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A Bedlington Terrier, how to tell tales, and ethical issues

Thank you to all who contributed to the wonderful variety of posts in Week 49 of Weekly Blog Club. It was lovely to see the return of some people whom we hadn’t seen for a while. Over in Australia, Samuel-James

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Urban walk March 2013

As a big fan of Janet Davis’s photography, we always look forward to her Urban Walk posts. As an artist Janet see beauty in what others might miss. On this walk, rectangles and circles stood out in some really interesting photographs. Urban

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Doodling and learning, briefs and bags

Week 13 summary happened to fall within the Easter weekend, so Happy Easter to all of you! Or Happy Spring Day or whatever for those who would rather not be wished a Happy Easter. One of the chicks in the

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A life not lived

Karen Hart took up one of the [entirely optional] Weekly Blog Club themes for Week 13 and writes the most fascinating post about a statue in Sweden of a 5-times World Championship Speedway rider with very personal associations for her;

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Smoke, journalism, knickers and a mermaid

This was a week in which many saw unusually deep snow for the UK in March, with some being snowed-in and left without power. Despite suggesting that people could use their time spent tucked up indoors in the warmth to

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The Folkestone Mermaid

Karen Hart writes about a sculpture, the issues it raises, including what women should look like, what mermaids should look like – and some of the people who connect with this work of art. The Folkestone Mermaid by Karen JK Hart.

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Urban walk February 2013

I’m a big fan of the Urban Walk blogs which Janet Davis shares with us. Janet manages to capture some really interesting images from her walk and she has a way of sharing them so you feel you have walked

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York Minster

An amazing blog by Samuel-James Wilson as he talks us through some of the restoration work he has been involved in at York Minster, sharing some wonderful behind the scenes information and images.   For anyone with an interest in

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Mask making: From Animism to the Internet of Things

Louise’s post ‘Mask making: From Animism to the Internet of Things‘ is a fascinating look at animism in art, using mask making as her starting point. Mask making: From Animism to the Internet of Things by Louise Atkinson

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Fairhaven & Woods – week 2

Samuel-James Wilson continues his illustrated journey in working with stone. Fairhaven & Woods – week 2 by Samuel-James Wilson

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