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Cake, Glorious Cake

Kelly Quigley-Hicks attended Comms Camp 14 recently and like many attendees helped raise lots of lovely money for charity by baking and eating cake. In this post Kelly shares with us a storify of some of the amazing cakes baked, some

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Keep advancing until you take enemy fire…. how to measure impact

Chris Bolton picks up on a military metaphor and extends it to consider how to deal with change in the workplace in a positive (and peaceful) way. Keep advancing until you take enemy fire…. how to measure impact by Chris Bolton.

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#OURDAY: Some tips for telling your story during a Twitter event

In 2011, Dan Slee was part of the team at Walsall Council that was the first in the UK to tell people what a council did across 24 hours, in real time on Twitter (I remember it well). He gives

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A really useful blog post this week for anyone looking to break into a career in PR. Ross Wigham has asked some influential comms people what they consider to be key skills and attributes needed to stand out from the crowd and get hired.

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Six ‘award winning’ tips

A great blog from Ross Wigham this week, who offers some top tips for anyone considering entering a piece of work or campaign for an award. Ross talks from experience having won awards himself, and who is now also involved

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Six email Hand Grenades to avoid before the holidays.

With the promise of a summer break just around the corner Chris Bolton’s blog couldn’t have come at a better time for many people preparing for leave. Chris talks about the email hand grenade we may send, and then run

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Hope, History and Guerilla Gardening

Hello lovely bloggers, it’s me Kate Bentham, sitting in the Weekly Blog Club hot seat this week, and phew isn’t hot! I bet it’s that hot it’s even giving Ross Wigham a break from the snow. I’m not complaining mind you,

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5 Reasons Why Posters are a Great Knowledge Exchange Method

This week Chris Bolton shares with us his thoughts on posters, and why they shouldn’t be under estimated or over looked when it comes to not only convaying information to a wider audience but also to engage with staff. 5 Reasons

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United Leadership (part 1)

A fantastic post this week by Andy Johnson who looks at the subject of leadership for week 24 of weekly blog club. After a recent visit to the home of Manchester United, Andy is inspired by the leadership within the

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The Sociable Organisation

Phil Jewitt is involved in exploring how Leeds City Council can become a truly collaborative workplace, a truly “sociable organisation.” He writes about what he and other people said at this event. Do read. It is particularly relevant to people in

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