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Satellites, cricket, travel down under, and a ray in Wales.

There seemed to be quite a lot of challenges in Week 35’s posts. I failed the challenge of getting a post written, but Chris Bolton advised Learning from failure. The more it hurts the better you learn. I wish Chris luck

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My year in pictures

Carol Woolley shares some of the highlights and memorable events of her year through pictures, including music, the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee and her family. My year in pictures by Carol Woolley.

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#nurture1213 Highlights

Kate Bentham lists her 12 highlights of 2012 which include time with family and friends, aspects of her work (involves safeguarding children), unconferences, the Olympics, the beach – and Weekly Blog Club (so pleased we were a highlight!). #nurture1213 Highlights

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London 2012 was my family story and yours too

Dan Slee watches the London 2012 opening ceremony again and reflects back on what it meant to him and how it connected with his family history. London 2012 was my family story and yours too by Dan Slee.

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The End of the First Year Edition

I shall start this summary at the beginning and the end of this year. Weekly Blog Club was created out of a humorous exchange between Dan Slee and Sarah Lay on Twitter. I am delighted that Sarah found time (she is a very busy

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Sporting Summer Round Up

Hannah Chia, AKA Sporting Wag, returns after a short break with a week 43 post about the people who were at the centre of the great sporting moments of the the last few months. You do remember Summer don’t you?

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The End of It All

Irena Souroup and her mother have a moment in the Olympic Stadium and she considers London as London 2012 excitement diminishes. The End of It All by Irena Souroup.

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Looking back, looking now, looking forward

It was an unusually quiet week for posts during Week 37, quieter than during the summer holidays period. I wondered why. Maybe people are still getting back into the swing of the weekly work and school routines this week, and

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18 wishes post-London 2012

Dan Slee and his family went to London 2012 events. His Week 37 post shines with how the Olympics and Paralympics inspired him, and looks to the future. 18 wishes post-London 2012 by Dan Slee.

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