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Learning, earning, writing and socialising

Do you remember week 48? I know it was a while ago so you might have forgotten. For me (Kate Bentham) Week 48 has been sneering at me every time I logged on. It’s been playing on my mind. It’s

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My time at the Shropshire FIS and the future

Daniel Franey joined Shropshire Family information Service as a Modern Apprentice nearly two years ago. In his time with the team he showed how very capable he was to undertake design work, digital projects and dazzle us all with this

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Lights, colour, action

You’re all welcome to a piece of my virtual, colourful birthday cake. It’s in all the colours of the rainbow, is calorie-free and suitable even for those who are gluten-intolerant. Part of it is lemon cake, part is vanilla and

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Ebook Publishing in Local Gov

The Shropshire Family Information Service has published an ebook! Kate Bentham writes about this first foray into electronic publishing, an ebook to provide information and advice to parents of children with a disability or special educational need. She shares some

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Sensibility, sociability, common sense and cake

I might have missed some (do tweet us if I have and point us at the relevant link, please), although I did look carefully (several times), but there were only twelve posts in Week 18 of Weekly Blog Club –

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Books and E-readers: The Future?

Karl Green tries to predict what book formats people will be reading in the future, and the charging models that publishers will adopt. Books and E-readers: The Future? by Karl S Green.

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Pub, grub and local gov

There were 13 brilliant posts submitted for week 39, and a big warm welcome to 4 new members. It’s great to have contributions from new members alongside those who have been submitting on a regular basis. I also like the

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How to Format For Kindle

First time Weekly Blog Clubber Daniel Franey has been working on producing Kindle ebooks. In this blog post he shares some of the frustration he faced formatting documents and some really useful tips to help anyone else thinking of publishing

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