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Churchill, Lemons, Lists and Sunshine

Well, well, well, you have been busy this week. What a bumper crop of blogs you’ve kindly submitted for the rest of the world to enjoy, it’s really rather kind of you. Thanks. A couple of our bloggers took up

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Our radio debut!

This week we hear from Sarah at Participation Cymru and her experience of being on the radio for the first time. The team were asked to take part is Diverse Cardiff, a radio show which gos out on the community

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Caring about carers, communicating & November customs

A quiet week for posts – but that means you have time to read a greater percentage of them! Samuel-James was still enjoying life in Australia in this week’s post – Brisbane to Melbourne and a little Grand Designs – but keen

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Free audiobooks

I’ve been looking for stories to listen to online and share what people have suggested and I’ve found. Free audiobooks by Janet E Davis on her Suburbis blog.

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First time for everything

This week Simon Harrington shares with us some new experiences he’s been having recently. These include doing a live radio interview, visiting some of Dubai’s impressive landmarks, having a facial and stealing a shopping trolley. All becomes clear as to

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Comms, cake, camping and chat

One Saturday recently, it became clear that my tweetstream has a lot of public sector people for whom communicating is a key part of their job because so many of them were attending CommsCamp13 in Birmingham. Of course, I had

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A Study in Mustard

“I met my husband on The Archers Messageboard…” begins Karen Hart – and that is just one of the extraordinary and heartwarming things that happened in the splendid Mustardland. This is, quite possibly, the ‘must-read’ post of the week. A

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A marketing man in charge at the BBC? Heavens!

Jo Smith looks at why having someone from a marketing background as Acting Director General of the BBC might be rather a good thing. A marketing man in charge at the BBC? Heavens! by Jo Smith of Vindicat PR.

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Brew Music – Going grey with Gary and getting wrinkles with Robbie

When is a pop star too old for Radio One? What happens when an “old” pop star’s fans have a few too many birthdays to fit within the target audience? Lindsay writes about radio DJs, playlists, and Twitter. Brew Music

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Writers of the storm

Ross writes about how the traditional and new media responded to the recent Newcastle floods. Writers of the storm by Ross Wigham

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