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There is no I in Community

A very interesting post this week from Peter Olding as he updates us about a project he’s been working on which highlights historic and ancient churches of Great Britain. Peter has realised that building a website is not enough for this project

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Shotgun wedding

After larking about in the countryside dressed in tweed, shooting at clay pigeons, Ross Wigham reflects on a time when some PR campaigns might have taken a scatter gun approach to hitting the target but now, with reduced budgets and

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Resolve to review your data in 2013

I asked voluntary organisations this week to ‘Resolve to review your data in 2013‘. 2013 is going to be even tougher for organisations financially and being able to evidence the difference they make is going to be key. I think that all starts

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A Danger of Open Data

Kate Bentham’s post for Week 6 of Weekly Blog Club raises a very important issue about open data – what happens when third parties use out-of-date information, especially when it relates to safety-sensitive areas such as childcare. A Danger of

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