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Looking forward, looking backward

The lack of posts in Week 51 is explained by the fact that the week included Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day so I think most people might have been quite busy doing other things maybe. Four well-organised people

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A Bedlington Terrier, how to tell tales, and ethical issues

Thank you to all who contributed to the wonderful variety of posts in Week 49 of Weekly Blog Club. It was lovely to see the return of some people whom we hadn’t seen for a while. Over in Australia, Samuel-James

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Knightmare Live!

Karl Green blogs about how he was able to relive a childhood memory recently when he went to see a stage version of the children’s television programme Knightmare. The perfromance stayed true to the original format of the show and Karl even

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Once More, With Feeling

This week Karen Hart blogs about having a back up, especially of the IT variety. It’s especially important at the moment as Karen is writing a book and we wouldn’t want those 70,000 words to disappear before we all had

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If it matters, it’s in.

Hello bloggers, it’s me Kate Bentham, sitting in the Weekly Blog Club hot seat for week 36. It’s been a while since I hosted, I almost forgot what to do. But it’s been good; it’s helped me get into a

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Fifty Shades of Green: Part 5 – Square One Television

This week Karl Green blogs about a time his year group were involved in a children’s television programme called Square One Television. Karl’s class were chosen to visit Elstree studios to film a game show and Karl saw this as

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Doctor Who?

If you haven’t seen the finale of the latest series of Doctor Who, you might want to wait before reading this blog since it reveals something about it. Karl Green considers how a character in ‘The Name of the Doctor’

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Blogging, babies and Dambusters

Hello lovely bloggers, yes Kate Bentham again, curating week 21 blogs. You’ve been busy this week with some great blogs; I’ve enjoyed reading every one of them. You really are a talented bunch. Give yourselves a pat on and back,

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The Only Way is Onwards, There is No Turning Back!

This week Karl Green is reminiscing about one of his all time favourite television programmes called Knighmare. In the show contestants had to work as a team to defeat the dungeon and the people who lived there. Karl blogs with

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Fragmentation of TV Audiences and Illegal Downloads

An interesting blog from Karl Green this week looking at how TV audiences are becoming more and more fragmented as a result of technological developments. Karl also looks at how pay to view channels are causing some audiences to illegally download programmes.

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