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A quick overview of IFTTT

Peter Olding writes about a potentially very useful tool to shares things across different channels automatically. The acronym IFTTT comes from ‘IF This Then That’ (simple, logical). A quick overview of IFTTT by Peter Olding.

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Three essential marketing questions to ask

Janet Harkin’s Week 26 contribution of #WeeklyBlogClub provides useful advice on how to plan your marketing campaigns. She reduces core strategy to just 3 questions. Three essential marketing questions to ask by Janet Harkin.

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Social Media – I don’t get it

Andy Wilson’s first contribution to Weekly Blog Club is a very interesting and thought-provoking read about the different attitudes towards the use of social media within the police force. Social Media – I don’t get it by Andy Wilson aka

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Our people, our places

Ross Wigham writes about a weekend festival that Northumberland County Council worked with major tourist attractions to provide for residents of Northumberland, and how the part that social media played. This is a really interesting post for those involved in

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Child of the Space Age

This Week 26 post muses on the influence of world events and a lifelong interest in technology – and David Bowie. It is illustrated with NASA pictures of astronauts, moons, Earth and other planets. Child of the Space Age by Janet E

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A lovely, poignant poem is Kate Bentham’s Week 26 contribution to Weekly Blog Club. Missed by Kate Bentham.

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#CoSM12 – First of its kind social media for Cornwall

Matt Bond writes about the first Cornwall [Public Sector] Social Media [Conference] – #CoSM12 – that is happening today (Thursday 28th June 2012), initiated by Sergeant Gary Watts of Falmouth Police. Matt and his colleague Jason Williams are presenting a

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