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Houdini In Cardiff

Joseph Conaghan shares an autographed picture of the Great Houdini and connects it with a place in Cardiff where the escapologist failed to escape a beating. It’s a great reminder of how the back alleys of our towns and cities

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Knightmare Live!

Karl Green blogs about how he was able to relive a childhood memory recently when he went to see a stage version of the children’s television programme Knightmare. The perfromance stayed true to the original format of the show and Karl even

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Seasides, mugging donkeys, and the importance of feeling good

This week’s summary has been an endurance trial just to find the posts and create the summary list. I have had to do it all on a mobile device because my laptop is broken. Although the WordPress app has been

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Practice as research [Week 33] Why art is not protest

Louise Atkinson considers protest art, protesting artists, and non-participation as protest by artists in this post. She looks at the apparent contradiction of the visual art form of agitprop, which is rooted in the 1917 Russian Revolution and still practised

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In the thick of it as the times are a-changing

Thank you very much to Kate Bentham for looking after Weekly Blog Club for two weeks and to Louise Brown for looking after it for a week. It was good to get a break from it and to free up

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JLS won’t Beat Again – dealing with another boy band bombshell

Lindsay Narey considers the break up of a boy band, and considers the ephemeral nature of most boy bands.* JLS won’t Beat Again – dealing with another boy band bombshell by Lindsay Narey on the High Tea Cast blogzine. *I have to confess

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Review: PALACE at Bethesda Theatre

Clare White went to watch Palace at Bethesda Theatre recently and shares her review of the performances and visual effects in this blog. The Palace seems to have captured the energy and dignity of the city, representing it’s people well.

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