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Drawing, Drones, Deliveries and Decisions

Hello all, it’s Kate Bentham here looking after Weekly Blog Club for week 16, I hope you’re all well and looking forward to finding out about the amazing 15 blogs we’ve had submitted this week. Big thanks to all our

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Hatton Gallery drawing session 8

Janet Davis blogs about session 8 of Hatton Gallery drawing group and the work she did on collage. Janet explains that the inspiration for this session came from Eduardo Paolozzi’s Bunk! exhibition and pop art. Janet also looks at the

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Hatton Gallery drawing session 7

The theme for session 7 of the Hatton Gallery Drawing group was Marilyn Monroe, and Janet Davis shares with us the image she created from the exhibition of photographs. Janet draws a reflection of an image of this iconic woman.

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The first born, the last post and seven smiles

Hello lovely bloggers, how’s your week been so far? Mine’s mainly been full of cake and reading the super blogs submitted this week. There have been 10 blogs for week 3, all of which I have enjoyed, and I am

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Caring, Technology and Knightmares

Hello lovely bloggers, it’s me Kate Bentham, sitting in the Weekly Blog Club hot seat for week 39. I do hope you’ve all had a good week. There are some fabulous blogs for you again, covering an eclectic mix of

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Dog skull

Janet davis is taking part in The Big Draw which is happening throughout October. In this blog she shares with us an amazing drawing she has done of a dogs skull. Janet encourages us all to take part in The Big

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Drawings of doctors: a patient’s eye-view – gallery

This week Janet Davis begins her blog with an introduction to the work of artist Nick Wadley, who spent several periods of time, over a significant number of years, drawing his experience of being a patient and the relationships with the medical

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That looks like it’s been drawn by a child

Another little gem of a post by Kelly Quigley-Hicks to add colour to your day – and show that short posts can be well worth writing and reading. That looks like it’s been drawn by a child by Kelly Quigley-Hicks.

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The end of Uncertainty? | 72 Prufrocks

Utterly fascinating, beautifully written post by Diane aka @72Prufrocks – a first ‘proper personal blog post’ as she joins in Week 2 of Weekly Blog Club. Her post includes a gorgeous photo of a remnant of supernova, and she writes about

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