List of posts by week 2014

Apologies for Weekly Blog Club faltering about halfway through the year in 2014…

Summary of week 24 posts

  1. Memories of England Past by  Karl S Green
  2. The NHS new starter pack, bleepers & pictures of cake by Ross Wigham
  3. Educating Ayrshire: ‘A whistle-stop tour in to the world of radiotherapy’ by Craig Blackwood on the Ayrshire Health blog
  4. Why you love your Billy bookcase by Carolyne Mitchell
  5. One year down, one to go by Louise Brown
  6. When We Were Young Ones by Janet Davis
  7. What can we conclude from the World Cup box plots? by Louise Brown
  8. Why Scotland NEEDS Allied Health Professionals by Jacqui Lunday Johnston on the Let’s talk about dementia blog
  9. Broken Arms to Hopeful Hands by Gareth Adkins on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog
  10. Let’s get flexible by Kelly Quigley-Hicks

Summary of week 23 posts

  1. The Value of Values  by Julie Booth on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog
  2. Reflections on #nhsscot14 by Selina Stephen and Jason Leitch on the Ayrshire Health blog
  3. Happy 50th Birthday Charlie Bucket by  Karen Hart
  4. Practice as research: Digital Archives and the RAM Museum  by  Louise Atkinson
  5. Nineteen Eighty-Four as lived by Karl by  Karl S Green
  6. Ouseburn Community Art project week 10  by Janet Davis

Summary of week 22 posts

  1. Looking Back at Past Karl by Karl S. Green.
  2. Co-Production in Action by Non Humphries of Participation Cymru.
  3. #bookaday by Karen JK Hart.
  4. Fudging the nudge by Carolyne Mitchell.
  5. NHS Scotland 2014 – a day in reflection by Paul Gray for Ayrshire Health.
  6. Reducing the burden of reporting by Dyfrig Williams for the Good Practice Exchange.
  7. Practice as research by Louise Atkinson.
  8. CIPR member on child-related leave? by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.
  9. Barry Island Photobooth No2 by Richard Overy.
  10. We’re On Our Way by Susan Munro.
  11. NHS Scotland Event Day 2 by Paul Gray and Craig White for dghealth.
  12. The Journal by Kate Bentham.
  13. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Brecon Beacons Hillwalking by What’s the PONT.

Summary of week 18 posts

  1. Just like my daughter  by Karen Hart
  2. Hampshire publishes Aerial Photography as open data (finally!)  by  Mark Braggins  on the Hampshire Hub  blog
  3. Reaching out to hospital patients at the end of life  by David Clark  on the Dumfries and Galloway Health Blog
  4. A postcard from Mumbles by Carol Woolley
  5. A pear on a plate on 1950s fabric  by Janet Davis
  6. The grey and the green   by Diane Sims
  7. Apprentice-Ship Hub  by Samuel-James Wilson
  8. Do you want ibuprofen with the bill sir?   by  Carolyne Mitchell
  9. The Memory of Happy Shoes by Janice Mcalister  on the Ayrshire Health blog
  10. The Worst Video Game of All Time  by Karl S Green
  11. The growing private and public social media split   by  Peter Sharples

Summary of week 17 posts

  1. Other Great Video Games by Karl S Green.
  2. Ayrshire Health blog – May to June 2014 by Derek Barron.
  3. Improving Communication with the Ventilated Patient by Nina McGinley on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  4. The art of promotion by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.
  5. The unconscious consumer by Carolyne Mitchell.
  6. Happy St George’s Day by Carol Woolley.
  7. April rhythm by Diane Sims.
  8. Jose by Kirsty Bowie on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  9. May the Fourth: 4 by 4 by Karen JK Hart.
  10. The Drones are coming! by Simon Orr on the BlueLightCamp blog.

Summary of week 16 posts

  1. My Number 1 Favourite Video Game of All Time by Karl S Green
  2. Smethwick Street Party 1953  by Richard Overy
  3. The wheels on the bus by Brian McCulloch on the Ayrshire Health blog
  4. Half life: The old Box Brownie and the phantom plastic bag  by Diane Sims
  5. The reinvention of PR – ten thoughts  by Kelly Quigley-Hicks
  6. Freezing cold and ants and I tools old. Alright?  by Kelly Quigley-Hicks
  7. Welcome to Easy Street   by  Carolyne Mitchell
  8. Paris or Rome?  by  Carolyne Mitchell
  9. Angel Community Garden, Tonbridge  by Karen Hart
  10. Hatton Gallery drawing session 7 by Janet Davis
  11. Hatton Gallery drawing session 8 by Janet Davis
  12. Pizzas are delivered…… by Karen King on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog
  13. South West Trains and Engineering work. by Peter Olding
  14. SKY DIVING  by Shelagh Creegan
  15. Drones – opportunity or threat?  by Mark Braggins

Summary of week 15 posts

  1. My 2nd Favourite Video Game of All Time by Karl S Green.
  2. Super comms advice by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.
  3. Comms villains line-up by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.
  4. Public engagement: what’s it for? by Hugh Millar (Chair of @HPCAAA) on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  5. 5 daffodils and a piggy bank by Janet E Davis.
  6. What did they do with all those radishes? by Diane Sims.
  7. Whisky with Water by Nigel Calvert on dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  8. ‘Sunlight and twilight and firelight’ by Karen JK Hart.

Summary of week 14 posts

  1. My 3rd Favourite Video Game of All Time by Karl S Green.
  2. Caravans, washboards and cider, a journey down memory lane..  by Carol Woolley.
  3. Always events by Craig White on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  4. Making integration “core business” by Professor David Oliver on the Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office blog.
  5. Introducing our new administrator: Non Humphries by Non Humphries on the Participation Cymru blog.
  6. A tale of two trouser legs by Diane Sims.
  7. Seven ways London went wrong by Karen JK Hart.
  8. My Heartbleed For Quality Customer Service by Kenny McDonald.
  9. World Voice Day (April 16th) by Becky Davy on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.

Summary of week 13 posts

  1. The story of #SPSPaaa by Derek Barron.
  2. BlueLightCamp is back, and it’s coming to Hampshire by Mark Braggins on the BlueLightCamp blog.
  3. The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland Conference by Derek Barron.
  4. Ouseburn Community Art project by Janet E Davis.
  5. My 4th Favourite Video Game of All Time by Karl S Green.
  6. Home in on a healthier, happier Scotland (Dundee) by Rob Stewart.
  7. The Evolution of change by Claire Copeland on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  8. I am creative! by Lesley Thomson.
  9. Feed the birds….. by Carol Woolley.
  10. FAIL SUCCESS: It’s time to celebrate failure by Dan Slee.
  11. Mental Health Nursing Conference Scotland 2014 by Derek Barron for Mental Health Nursing Forum Scotland.
  12. Two treats by Diane Sims.
  13. Channel shift or Channel shove? by Kate Bentham.
  14. IDEAS – A Project in Dementia Service Improvement by The IDEAS Team (Fionnuala Edgar, Alison Groat and Lorraine Haining) on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  15. Autism: Not Child’s Play by Susan D Munro.
  16. Stream of consciousness by Karen JK Hart.

Summary of week 12 posts

  1. One year on…. by Ken Donaldson on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  2. In search of selfie by Audrey Birt.
  3. A Sensational Life by Susan D Munro.
  4. My 5th Favourite Video Game of All Time by Karl S Green.
  5. Could you delete your Facebook page? by Lindsay Narey in the High Tea Cast magazine.
  6. Reflections of a Senior Charge Nurse by Maureen Fleming on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  7. Five ways to fight WordPress comment spam by Rob Stewart.
  8. CentrePoint – a new page – or back full circle? by Douglas Silverstone.
  9. Spring has sprung by Carol Woolley.
  10. H. J. Burgess & Sons Fishmonger & Poulterer by Richard Overy.
  11. #TurnoutforTony by Karen JK Hart.
  12. Changeable by Diane Sims.
  13. What can Plato and the Allegory of the Cave teach us about the Media? by Yvonne Christley on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  14. Time to change the tune… by Marcus Longley and Tony Garthwaite on the Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office blog.
  15. Teaching new dogs old tricks: my year as an intern by Ian Johnson on Ross Wigham’s adaywithoutoj blog.

Summary of week 11 posts

  1. The Vocational Rehabilitation Journey in Scotland: Reflections from an AHP Consultant by  Jean McQueen.
  2. My 6th Favourite Video Game of All Time by Karl S Green.
  3. Simply the Best: Teach Me How by Susan Munro.
  4. My eight must-reads for 2014  by Ross Wigham.
  5. Clinical Informatics and service redesign, the HEAT is on by Mark Fleming.
  6. Social Media Can’t Be Your Only Tool  by Kenny McDonald.
  7. Thoughts on leaving local government by Ian Curwen.
  8. American Girl  by Richard Overy.
  9. “Launching an Imperfect Service”. An unlikely conversation at the cashpoint (ATM) by Chris Bolton.
  10. Cosplay by Karen Hart.
  11. 3 pink anemones in an oriental vase by Janet Davis.
  12. Is it Spring yet? by Diane Sims.

Summary of week 10 posts

  1. Simply the Best: Nurture by Susan D Munro.
  2. My 7th Favourite Video Game of All Time by Karl S Green.
  3. Public Engagement in Audit by Dyfrig Williams for Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office.
  4. 150 Swedish Tax Inspectors, The Monkeysphere and Stable Work Groups by Chris Bolton.
  5. #Physiotalk meets #PhysioDementia by Elaine Hunter.
  6. Reflections of an Improvement Advisor by Samantha McEwan on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  7. The three best things about walking by Carol Woolley.
  8. Ron Finley, Frank Sidebottom & a Headless Chicken … by Karen JK Hart.
  9. Education and Revalidation by Gordon Hay on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  10. Back to Blog by Kate Bentham.
  11. Half a kiwi and a halved fig by Janet E Davis.
  12. Not putting away childish things by Diane Sims.

Summary of Week 9 posts

  1. Lists, writing and memory by Karen Hart
  2. Boundaries . . . by Anne Marshall on the Dumfries and Galloway health blog
  3. Winston Churchill and the ‘fight them on the beaches’ Pie Chart  by Chris Bolton
  4. Happy World Book Day by Dawn Reeves
  5. Our radio debut!  by Participation Cymru
  6. Bring in the meningitis b vaccine by Nic Davies Uley
  7. One and a half lemons and a pepper by Janet E Davis
  8. Feeling blue by Diane Sims
  9. Bring me sunshine… by Carol Woolley
  10. Two Ladies and a Vintage Car by Richard Overy
  11. Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be… by Phil Jewitt
  12. First impressions count by Paul Gray on the Ayrshire Health blog
  13. Introducing Hampshire Hub by Mark Braggins
  14. Living In A Box by Charlotte Gibbons
  15. Simply the Best  by Susan Munro
  16. Shotgun wedding  by Ross Wigham

Summary of week 8 posts

  1. My 9th Favourite Video Game of All Time by Karl S Green.
  2. Old unfinished railway paintings 1 by Janet E Davis.
  3. Daffodil on recycled sari scarf by Janet E Davis.
  4. More scrutiny! by Sarah Ball on the Participation Cymru blog.
  5. Bush fires and new adventures by Samuel-James Wilson.
  6. My sojourn in a foreign land by Jennie Ross on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  7. A different story about welfare – connected, collaborative and a catalyst for change by Dawn Reeves.
  8. BlueLightCamp 2014 has a venue by Sasha Taylor.
  9. Grrrr by Diane Sims.
  10. Pear, satsuma and scarf by Janet E Davis.
  11. A Valentines musical treat by Carol Woolley.
  12. Ambulance Stress Survey ………………… A Paramedic’s Thoughts by Joseph Conaghan.
  13. Quality versus Finance – Do the grey suits run the NHS? by Katy Lewis on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  14. A Tale of Two Blog Posts by Karen JK Hart.

Summary of week 7 posts

  1. When nothing is sure, everything is possible… by Audrey Birt.
  2. A sunny Clean Up in February by  Janet E Davis.
  3. All men (& women) are created equal? by Lynsey Fitzpatrick on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  4. #accessallareas to Gwent Police on the Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office.
  5. Seventeen by Karen JK Hart.
  6. Park life, swans and coffee but mostly people helping people by Phil Jewitt.
  7. Potato blight, potato bright by Diane Sims.
  8. What’s love got to do with it? by Shaun Maher on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  9. Hawkbatch, a fallen tree and muddy pigs… by Carol Woolley.
  10. boredom busting tips for half term by Rachel Kershaw.
  11. My 10th Favourite Video Game of All Time by Karl S Green.
  12. 7 thoughts on communications for 2014 by Ross Wigham.

Summary of week 6 posts

  1. Social Media Love by Kenny McDonald.
  2. Water, water everywhere by Carol Woolley.
  3. Introducing Mr. Luke Clarke by Samuel-James Wilson.
  4. Person Centred Leadership by Hazel Borland on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  5.  Balanced Boards by Ena Lloyd for the Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office.
  6. The Sinai Desert by Mark Wood.
  7. Time to stop watching the letterbox? by Diane Sims.
  8. Digital on, real life off by Karen JK Hart.
  9. All you need is love…all together now by Audrey Birt.
  10. Walking on Longsands in spring by  Janet E Davis.
  11. Hearty by  Janet E Davis.
  12. The KIS of life by Neil Kelly on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  13. Why i write – another mystery? by Dawn Reeves.

Summary of week 5 posts

  1. Dementia – what is it? by Derek Barron on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  2. Social customer service by the Digital Access Team, Leeds City Council via Phil Jewitt‘s The Sociable Organisation blog.
  3. Hidden gem at Burlish Top by Carol Woolley.
  4. Putting faces to names (and putting your name to content) by Diane Sims.
  5. Hatton Gallery drawing session 6 by Janet E Davis.
  6. Personal Heath Matters by Peter Olding.
  7. Russell Hoban: with love and thanks by Karen JK Hart.
  8. 303 Seconds by Chris Bolton for Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office.
  9. Still lives – edging back to painting by Janet E Davis.
  10. Take a deep breath by Gina A Alexander on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  11. Practice as research Week 65: Paper as concept, the First Cut exhibition, and why books won’t disappear with digital by  Louise Atkinson.

Summary of week 4 posts

  1. Futurology at UKGC14? by Mark Braggins.
  2. Digital Angus: View From The Front by Kenny McDonald.
  3. Future skills, influence, Romans and cement by Ross Wigham.
  4. Did you know that…. by  Carol Woolley.
  5. Transforming Emergency Care – From dream to reality by Angela O’Neill on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  6. “Fact, fact, fact!”* 52 of them by Karen JK Hart.
  7. Are you ready to adopt social learning? by Andy Johnson.
  8. Too hot to handle by Samuel-James Wilson.
  9. Project success factors – how do NFP & commercial organisations compare? by Glenda Parker.
  10. NHS Hack Day: QR Codes, Cycle Helmets and Hard Work by Dyfrig Williams for Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office.
  11. Cardiff NHS Hackday #nhshd Live! Here’s a taster by Chris Bolton.
  12. Better Learning from Quality Improvement Audits. NHS Hackday Cardiff #nhshd by Chris Bolton.
  13. NHS Hackday Cardiff #nhshd. Medical Student Work Based Placement Assessment Records by Chris Bolton.
  14. NHS Hack Day: Patients at the heart of service development by Dyfrig Williams for Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office.
  15. NHS Hack Day: Coffee, Apps and Vision by Dyfrig Williams for Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office.
  16. Practice as research Week 64: Flexagons and Foil Blocking by Louise Atkinson.
  17. The man with two middle names by Peter Olding.
  18. First thoughts (for Matilda) by Diane Sims.
  19. Medicine Safety Week – The 5 ‘Rs’ on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.

Summary of week 3 posts

  1. The Last Post   by Karen Hart
  2. A parent in the Healthcare system (and proof I did not steal the DaVinci) by Peter Bryden on the Dumfries and Galloway Health Blog.
  3. Practice as research   by  Louise Atkinson
  4. Cultural differences by Ann Gow on the Ayrshire Health blog
  5. Shift happens by Phil Jewitt
  6. Webinars and cloud: breaking new ground   by  Good Practice Exchange Wales Audit Office
  7. Seven things that made me smile today  by Diane Sims
  8. Toasty toes…   by Carol Woolley 
  9. Paintings and a drawing from the 1990s  by  Janet Davis
  10. 33 Karl Facts. by Karl S Green

Summary of week 2 posts

  1. UKGovCamp – Looking Forward not Back by Mark Braggins.
  2. The Importance of Taking Breaks by Karl S Green.
  3. Artist’s block by Janet E Davis.
  4. Making more music… by Carol Woolley.
  5. The power of “apology” by Diane Murray on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  6. Facing up to our facts by Phil Jewitt.
  7. On the margins (not on the fence) by Diane Sims.
  8. Best fans in the world (part 2) by Peter Olding.
  9. Crabbit Old Woman by Gladys Haining – @gbhaining – on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  10. Mrs Malaprop and Mr Waugh by Karen JK Hart.

Summary of week 1 posts

  1. Goodbye 2013….. I won’t be missing you…. by Carol Woolley.
  2. Regeneration by Karl S Green.
  3. comms as a lifesaver during the #ukstorm by Dan Slee on the comms2point0 blog.
  4. Goodbye 2013: The Year Social Media Arrived by Kenny McDonald.
  5. Hello 2014 by Kenny McDonald.
  6. If David Moyes worked in PR by Nicola Davies.
  7. 2013-2014 by Samuel-James Wilson.
  8. How ‘inclusive’ are you? by Andrew Moore on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  9. Home by Karen JK Hart.
  10. Best fans in the world? by Peter Olding.
  11. The Year Scrutiny became Social – Scrutiny Conference Social Media Campaign by Alan Morris for the Good Practice Exchange.
  12. A stormy day by Diane Sims.
  13. Ain’t gonna be no social media guru no more by Lesley Thomson.
  14. Have a nice day! by Caroline Sharp on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog.

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