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A HardKnott Task

Rachel Jane Snook has joined us in Week 5 with her first post for #WeeklyBlogClub about a challenging cycle ride (and there’s a lovely photo of a gorgeous bit of the North). A HardKnott Task by Rachel Jane Snook.

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Predictions for 2012

Our first contribution from a Brit based Down Under! Matt Murray in his first post for Weekly Blog Club (Week 5) considers what will happen with web and social media technology over the next year. Predictions for 2012 by Matt Murray

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Dalmation dog driver

For 1st post in Week 5, a short post about a few moments in a city street, with a young man in a car (doing something that caused the women at the bus stop to exchange glances), and a couple

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A crown, bowling and camping

Cups and saucers ready for afternoon tea break at ukgc

Week 4 of Weekly Blog Club was another great week: 17 posts (a couple of people wrote more than one). There was quite a dominant theme (although optional) of UK Govcamp 2012 (the above photograph was taken at UK Govcamp

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ukgovcamp2012 – my top twenty

Kelly Quigley-Hicks has been very busy blogging this week – just discovered that she had also written a ‘Slee List’ (see Dan Slee’s ‘Glasto for geeks: bullet points from UK Govcamp 2012’). She was another of the UK Govcamp first-timers

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That looks like it’s been drawn by a child

Another little gem of a post by Kelly Quigley-Hicks to add colour to your day – and show that short posts can be well worth writing and reading. That looks like it’s been drawn by a child by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.

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Reflections on #UKgc12

A 1st #WeeklyBlogClub post from Justin Griggs about UK Govcamp 2012 in 20 points (which might leave some of us who were unable to attend curious about the details). One of the points includes a request for help in organising

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