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Images, explanations and change

So, did I [Phil Jewitt] have fun hosting weekly blog club this week? Just a bit, could you tell? Not bad for a bloke on his death bed eh? and who said blokes can’t multi-task or do anything when they are ill?

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Care and Control

A poignant post by Betty Gudrun, mental health officer, on the difficult decisions that sometimes have to be made which may mean control is taken out of patients hands. Care and control by Betty Gudrun on the Ayrshire Health blog.

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All I want for Christmas is work

A heartfelt post from a wonderful lady who needs a bit of a break. Some organisation somewhere, hopefully North East, could be in for a great 2013. Good luck Janet. All I want for Christmas is work by Janet Davis

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Citizen’s panels for Social Services in Wales

A brief post about the progress of creating forums that allow representative opinions of current issues around social services to be collected. Citizen’s panels for Social Services in Wales by Participation Cymru

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Rocks in his ears and other brilliant descriptions

Inspired by the words of a sick child, Janet shares a collection of literary descriptions; sentences that totally create pictures. Speaking of which, there is a soggy cat picture too. Rocks in his ears and other brilliant descriptions by Janet Harkin

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At the bottom of the garden – stands a Titan

Derek Barron writes a reflective piece about the photo in the header of his blog and twitter profile. He reflects on the history of Titan, the crane that played/s a major part in the heritage of Clydebank. At the bottom

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The personal essay makes a comeback

I think the most underestimated part of what we all do at blog club is the linking to and posting of material that is relevant to a community of interest such as blog club. Martin Howitt links to a blog post (about

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