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A team of camogie players in 1915, from the National Library of Ireland.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Week 3 of 2015. Each and every post was interesting and well-written but my personal favourites amongst this week’s  posts were the State of the Art in Medical Education by John McCulloch on the TaysideHealth blog, and #thisgirlcan: a

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Pizzas are delivered………

On the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog this week we hear from Consultant Midwife Karen King. Karen blogs about promoting women to have a normal birth and the crucial role midwives have in supporting this. The emphasis in Karen’s blogs

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Thinking, Singing, Dancing

Hello lovely bloggers, it’s me Kate Bentham, sitting in the Weekly Blog Club seat for a second week on the trot. How’s your week been then? Have you been enjoying the sun? Had any ice cream? I have, natch. We’ve

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Menopause in the workplace

With such a significant proportion of the workforce being women, and being over the age of 50, many are experiencing the hormonal changes of the perimenopause and of the menopause. Heather Currie blogs about the effects of this in the

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A church app and a martyr to excessive sensibility

Louise Brown comments in passing on an ecclesiastical app on her way to telling us the intriguing and tragic story of “a martyr to excessive sensibility.” I find myself wondering what happened to the villain in the story. A church

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Smoke, journalism, knickers and a mermaid

This was a week in which many saw unusually deep snow for the UK in March, with some being snowed-in and left without power. Despite suggesting that people could use their time spent tucked up indoors in the warmth to

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The Folkestone Mermaid

Karen Hart writes about a sculpture, the issues it raises, including what women should look like, what mermaids should look like – and some of the people who connect with this work of art. The Folkestone Mermaid by Karen JK Hart.

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Introducing Austerity WAG & Her Wonderful Fiance

Hannah Chia, with tongue firmly in her cheek, writes about the effect of austerity on her beauty regime in the months before her wedding. Introducing Austerity WAG & Her Wonderful Fiance by Hannah Chia.

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UK Gov camp 2013

I do wish we had contributions from Louise Kidney a little more frequently. She went to UK GovCamp 2013, and this time she was brave enough to pitch a session. She has been thinking about mentoring, professional networks, digital women,

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The Untitled One

Hello lovely people, it is me, Kate Bentham standing in this week as guest curator. I have to say I’ve had a fabulous week reading all your blogs, there were 23 in total, so great to see the numbers still so high into

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