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Getting personal, explaining dementia, and paper in art

We had 11 contributions for Week 5, with three themes emerging during the week: health issues, using social media in the public sector, and art. Gina Alexander returned to the  @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog with Take a deep breath. I was

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Christmassy outings East Midlands style

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the East Midlands. There’s everything to get you in the festive spirit, from big Christmas trees, to mulled wines, wonderful walks and pamper time, it seems as if Lindsay Narey can

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Caring, volunteering and walking

Hello lovely bloggers, it’s me Kate Bentham again, sitting in the Weekly Blog Club hot seat, well slouching on the sofa to be precise. I hope you’ve all had a good week? I’m going to top that off nicely now with some

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A Beach Walk May 2013

This week Kate Bentham also took up the [entirely option] theme of the Urban/Rural Walk, but taking us instead on a walk along a stretch of coastline in Wales instead. Kate shares some of the items found on the shore.

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Urban walk June 2013 part 3

In Janet Davis’s 3rd Urban Walks post for week 24, we are now on the return journey back home.  This set ends in the southern end of Ouseburn, at the eastern end of Newcastle’s Quayside, and shows some of the

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Urban walk March 2013

As a big fan of Janet Davis’s photography, we always look forward to her Urban Walk posts. As an artist Janet see beauty in what others might miss. On this walk, rectangles and circles stood out in some really interesting photographs. Urban

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One small step for…..

A lovely ‘Aaaaah’ post by Ross Wigham on a very special moment in his and his younger daughter’s lives. One small step for….. by Ross Wigham.

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Urban walk February 2013

I’m a big fan of the Urban Walk blogs which Janet Davis shares with us. Janet manages to capture some really interesting images from her walk and she has a way of sharing them so you feel you have walked

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Four Readings and a Tombstone

A lovely and poetic blog by Diane Sims, recalling times and feelings she had when she heard poet Simon Armitage speak on 4 separate occasions. The blogs not only looks at Simon’s journey, and baggage, but at lifes journey, making

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Ouseburn January 2013 01

  A post with almost no words, sharing a short walk on New Year’s Day. Ouseburn January 2013 01 by Janet E Davis.

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