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Say hello, hug, say goodbye?

The Week 42 posts made me think again about Weekly Blog Club, as people move on and things quieten down. Joseph Conaghan wrote a thought-provoking post Is Ambulance Reality TV …Insight or Voyeuristic? I can see an argument for producing such television

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Do I look gruesome in this?

Janet Davis blogs on the very interesting subject of who owns the rights to medical images, and what right a patient has to these images. Janet also discusses the use of social media and consent to share – and wonders

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Songs of us – and life on Mars?

The sun came out during Week 32, and some of the Weekly Blog Club writers had a spontaneous summer music festival – virtually, of course – whilst others contemplated forthcoming or recent holidays and sitting around on sofas. We start

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A postcard from space….

Carol Woolley looks upwards and writes about one sad astronomy event and lots of great space events over the past week and coming up in the sky near you soon. A postcard from space…. by Carol Woolley.

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