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What can we conclude from the World Cup box plots?

Another post from me – you are being spoiled – on World Cup box plots. What can we conclude about the ages of the different squads from these statistical visualisations? (I would really love to hear your thoughts). What can

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One year down, one to go

A blog post from my alter ego Loumeracy on my first year of teacher training, to become a maths teacher in the FE/ adult learning sector. I ramble on a bit about my reflections of the year gone and the

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Trojan horses, writing ghosts, and aiming for the Moon

The posts in Week 46 were as varied as ever but with a strong emphasis on healthcare and training, with some ghosts of writing (but no ghost writing), the odd Trojan horse and bovine brain, and some sport thrown in.

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Being observed

Louise writes about delivering her first lesson, as part of her training to be a maths teacher, and about what she learned as well as what she taught. Being observed by Louise.

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A mo, a splash, Houdini – and more

I must admit that I wished for a story that featured a crowd (or accumulating wealth) and one with a mat in it so I could have titled this post “A mo, a mass, a mat” because the start of

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Florence Nightingale; the mother of Infographics? (btw she was also a nurse……)

Chris Bolton takes a different look at Florence Nightingale and shares her innovative approach to showing data in a visual form. Florence Nightingale; the mother of Infographics? (btw she was also a nurse……) by Chris Bolton.

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