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Cake, Glorious Cake

Kelly Quigley-Hicks attended Comms Camp 14 recently and like many attendees helped raise lots of lovely money for charity by baking and eating cake. In this post Kelly shares with us a storify of some of the amazing cakes baked, some

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Language, art and a bit of elbow grease

We’ve had 10 contributions this week – thanks to everyone who’s blogged, read and liked the posts, as well as anyone who’s decided to follow the blog. It’s been great reading all your posts, and I highly recommend looking after

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BREW EXPORT: 22 things I learned at two events with tea and cake

In this time of austerity public sector employees are working extra hard. The Brewcamp manages to add value to those well deserved cuppas by giving people the chance to network, share ideas and support each other. In this blog Dan

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Introducing Camp Camp

Paul Coxon provides food for thought in questioning whether the market for public sector unconferences is becoming saturated. Seems to have stirred some interest by the comments received. Introducing camp camp by Paul Coxon

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A Blue Light on the horizon

Mark Braggins looks forward to BlueLightCamp in 2013, but from a different perspective from usual. A Blue Light on the horizon by Mark Braggins

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‘Be’ in Social

Phil Jewitt comes up with some interesting ideas, including a definition for a ‘sociable enterprise’ (not to be confused with a ‘social enterprise’) in his Week 15 post. He also proposes extending the unconference spirit. There almost certainly will be

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ukgovcamp2012 – my top twenty

Kelly Quigley-Hicks has been very busy blogging this week – just discovered that she had also written a ‘Slee List’ (see Dan Slee’s ‘Glasto for geeks: bullet points from UK Govcamp 2012’). She was another of the UK Govcamp first-timers

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Camping without the tents: UK GovCamp 2012

Mark Braggins gives us an idea of some of the content of some sessions in his post about UK Govcamp 2012. The sessions he mentions are about mobile-friendly WordPress (this blog uses a mobile-friendly template – and should be iPad-friendly);

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My First UK Gov Camp

Kate Bentham writes 17 (rather than 20) concise points in her “Slee list” of what struck her about UK Govcamp 2012 (always interesting to read a first-timer’s impressions, especially one who’s “not digital by default”). My First UK Gov Camp

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Sarah Lay » Blog Archive » The mind-bending brilliance of UKGovCamp12

Sarah Lay writes engagingly about her thoughts about and experience of the big 2012 unconference about the digital aspects of UK government work. Her thoughts on disruptive approaches are thought-provoking. The mind-bending brilliance of UKGovCamp12 by Sarah Lay.

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