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Warmth, compassion and new starts

After some variable and decidedly chilly weather in May, we seem to have started June with much sunnier weather and that was reflected in a few of the Week 22 contributions to Weekly Blog Club. There were also some tough

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Lady & gentleman at a windmill

Richard Overy shares with us a sunny photo of a smiling couple who might be a good advertisement for the joys of cycling. Lady & gentleman at a windmill by Richard Overy.

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Remembering, renewal & revitalising

Thank you very much to Kate Bentham for offering to take over at the last minute last weekend to do the Week 44 posts and summary when I was without a computer earlier than I thought I would be (I’ve

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Land of the rising sun (colliery)

Ross Wigham reflects on the North East of England’s industrial past and its future whilst on a bicycle ride that takes him to Rising Sun Hill. Land of the rising sun (colliery) by Ross Wigham.

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A kite, content, Creation and camps

Week 29 resulted in the second highest number of posts in a week since Weekly Blog Club began. Well done, guys! This handing over of blog wrangler duties to someone else for a week seems to encourage more to contribute

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Suicide Cyclists

Irena Souroup writes about some of the less expected effects of the Olympics on the streets and open spaces that she uses…or, rather, used to use. Apparently, people on bicycles could be very dangerous beyond the velodrome. Suicide Cyclists by Irena Souroup

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Two wheel city

Ross Wigham’s Week 25 post marks National Cycle Week. He writes about a cycle ride he did around Tyneside with views of a tucked-away marina, my favourite sort-of-secret valley (Ouseburn), and parts of a Roman period World Heritage Site: Hadrian’s

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Me and my Twitter

For her Week 14 post, Louise Brown has written a lovely reflection on the people that she has met and the things that she has done as the result of being on Twitter. Me and my Twitter by Louise Brown.

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Hello? Anybody there

Ian Curwen started his Week 10 posts by updating on his weigh-in back on 23rd February. After a good (in the sense of enjoyable) weekend in York, all the exercise proved useful in continuing to move forward. Hello? Anybody there by

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A HardKnott Task

Rachel Jane Snook has joined us in Week 5 with her first post for #WeeklyBlogClub about a challenging cycle ride (and there’s a lovely photo of a gorgeous bit of the North). A HardKnott Task by Rachel Jane Snook.

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