Customer Service, Waste and the GE2015

Hello Weekly Blog Club fans, it’s Kate Bentham here again, for what we think is week 17, but whose keeping note. We’ve had a good selection of blogs this week, and not all in the written form. We’ve had two series of photos submitted by the ace  Janet E Davis, one with some amazing pictures of Derwent Reservoir and the other capturing Blanchland. Do take a look. We’ve also had few videos shared, one in The Molecular Biology of a Hug by Harry Burns which AnneMarie Cunningham highlighted to us. We’ve always said that any subject goes for weekly blog club and also any format, and the blogs this week show that.

A few other highlights this week which I enjoyed reading are The tourist office which appeared on Andrew Jacobs’s blog this week. It shows human interaction at it’s best, or worse, and I am sure there are times when we have all experienced customer service delivered with such annoyance and disdain.

Anyone is Local Government will know that bins – and more widely waste – is a big issues to get right. The Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office have blogged this week about the Welsh Local Government Association and Wales Audit Office Route Optimisation Workshop – How it went… One of the key messages from the session is that communication is key – not only to our customers but also internally with all involved.

With the General Election just round the corner, the post by Participation Cymru couldn’t be better timed. In their post they are looking at The General Election – having your say and addressing electoral inequality. It looks at how social platforms have had an important part to play in this election and considers the hidden audience – both in terms of age and also socio-economic groups.

NOTE: we’re now at the end of week 18, and I’m just finishing off this summary. I’ve been a bad host. I’m sorry, but I’m going to spend this bank holiday making up for it. I’ll then be handing you back to Janet, who is much more capable and not in the least bit rubbish. If you fancy having a go at being a good host then just get in touch, it’s easy and the only thing really getting in my way is all the faffing.

Right, let’s crack on with this weeks summary. See you in an hour or so, unless I get distracted 😉


Kate Bentham


  1. The General Election – having your say and addressing electoral inequality by Participation Cymru
  2. Looking forward, reflecting back by Angela Cunningham on the Arshire Health blog
  3. Let’s engage with health by Elaine Sword on the Tayside Health blog
  4. The Molecular Biology of a Hug by Harry Burns shared by AnneMarie Cunningham
  5. Welsh Local Government Association and Wales Audit Office Route Optimisation Workshop – How it went… by Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office
  6. The tourist office on Andrew Jacobs’s blog
  7. If I only had the time by John Locke on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog
  8. Derwent Reservoir 21st April 2015  by Janet E Davis
  9. Blanchland 21st April 2015 by Janet E Davis


Working in local gov, managing a frontline service for families. I love Shropshire, love family and love information and blog about all three. There is also the occasional mention of cake and caek.

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One comment on “Customer Service, Waste and the GE2015
  1. Great work – cheers Kate!

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