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Urban walk June 2014

I really enjoy the Urban Walk posts from Janet Davis. Not only does Janet share with us some of the wonderful images she has captured but she also encourages us all to look at everyday sights differently, and to discover the interesting

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Caring, volunteering and walking

Hello lovely bloggers, it’s me Kate Bentham again, sitting in the Weekly Blog Club hot seat, well slouching on the sofa to be precise. I hope you’ve all had a good week? I’m going to top that off nicely now with some

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Urban walk June 2013 part 2

The second part of Janet Davis’s Urban Walk posts this week focuses on some of the more natural elements of urban living. It feels less harsh and instead softer. Some great images with shadows, and what I am sure was

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A Rural Walk April 2013

As a big fan of Janet Davis’s Urban Walk blog posts, Kate Bentham has decided to take us all on a Rural Walk, around the lanes, fields and churchyard of her village. Look out for the Interesting Gravestone. A Rural

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Kate Bentham’s day in 10 pictures

Kate uses 10 pictures to reflect on a recent day off and trip into Shrewsbury after the school run. It wouldn’t be a proper Kate tale if there wasn’t cake involved and she doesn’t disappoint. Bentham bun run included. My day

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Remembering, renewal & revitalising

Thank you very much to Kate Bentham for offering to take over at the last minute last weekend to do the Week 44 posts and summary when I was without a computer earlier than I thought I would be (I’ve

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Naomi writes about why her family ditched their car – and how they manage without one now, mainly by walking or using trains and buses. Wheels by Naomi on The Minimal List.

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Tech, culture, caring – and a purple cow

The (entirely optional) Week 35 themes were heroes and heroines for a second week, or  the start of the new academic term (how that feels as a student or a parent of a student). Nobody took up either (entirely optional) theme,

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Ouseburn August 2012 07

Small details from a very short and very slow walk along a footpath in a city. Ouseburn August 2012 07 by Janet E Davis.

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Songs of us – and life on Mars?

The sun came out during Week 32, and some of the Weekly Blog Club writers had a spontaneous summer music festival – virtually, of course – whilst others contemplated forthcoming or recent holidays and sitting around on sofas. We start

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