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The growing private and public social media split

A very interesting blog from Peter Sharples for week 18, looking at the growth of more and more young adults choosing to interact with their social networks privately. Peter looks at the impact this has on customer relations and also the

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Always people first

A great blog from Phil Jewitt about developing a sociable organisation in order to encourage people across organisations to tell their stories. Phil explains that whilst the story telling is now really happening and other people are beginning to learn

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What have we been up to in November?

It’s been a busy month for the team at Participation Cymru. There’s been an office move; training courses completed and exciting events attended including the Barod Community Interest Company launch. The team has also been recruiting people to the CSSIWs

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Language, art and a bit of elbow grease

We’ve had 10 contributions this week – thanks to everyone who’s blogged, read and liked the posts, as well as anyone who’s decided to follow the blog. It’s been great reading all your posts, and I highly recommend looking after

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Bilingual facilitation – how can we be better?

In this post Dyfrig Williams of the Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office reflects on a workshop he facilitated at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in Denbigh. He looks at the trials and tribulations of bilingual facilitation and

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Hope, History and Guerilla Gardening

Hello lovely bloggers, it’s me Kate Bentham, sitting in the Weekly Blog Club hot seat this week, and phew isn’t hot! I bet it’s that hot it’s even giving Ross Wigham a break from the snow. I’m not complaining mind you,

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Getting your name “in the paper”

An interesting blog from Graham Budd this week who tries to understand why someone would object to their name appearing digitally, but are very comfortable with the other elements of their local gov public profile. Getting your name “in the paper” by Graham Budd

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Pizza, tigers and a puffer fish

Another debut post for Weekly Blog Club, this time from Mark O’Donnell. As an engagement officer Mark needs to understand the latest tools so that he can help others to use them. A great post made all the better by

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Wayne Jepson reflects on our work and being a member of our Advisory Panel

On the Participation Cymru blog this week, there is a video exploring what one member of the Advisory Panel thinks about the work undertaken, their role in steering the work and what being a panel member means to them. The

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