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Flash by name, Flash by nature!

Hello my lovelies, I, Louise, have been looking after your blogging needs this week. It has, as always, been a please. Thank you for sending me another GREAT bunch of posts, even with all the football and glorious sunshine about

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Why Scotland NEEDS Allied Health Professionals

Jacqui introduces us to the work of allied health professionals and what they can do to support people living with dementia. Why Scotland NEEDS Allied Health Professionals by Jacqui Lunday Johnston on the Let’s talk about dementia blog

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Broken Arms to Hopeful Hands

As  Implementation and Improvement Team Lead at Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Gareth has been part of many discussions on how to improve the experience for patients. When his six year old son fell out of a tree he saw things from

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Let’s get flexible

If you’ve ever worked in a job with flexible working you will know just how much of a positive it can be; being able to spend more time with children and family, volunteer, spend less time travelling, beat the traffic,

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When We Were Young Ones

Last week we lost one of the country’s most original comic talents of the last 30 years. Rik’s unforgettable characters in shows like The Young Ones and Bottom made him a much-loved actor. Janet has written some thoughts about The Young

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What can we conclude from the World Cup box plots?

Another post from me – you are being spoiled – on World Cup box plots. What can we conclude about the ages of the different squads from these statistical visualisations? (I would really love to hear your thoughts). What can

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One year down, one to go

A blog post from my alter ego Loumeracy on my first year of teacher training, to become a maths teacher in the FE/ adult learning sector. I ramble on a bit about my reflections of the year gone and the

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Why you love your Billy bookcase

Carolyne’s post this week examines intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, why on earth do we do what we do and how do we use that understanding to motivate others? Would you attempt to climb a mountain if you knew it couldn’t

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Educating Ayrshire: ‘A whistle-stop tour in to the world of radiotherapy’

Craig is a student of radiotherapy and oncology at Glasgow Caledonian University and as you’ll see from his post for Ayrshire Health, a passionate and clear communicator on a very complex subject. As a radiotherapist Craig helps to treat people

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The NHS new starter pack, bleepers and pictures of cake

Ross made the jump from localgov comms into health comms and it’s proving to be a big learning curve. He’s still coming to grips with the health acronyms and the huge hospital sites but he has cake a bleeper, so he’s a

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