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Hanging out is where it’s at

For Week 9 of Weekly Blog Club Louise Brown has written a very useful account of her first Google + Hangout. She describes how it worked and compares with a Skype conference call. Hanging out is where it’s at by Louise

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Mobile photography – why your smartphone is the best camera

Matt Murray has recalled the old square snaps of his early childhood in his Week 9 post, and encourages people to use their smartphone’s camera. He includes some great examples of how such photographs are increasingly used by mainstream media

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Stuff I know nothing about

This interesting Week 9 contribution from Phil Jewitt tells us something about his career (or, more strictly, careers – and they did not follow an obvious path), and what he knows as he explores what he knows he does not

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Cannibal ambition

Sarah Lay tackles a topic that many women will have thought about, even if they have not discussed with anyone else: ambition. She shares her thinking process about this and some other difficult words in this Week 9 post that

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Part 2: Tripods, lights and accessories

In the second part of his “How To…” series on film, Matt Bond looks at  all the bits of equipment that will help to you to produce a professional look to your video: tripods and other equipment to keep the

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Part 1: Cameras

Matt Bond, another first-time contributor to Weekly Blog Club, has started a series of ‘How To…’ articles to share his knowledge of the equipment and tools of communication with ‘How To Film.’ In the first part, he tackles the topic

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Real Men Play Rugby. Little Boys Play Football.

Hannah Chia’s first Weekly Blog Club post kicks off Week 9 with a view of the difference between footballers and rugby players. Football fans might want to defer reading if they have saved Sunday’s matches to watch later since Hannah

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Tartan, jelly babies and Rolf Harris

Week 8 of Weekly Blog Club started with lots of questions about use of digital media and finished with memories of analogue ‘shinies’ and Rolf Harris. In between we had seeds, jelly babies, tartan, and some writing on the wall.

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Shiny – part 3

Peter McClymont announced his Week 8 post in a tweet as “Rolf Harris, 10 inchers and other ephemera.” It is a very engaging piece of writing about his childhood fascination with analogue tech, with which many of us over a

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Talking in Public

Peter Olding has contributed a Week 8 post on the subject of giving talks. He shares how he has used his love of aviation to practise talking in front of an audience. Talking in Public by Peter Olding.

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