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Fun, fails, rewards, and social curry

Apologies for not writing individual blogs for each post contributed to Week 33, but I lacked time during the week and was keen to get this summary out on Sunday so we don’t fall behind during Week 34. Thanks very

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Summertime and the blogging is easy

Hello all, It’s Louise here, your host for week 31. Week 31 you say? Didn’t Dyfrig just do the summary for week 32? Well, yes, how very observant of you. I hope having your summary posts out of date order

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Language, art and a bit of elbow grease

We’ve had 10 contributions this week – thanks to everyone who’s blogged, read and liked the posts, as well as anyone who’s decided to follow the blog. It’s been great reading all your posts, and I highly recommend looking after

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Back to school?

Karen JK Hart’s daughter has just had her result back for her AS in History. But far from relaxing and taking it easy, she’s working solidly on coursework; reading numerous books; writing an assignment on the state of the oceans; heading

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Mhairi Hastings, Nurse Manager for PCCD West, NHS Dumfries and Galloway, has been reading about Innovation, Creativity, Change and Research in healthcare and has been struck by the words and language that we use everyday, but that we perhaps don’t analyse

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Do Mundane Things. Get Your Ideas Accepted by Working Behind Enemy Lines, and Don’t be a Martyr

Are you trying to implement ideas at your organisation but you’re struggling to get them accepted? In this post Chris Bolton a.k.a. What’s the PONT looks at a different tactic to get your ideas approved and accepted – pretend you’re

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Bilingual facilitation – how can we be better?

In this post Dyfrig Williams of the Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office reflects on a workshop he facilitated at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in Denbigh. He looks at the trials and tribulations of bilingual facilitation and

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Integration – one year on

Garry Coutts has blogged for Ayrshire Health on the Highland Council and NHS Highland’s agreement to integrate health and social care, where the council has become responsible for children’s services including health care and the health board for adult services

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Urban walk July 2013

It can be easy for us to miss beautiful things and places that are right on our doorstep when we see them every day. Fortunately Janet Davis has chronicled a walk in two different areas of her city, with a bus

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BREW EXPORT: 22 things I learned at two events with tea and cake

In this time of austerity public sector employees are working extra hard. The Brewcamp manages to add value to those well deserved cuppas by giving people the chance to network, share ideas and support each other. In this blog Dan

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