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Fifty Shades of Green: Part 7 – My First Encounter With a Frenchman

Karl Green tells us about his memories of his first trip to France as a child with his family and what he remembers about the friendly Frenchman he first met. Fifty Shades of Green: Part 7 – My First Encounter

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Looking for aircraft in France, Ireland and Portsmouth Harbour

This week Peter Olding blogs about his hobby of looking for aircraft. Peter shares how the rumour mills start when aircraft and ships are expected and questions how technology might be able to support this hobby. Looking for aircraft in

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At the bottom of the garden – stands a Titan

Derek Barron writes a reflective piece about the photo in the header of his blog and twitter profile. He reflects on the history of Titan, the crane that played/s a major part in the heritage of Clydebank. At the bottom

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Distinctly Vanilla Flotilla

Irena Souroup had been looking forward to the Diamond Jubilee. Did it float her boat? She shares her views of the reality of it in her Week 23 post. Distinctly Vanilla Flotilla by Irena Souroup.

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Blue, language and doing not saying

Although some regulars were too busy to write in Week 18, what with elections and getting married and stuff, we had 11 contributions. Some were were practical, sharing of useful information and digital tools. Some were about our society. One

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The Titanic: it’s not the watch, it’s the story

For her Week 16 post, Diane Sims has written about a topic that has been in the media a lot – the Titanic – but in her own, very distinctive way. She has combined physics and history to consider this

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