Links – amusing

If you have never been to a conference at which Tom Scott gives a presentation, do try to get to one. He does some amazing things to show how data can be revealed unwittingly or twisted by knaves to make traps for fools – and makes people laugh. He has set up a Tumblr of what the new Facebook Graph Search can throw up that should make you smile – before you rush to Unlike half the things you’ve ever Liked.

The Pretentious Academic Quote Generator – this should never be used in anger, or as an everyday writing tool.

Sarah Gooding 12 Lorem Ipsum generators that make dummy text more fun – for when you’re designing your new website or just want to waste a little time in an amusing way. T’Lipsum and Fillerati are particularly fine examples, but don’t miss the popular Samuel L Ipsum (link in comments).

xkcd – a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. The amusing, thought-provoking, geeky, hard-to-stop-clicking-through-to-another-cartoon webcomic. There is at least 1 that may bring a tear to your eye too.

Simon’s cat (on YouTube) – if you like cats and have lots of time to spare.

Periodic Table of Videos – explosions and other fun or amazing things happen in these videos which have something of an Open-University-1970s-science-programme-on-BBC2 feel (but in colour), and with a decided air that anything might happen (and sometimes does!).

Animal sounds in different languages – just a fun distraction (especially if you click fast enough to get the sounds overlapping).

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