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Warmth, compassion and new starts

After some variable and decidedly chilly weather in May, we seem to have started June with much sunnier weather and that was reflected in a few of the Week 22 contributions to Weekly Blog Club. There were also some tough

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Lady & gentleman at a windmill

Richard Overy shares with us a sunny photo of a smiling couple who might be a good advertisement for the joys of cycling. Lady & gentleman at a windmill by Richard Overy.

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Horndean 1935 – Cycled Aldershot to Weymouth

Another fabulous historical photo on Richard Overy’s Lost and Found Blog. Imagine Bradley Wiggins and the British Cycling Team in 1935. Enjoy. Horndean 1935 – Cycled Aldershot to Weymouth by Richard Overy    

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Land of the rising sun (colliery)

Ross Wigham reflects on the North East of England’s industrial past and its future whilst on a bicycle ride that takes him to Rising Sun Hill. Land of the rising sun (colliery) by Ross Wigham.

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Lance Armstrong – A False Hero

Not heard from her for ages and then two most welcome posts in a week from Hannah Chia AKA The Sporting Wag. This second post is about the demise of a once respected sporting legend. Lance Armstrong – A false hero

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Sporting Summer Round Up

Hannah Chia, AKA Sporting Wag, returns after a short break with a week 43 post about the people who were at the centre of the great sporting moments of the the last few months. You do remember Summer don’t you?

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Challenging habits, challenging thoughts

At first I thought that the Week 38 contributions to Weekly Blog Club were so diverse that I would have problems in finding any common threads through any of them. Then I put together the summary list, and I suddenly

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The third and final challenge

Ian Curwen has re-started his blogging with gusto! His second post for Week 38 tells of a big cycling challenge he has just undertaken. The third and final challenge by Ian Curwen.

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Yay!! Ian Curwen is blogging again! He writes about a long walk and an even longer bicycle ride that he did during the summer. Hello? by Ian Curwen.

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Suicide Cyclists

Irena Souroup writes about some of the less expected effects of the Olympics on the streets and open spaces that she uses…or, rather, used to use. Apparently, people on bicycles could be very dangerous beyond the velodrome. Suicide Cyclists by Irena Souroup

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