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Cake, culture, camping and a flame

There was a bit of a culture theme to several of Week 21’s 10 posts. Cake featured in a culture-themed post and made it into a post title this week. Four of the posts centred on digital media, and a

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Changing Luggage

John Patterson has written a “snippet post” for Week 21 of Weekly Blog Club. He gives us an interesting glimpse of how his essential holiday luggage – the tech element of it – has changed over the years. Changing Luggage by John

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Storifying the Torch Relay

Peter McClymont contributes a very topical story to Week 21: sharing the experience of the Olympic Torch Relay through his area to all via social media. Storifying the Torch Relay by  Peter McClymont.

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3 steps to writing a case study worth reading

Janet Harkin shares some good advice in her Week 21 post, and the three essential things about all good case studies. 3 steps to writing a case study worth reading by Janet Harkin.

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Let’s push some boundaries

Carolyne Mitchell expresses her views (making it clear that they are her own views, not those of her employer) about changing local authority boundaries in Scotland in her Week 21 post. She makes some very interesting points, including one about hard-to-reach groups

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Camping it up

Lesley Thomson contributes a post to Week 21 about teacampscotland, how it worked – and how they drove cafe staff mad with their game of musical chairs. She also mentions the imminently forthcoming IslandGovCamp ( #IsleGC12 on Twitter – and

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Hull’s open data future

Adam Jennison is a guest contributor to Benjamin Welby’s blog and, therefore, to Week 21 of Weekly Blog Club. His very interesting post is based on a talk about he gave to the Hull Digital Developer Group about open data.

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good, bad and cake: a social media campaign to celebrate landmark birthday

Kate Bentham reports (on the comms2point0 blog) about the multi-platform social media campaign  at the beginning of May to celebrate the 12th birthday of her council’s Family Information Service. This is a really helpful sharing of information that should help others to

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The Late Shows 2012 part2

The second part of just one account of a small part of the amazing Late Shows, part of Museums At Night, but done the Geordie way, with added party vibes (and the magical The LateShows glowsticks, don’t forget the glowsticks!)

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The Late Shows 2012 part1

Just one account of experiencing a tiny part of the amazing Late Shows, the Newcastle and Gateshead Museums At Night with added sparkly bits thanks to the various public, private and Third Sector organisations involved. The Late Shows 2012 part1 by Janet E Davis.

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