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Trojan horses, writing ghosts, and aiming for the Moon

The posts in Week 46 were as varied as ever but with a strong emphasis on healthcare and training, with some ghosts of writing (but no ghost writing), the odd Trojan horse and bovine brain, and some sport thrown in.

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An easy way out post

It’s well worth having a quick read of the article that inspired Andrew Jacobs’s post – even if you wouldn’t normally read about rugby – because it has an interesting analysis of why the New Zealand’s rugby team, the All

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Demons, downloads and daffodils

Hello, it’s me Kate Bentham again this week, starting with a shuffle of the feet and staring at the floor apology for the delay in getting this summary to you. My standards are slipping. I’ll try harder. Am I forgiven? So,

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Not All Bad For UAE Rugby But Much More Needs To Be Done

This week The Sporting Wag aka Hannah Chia encourages us to look beyond the recent 93-3 Japan vs UAE rugby match score and focus on what can be done to develop a semi-professional UAE rugby league. Hannah asks what support

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Blue lights and learning, landscapes and inspiring

This post, the summary of Week 19 Year 2 posts, is the 1,194th on this blog. There have been 16,577 views of the blog. We have created 193 categories and 1,771 tags. 246 people follow this blog, and there have been

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Blogging, walking, leading and bins

Hello, yes it’s me Kate Bentham back for another week as guest curator of Weekly Blog Club. We’re into week 15 of year two and had some wonderful blogs submitted this week, the quality and content of which have been amazing. The

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Vardre RFC, Venice of the Swansea Valley? Re-visiting old rugby grounds

Chris Bolton has taken up the entirely optional theme this week and is taking us on an Urban Walk – through the Venice of the Swansea Valley. Chris shares some lovely photos of bridges, canals, bus shelters and rugby players. Vardre RFC,

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And My Super XV Team is…

Picking a team to support and follow can be a difficult decision, there’s lots to take into account. There’s the clubs history, the quality of the players, the location of the team. All of these are important but Hannah Chia

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Rockets, Areoplanes and Nuka

Hello, yes it’s me Kate Bentham again, just helping out at the Weekly Blog Club controls for week 14 of year 2. Time really is zooming by but it’s great to see so many out of this world blogs being

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Rugby WAG, Rugby Widow

Exciting news for Hannah Chia this week as her other half is called up to play international Rugby. Hannah shares with us exactly what a Sporting WAG gets up to while he’s away. We especially like number 2 on this

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