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Urban walk March 2013

As a big fan of Janet Davis’s photography, we always look forward to her Urban Walk posts. As an artist Janet see beauty in what others might miss. On this walk, rectangles and circles stood out in some really interesting photographs. Urban

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A gradual progress and fluorescent fashion

This week Janet Davis takes us on an urban walk through Newcastle upon Tyne, capturing and commenting on the sights she sees along the way. The post considers the role of imagery within the city through architecture and the natural

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Urban snapshots on a spring day

This set of snapshots (taken on an iPod Touch, so low quality level) with narrative in captions gives glimpses of a walk through a city centre on a very warm late spring day. Choose slideshow with info option for more

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Gendered UK street maps?

An article about a woman researching the gender of street names in Rome and finding that under 5% were named after women (real or mythical) sparked off an idea. Has any community done comprehensive research in the archives and created

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