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We’re On Our Way…

In this blog, Susan Munro reflects on the NHS Scotland conference, the first time that she has attended. Susan looks at the key themes of the conference, which include person-centred care. The blog also features some great videos of the

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Language, art and a bit of elbow grease

We’ve had 10 contributions this week – thanks to everyone who’s blogged, read and liked the posts, as well as anyone who’s decided to follow the blog. It’s been great reading all your posts, and I highly recommend looking after

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Sometimes its the little things ….

Management speak and jargon can baffle the best of us. This great blog by Stephanie Mottram, Service Development Manager for Acute and Diagnostics at NHS Dumfries and Galloway, reflects on the power of common sense and how single positive encounters

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Becoming part of the landscape

Scot Health monthly summarises the excellent blogs from Scottish health bloggers during April (plus one that escaped from the March roundup). It really is impressive to see how health blogging is growing in Scotland. This month’s collection of posts include

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Abuse of the Body – Person-centred Care

A very vivid and moving example of what care can feel like when it is not person-centred by Dr Ewan Bell on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog. His example is what he and his family experienced when he needed

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Don’t Panic

Cameron Sharkey writes about his experience so far on the NHS Scotland management trainee scheme run by NHS Education for Scotland. He writes about the effect on him of seeing examples of people-focused care during his three-month induction, and reflects

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A person centred NHS and why successful change takes time

Simon Bradstreet, Director of the Scottish Recovery Network considers the change to a person-centred NHS, and looks at John Kotter’s eight steps to successful change and how this model might help to achieve change more widely in the NHS. A

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Putting patients first

Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing at the Scottish Government and MSP for Airdrie and Shotts, writes about leading improvements in NHS Scotland and the move towards more person-centred care. Putting patients first by Alex Neil on the Ayrshire Health blog.

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