection process for choosing a SuperXV rugby team to support. See if you agree with her decisions on which to eliminate in her first round. My Super XV Quest Part Two: What’s in a

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I love it when a plan comes together

Kenny McDonald considers planning ahead and why you should think about multi-channel social media. I love it when a plan comes together by Kenny McDonald.

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Makers make the world

Ben Whitehouse has been catching up with A History of the World in 100 Objects, and writes about the love of the creative people who made the objects. Makers make the world by Ben Whitehouse.

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Never mind the blog posts

Posterous has announced that it is shutting down at the end of April, so I have started to think about what to do with my blogs on that platform, and was rather astonished just how many blogs I have. Never

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Practice as research [Wk22]

Louise Atkinson, in her post on the Artists Talking blog, looks at the wider picture at universities, including widening participations schemes, and research centres and networks. Practice as research [Week 22] by Louise Atkinson.

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Quo vadis?

A post about the long and winding paths of life, the 4th anniversary of becoming a ‘born-again’ non-smoker and not dying, and where I go next. Quo vadis? by Janet E Davis.

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