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The business of weddings

Why has Ross Wigham been “getting excited about soft focus pictures and ivory dresses?” Because his job includes promoting the fabulous county of Northumberland* – and they are promoting it as a wedding destination. Not only does it have glorious

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Derry plans a digital creativity celebration with CultureTECH festival

What is a virtual coconut shy? I have no idea – but I know where there will be one. Janet Harkin is looking forward to the CultureTECH festival in Derry, which will include a digital funfair with the virtual coconut

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Being human, being heroes, having cake

A few of us decided part way through Week 34 of Weekly Blog Club that our (entirely optional) theme this week should be heroes and heroines. This proved to be a highly appropriate theme. Shortly after we decided this, the

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Get Lost!

Chris Allan reveals that reading maps is not one of his skills, and how it does not bother him (thank goodness for modern technology!). Get Lost! by Chris Allan.

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Social media – is noise enough?

Simon Hope considers the recent announcement about councils no longer being able to prohibit social media reporters from recording and reporting on council meetings, and what difference this might or might not have. Social media – is noise enough? by Simon Hope.

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Remembering cousin Louis.

Louise Brown writes about her cousin, a renowned blues musician who used to play with Rory Gallagher. I’m sure that other Weekly Blog Club members would join with offering condolences to Louise and her family for their loss. Remembering cousin

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The remarkable life of a 75 year old digital champion

Janet Harkin has shared a post written a while ago because it fits perfectly our (entirely optional) Week 34 theme of heroes/heroines. She tells us about an interesting and extraordinary man. The remarkable life of a 75 year old digital

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Measurement: for Improvement or for Judgement?

Mark MacGregor writes about using data and how things are measured within the National Health Service, but his points could be applied also to other sectors. Measurement: for Improvement or for Judgement? by Mark MacGregor on the Ayrshire Health blog.

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Have your cake and eat it

Warning: this post by Carolyne Mitchell for Week 34 of Weekly Blog Club includes a picture of a chocolate cake bigger, apparently, than MiniHim (for whose birthday she made it). She has written the recipe for it too. Have your

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Learning to overcome baby brain

Lisa McGonigle writes about ‘baby brain,’ whether it exists, and e-learning. Learning to overcome baby brain by Lisa McGonigle on the Learning Pool blog.

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