List of posts by week 2013

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Summary of Week 52 posts

  1. The artery of influence by Janet E Davis.
  2. Nurture1314 Highlights by Kate Bentham.
  3. At last by Richard Overy.
  4. Looking Forward – 2014 by Karl S Green.
  5. #Nurture1314 Hopes by Kate Bentham.
  6. It may be stormy by Fiona McQueen on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  7. 2014 – has to be more than an interest by Phil Jewitt.
  8. Growing Newsome and Stirley Farm 2013 – a year in pictures by Diane Sims.

Summary of Week 51 posts

  1. Stream of Consciousness by Simon Hope.
  2. Looking Back – 2013 by Karl S Green.
  3. Santa’s list by Jason Leitch on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  4. CIPR Trends 2014 by Ross Wigham.

Summary of Week 50 posts

  1. Images of Historic Hampshire – thanks to the British Library by Mark Braggins.
  2. A Zombie Story by Karl S Green.
  3. The art of communications: fighting talk by Ross Wigham.
  4. Reading Comprehension by  John Cane.
  5. Turning a negative into a positive by Lynn McLaughlin on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  6. Scrutiny! scrutiny! scrutiny! by Participation Cymru.
  7. Celtic Scrutiny – lessons shared across the Irish Sea by Shane Carton on the  @GoodPracticeWAO blog.
  8. Local, Social, Networks by Diane Sims.
  9. 6 life lessons from a man of Faith by Howard Walker.
  10. Practice as research Week 56: Visiting the Do It 2013 exhibition by Louise Atkinson.
  11. Ten Things I Have Learned About Governance by Craig White on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  12. I don’t believe it! by Peter Olding.

Summary of Week 49 posts

  1. My Thoughts on “The Day of the Doctor” by Karl S Green.
  2. Miscommunication and project completion’ish by Samuel-James Wilson.
  3. Crossing The Line: The Troll In All Of Us by Kenny McDonald.
  4. 3 easy ways to get started by Georgia Parker.
  5. The Terrier and the arts by Kathryn Goodfellow on Ross Wigham’s adaywithoutoj blog.
  6. Food for thought by Pennie Taylor on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  7. Telling tales about local digital democracy by Diane Sims.
  8. Hatton Gallery drawing session 5 by Janet E Davis.
  9. It’s time for the non-profit trade press to go Onion! by Liam Barrington-Bush.
  10. Pimp my story by Phil Jewitt.
  11. The Christmas Card by Mike McMahon on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  12. On a Crossfit High by Hannah Chia aka @SportingWag.

Summary of week 48 posts

  1. The Ghost of NaNoWriMo Yet To Come by Karl S Green
  2. Born to be a Nurse / Taught to be a Nurse or Forever a Student  by David Barton on the Ayrshire Health blog
  3. Always people first by Phil Jewitt on the Sociable Organisation Blog
  4. “Learn a single trick” by Person Centred Dumfries and Galloway  on the Dumfries and Galloway Health
  5. My time at the Shropshire FIS and the future by Daniel Franey

Summary of week 47 posts

  1. Taking the Leap – Sharing an OT Early Intervention in Dementia  by Alison Groat
  2. The Ghost of NaNoWriMo Present. by Karl S Green
  3. The bee in my bonnet  by Laura on the Ayrshire Health Blog 
  4. Practice as research: Week 55  by Louise Atkinson
  5. POST RELEASE: Life After the Press Release Dies  by Dan Slee 
  6. Writer’s block  by Janet E Davis
  7. My Analogue World  by Joseph Conaghan
  8. Leadership in a digital world by Derek Barron on the Dumfries and Galloway health Blog
  9. 60 day’s late.  by Samuel-James Wilson
  10. What have we been up to in November? by Participation Cymru
  11. Christmassy outings East Midlands style by Lindsay Narey 

Summary of Week 46 posts

  1. Namibia: Part 1 by Simon Harrington.
  2. Trojan Horses are not Trojan Mice. 5 Questions to Spot the Difference by Chris Bolton.
  3. #OTalk Meets #OTDementia by Elaine Hunter.
  4. The Ghost of NaNoWriMo Past by Karl S Green.
  5. Follow up to Hatton Gallery drawing session 3 by Janet E Davis.
  6. Training courses: ’8 causes of reading difficulty’ & ‘Elklan’ by  John Cane.
  7. Business lessons from a toddler! by Andy Johnson.
  8. Person Centred Care by Audrey Birt on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  9. An easy way out post by Andrew Jacobs.
  10. On the payroll of AFC Bournemouth by Peter Olding.
  11. We choose to go to the Moon by Ken Donaldson on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  12. Being observed by Louise.

Summary of Week 45 posts

  1. Strategy – like a punch in the teeth by  Ross Wigham.
  2. My working life… by John Cane.
  3. Hatton Gallery drawing session 3 by Janet E Davis.
  4. Back to blogging and the benefit of a break by Georgia Parker.
  5. What’s it got to do with me? by Brian McCulloch on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  6. Jargon busting by Dyfrig Williams at the Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office.
  7. AHP : A Hidden Treasure #AHPDementia  by Elaine Hunter.
  8. Ask yourself – “ is there a real difference…..with eHealth” by Graham Gault on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog.
  9. Practice as research Week 53 A visit to the Museum of Contemporary African Art by Louise Atkinson.

Summary of Week 44 posts

  1. Keep advancing until you take enemy fire…. how to measure impact by Chris Bolton.
  2. A new era for apprenticeships…apparently by Samuel-James Wilson.
  3. Being an AHP Working with People with Dementia by Lynn Flannigan on the AHPScotBlog.
  4. Texas Mo by Richard Overy.
  5. Make a splash by Kerry Gilligan on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  6. Fifty Shades of Green: Part 7 – My First Encounter With a Frenchman by Karl S Green.
  7. Loving and Learning from Failure. Great idea, but how does it work? by Chris Bolton.
  8. Houdini In Cardiff by Joseph Conaghan.
  9. Can you calculate percentage increases and decreases? by Louise.
  10. using a social campaign to back-up a tv show by Ross Wigham on the comms2point0 blog.
  11. What does work mean to you? by Vicky Widdowson on dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.

Summary of Week 43 posts

  1. A NaNoWriMo Carol by Karl S Green.
  2. Continuous Improvement. The tools ‘you’ve got’ and the right mindset beats ‘All the Gear and No Idea’ by Chris Bolton.
  3. Brisbane to Melbourne and a little Grand Designs by Samuel-James Wilson.
  4. Don’t Worry It’ll be Easy by Roberta Simpson on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  5. What Counts? by Susan D Munro.
  6. WHO CARES…….  by Lindsay Sim and Sharron McGonigle on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  7. Free audiobooks by Janet E Davis on her Suburbis blog.

Summary of Week 42 posts

  1. Smile, it might just work by Samuel-James Wilson.
  2. The Complete History and Future of the Universe (in 1,635 words) by Karl S Green.
  3. Change of tempo – literally by Mark Wood.
  4. October regional participation networks: Accessible information and technology by Sarah Ball at @PartCymru.
  5. Let’s get back to our roots….  by Joanne Payne on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  6. The Rule of 1%. Why it matters to your online community by Chris Bolton on the Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office blog.
  7. Update on my Historic Churches Website by Peter Olding.
  8. Hugs have health benefits by Georgia Parker.
  9. Ouseburn viaduct scaffolding by Janet E Davis.
  10. Is Ambulance Reality TV …Insight or Voyeuristic? by Joseph Conaghan.
  11. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you… by Ros Gray on the  dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.

Summary of Week 41 posts

  1. My Favourite YouTubers by Karl S Green.
  2. Another brick in the wall by Ross Wigham.
  3. Chocolate emergency? Dial mine,mine, mine…. by Jane McIntyre.
  4. “Failure is not an option…..” Daleks, the enforcers of Best Practice by Chris Bolton.
  5. Hatton Gallery drawing session 2 by Janet E Davis.
  6. #OURDAY: Some tips for telling your story during a Twitter event by Dan Slee.
  7. My Path to Mindfulness by Jane AAHPMH on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  8. Respond rather than react by Georgia Parker.
  9. Art and research Week 49: Mexican paper rituals, Amatl and Papel picado by Louise Atkinson.
  10. Clinical Care and the Financial Challenge – How do we Respond? by Mike Pratt on the dghealth (Dumfries & Galloway Health) blog.
  11. Spotting (Part 2) by Peter Olding.

Summary of Week 40 posts

  1. Name the feelings by Georgia Parker
  2. Social Media, WH Smith Carpet, London Midland Trains and Observations from Accident & Emergency by Chris Bolton
  3. Fifty Shades of Green: Part 6 – Karl the Actor by Karl Green
  4. Dog skull drawing 2 by Janet E Davis
  5. One month in by Samuel-James Wilson
  6. Sand by Simon Harrington
  7. Keep calm and reach for the finish line!! by Andrea Boyd for Ayrshire Health
  8. Disaster recovery in action by Dyfrig Williams for Good Practice Exchange at the Welsh Audit Office
  9. Talk About Local 2013 by Janet E Davis
  10. Abbi Signs by Peter Olding
  11. Those were the days… by Elaine Ross for Dumfries and Galloway Health blog
  12. Planning a numeracy microteach by Louise Brown
  13. The Bromford DNA, Let It Be by Andy Johnson

Summary of Week 39 posts

  1. ‘Rays of Humanity’ by Ewan Kelly on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog.
  2. Using Information Technology to enable better public services by Dyfrig Williams for the Good Practice Exchange at Wales Audit Office blog.
  3. Once More, With Feeling by Karen Hart.
  4. Failure Models and NUMB3RS. How do you get from backwards look to real time learning? by Chris Bolton.
  5. Knightmare Live! by Karl S Green.
  6. Technological inspiration at #tmbucks by Loumeracy AKA Louise Brown.
  7. Communication & Making Connections in Dementia #OTDementia by Elaine Hunter.
  8. Occupational What? by Aileen Fyfe on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  9. Lights, Camera, Action! by Huw Rees for Good Practice Exchange at Wales Audit Office.
  10. Life Lesson 2: The curiosity of hummingbirds by Georgia Parker.
  11. Drawings of doctors: a patient’s eye-view – gallery by  Janet Davis.
  12. Dog skull by Janet Davis.
  13. Ethos by Laura Jones on the Dumfries and Galloway blog.

Summary of Week 38 posts

  1. Enhanced patient experience by Ken Donaldson and Peter Bryden on dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  2. Kill the Talking Elk by Karen JK Hart.
  3. Helping without being directly helpful – Mandarin English and Sabotage by Chris Bolton.
  4. Sophie Gets the Best of Me by Karl S Green.
  5. BIG PICTURES: How pictures make Facebook posts fly (and where to get them) by Dan Slee.
  6. What motivates me? by David Hall on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  7. Art and research Week 47: Working with collections and visiting @ArtemisLeeds by Louise Atkinson.
  8. Hard Core Press Core by Mark Wood.
  9. Just An Ordinary September Day by Kathryn Graham.
  10. Life Lesson 1: Make like a turtle by Georgia Parker.

Summary of Week 37 posts

  1. Failure* should be part of your CV (* = fast intelligent failure) by Chris Bolton.
  2. My dad by Karl S Green.
  3. I made it by Samuel-James Wilson.
  4. Ladies drinking tea by Richard Overy.
  5. Sokcho safari by Graham Budd.
  6. It’s Been 28 Days Since I Used a Fork and Other Fun Facts by Rough Cat.
  7. Autumn, winter, whatever by Rachel.
  8. Introducing our new Training and Development Officer, Siobhan Hayward by Siobhan Hayward for Participation Cymru.
  9. You don’t need to be a social media general to lead by Kenny McDonald.
  10. Scrutiny in the spotlight: investing to maximise its impact by Huw Lloyd Jones  Good Practice Exchange at Wales Audit Office.
  11. Polishing Narcissus’s Mirror by John McGarva on the Ayrshirehealth blog.
  12. Seeing things differently by Phil Jewitt.
  13. My Crossfit Challenge: Dubai Fitness Championship, Here I Come! by Hannah Chia aka @SportingWag.
  14. Why will paramedics be marching? by Joseph Conaghan.

Summary of Week 36 posts

  1. The Listening Project  by Fiona Green on the Dumfries and Galloway Health Blog
  2. Is Scrutiny about to come of age? by Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office
  3. Just what is ACTUALLY wrong with films with subtitles. by Peter Olding
  4. My summer in 8 ice creams  by Kate Bentham
  5. Whose needs are being met? by Ken Donaldson on the Ayrshire Health blog
  6. #amwriting  by Karen Hart
  7. Crossroads by Steve Nestor
  8. The Housing Associations, Welfare Reform and My Dad by James Walsh
  9. Open data, apps and maps  by Mark Braggins
  10. Fifty Shades of Green: Part 5 – Square One Television. by Karl Green
  11. What matters to you?  by Jason Leitch on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog
  12. First time for everything by Simon Harrington
  13. Careers, kids and having it all by Nicola Davies

Summary of Week 35 posts

  1. The Adventures of Gamesmaker Karl by Karl S Green.
  2. Leadership: The Conversation Continues by Elaine Hunter.
  3. A land down under by Phil Jewitt.
  4. EXTRA COVER: 21 ways a cricket club can use Twitter (with lessons for organisations) by Dan Slee.
  5. Telehealth: so obvious it must be true by Mark MacGregor on the AyrshireHealth blog.
  6. Personal use of social media by Dyfrig Williams on the Good Practice Exchange blog.
  7. Testing understanding and not just facts by Louise Brown.
  8. Pretty Brutal Library and the politics of labour by Louise Atkinson.
  9. Learning from failure. The more it hurts the better you learn by Chris Bolton.
  10. An out-patient journey by Heather Currie on the dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  11. I wished on them but they were only satellites by Andrew Jacobs.
  12. A Welsh Walk by Kate Bentham.
  13. Introducing our new administrator: Jon Birts by Jon Birts on the Participation Cymru blog.

Summary of Week 34 posts

  1. The Seven Doctors by Karl S Green.
  2. Hampshire Hub – a responsive approach by Mark Braggins on the Hampshire Hub Prototype Local Information System blog.
  3. 18 things the Ashes can tell you about digital communications by Dan Slee.
  4. Round the Isle of Wight by Richard Overy.
  5. A slice of tennis by Rachel.
  6. Community engagement: its time has come by Sandy Watson on the Ayrshire Health.
  7. Oblique Strategies – Random Disruption, Rock Stars and Innovation by Chris Bolton.
  8. Harvest time – part 2 by Louise Brown.
  9. We are passionate about not re-inventing the wheel by Ena Lloyd for the Good Practice Exchange.
  10. Some Tyneside street art by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 33 posts

  1. Silence, Nominations and Preparation by Samuel-James Wilson.
  2. How to make curry with social media by Lorna Prescott.
  3. Letting Go by Karl S Green.
  4. New methods, good practice and evaluation dice: Our May Participation Networks by Dyfrig Williams on the Participation Cymru blog.
  5. The professionalism of the paramedic service by David Garbutt on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  6. Solitude, circles and cliques by Janet E Davis.
  7. catch up by Peter Olding.
  8. Safe to fail by Dyfrig Williams on the @GoodPracticeWAO blog.
  9. Rewarding by Mark Wood.
  10. Hampshire Hub – a quick update by Mark Braggins on the Hampshire Hub Prototype Local Information System blog.
  11. Northumberland fun: a social summer by Jennifer Scullion on Ross Wigham‘s adaywithoutoj blog.
  12. GCSE Results day by Samuel-James Wilson.
  13. Towards an electronic Doctors Handbook by Chris Isles on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog.

Summary of Week 32 posts

  1. Sometimes its the little things …. by Stephanie Mottram of dghealth.
  2. The Further Adventures of Karl: God’s Existence – The Time Argument by Karl S. Green.
  3. Week 43: 8th – 14th July by Louise Atkinson.
  4. BREW EXPORT: 22 things I learned at two events with tea and cake by Dan Slee.
  5. Urban walk July 2013 by Janet E Davis.
  6. Integration – one year on by @garrycoutts.
  7. Bilingual facilitation – how can we be better? by Dyfrig Williams for the Good Practice Exchange.
  8. Do Mundane Things. Get Your Ideas Accepted by Working Behind Enemy Lines, and Don’t be a Martyr by What’s the PONT.
  9. Words by Mhairi Hastings for dghealth.
  10. Back to school? by Karen JK Hart.

Summary of Week 31 posts

  1. Woman Interrupted by Penny Halliday for DG Health
  2. Healthcare and social media, a shared infographic by Derek Barron
  3. One year on by Susan Munro
  4. Fifty Shades of Green: Part 4 – Memories of a Teacher by Karl Green
  5. The Biggest Social Media Village in the World by Kenny McDonald
  6. Practice-led methodologies or How to write an artist statement by Louise Atkinson
  7. Legislation by Participation Cymru
  8. An Evening with Mr Finnemore by Karen Hart
  9. What Public Service Leaders can learn from ‘The Boss’ (aka Bruce Springsteen) by Ena Lloyd for Good Practice Exchange
  10. Are we programmed to innovate or avoid failure? by Chris Bolton
  11. Small is beautiful … but also vulnerable, challenging and rewarding by John Ross Scott for Ayrshire Health

Summary of Week 30 posts

  1. The magical world of podcasts by Dyfrig Williams on the Good Practice Exchange blog.
  2. Dudley Council social media use celebrated in White Paper by Lorna Prescott
  3. Why I write by Karl Green
  4. Using historic images in social media by Matt Murray
  5. You are the message by Ross Wigham
  6. Bouncing back by Billy McClean for Ayreshire Health
  7. A peek around the path labs by Kathryn Graham
  8. Nun in garden by Richard Overy
  9. Turning Social Media ON in NHS Wales by Joseph Conaghan
  10. Continuous Improvement – why it matters to Squeeze the Pips, Release Trojan Mice and Win Small by Chris Bolton
  11. A garden of words by Janet E Davis

Summary of Week 29 posts

  1. The Language of Mental Health by Susan D Munro
  2. Project catch up by Samuel-James Wilson
  3. Fifty Shades of Green Part 3 Early Friends by Karl S Green
  4. My year as a PR intern by Hanif Leylabi on Ross Wigham’s adaywithoutoj blog.
  5. A whole new adventure by Joanne Payne on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  6. Do one summer sun! Dealing with a daily cycle of boiling weather misery by Lindsay Narey.
  7. Seaside in the sun by Janet E Davis.
  8. Amanda Palmer’s ‘Dear Daily Mail Song’ and how history is written by Karen JK Hart.
  9. Think Good Feel Good – a Parent’s guide to supporting emotional health by Shropshire Family Information Service

Summary of Week 28 posts

  1. A Social City of Culture by Kenny McDonald
  2. Thinking out loud by Janet Davis
  3. Menopause in the workplace by Heather Currie on the Dumfries and Galloway Health
  4. Creative.Digital.Likeable by Ross Wigham
  5. Six ‘award winning’ tips by Ross Wigham
  6. DonateLife Transplant Choir. by Rob Graham on the Kathryn Graham
  7. Dancing with myself…integration – my personal journey (so far!) by Kerry Gilligan on the Ayrshire Health
  8. Things I’ll miss: Cats and social media by Graham Budd
  9. Six email Hand Grenades to avoid before the holidays. by Chris Bolton
  10. Pascal’s Wager. by Karl Green
  11. Back on duty by Mark Wood
  12. Well Done Andy. by Peter Olding

Summary of Week 27 Posts

  1. Hope is in the Ayr by Claire Muir on the Ayrshire Health Blog
  2. A Brief History of my Name. by Karl Green
  3. 5 Reasons Why Posters are a Great Knowledge Exchange Method By Chris Bolton
  4. One Man’s Doormat’s Another Man’s Pizza By Llama Rockette aka Rough Cat
  5. A magical montage by Scottish Health Monthly
  6. Nector Business Awards By Samuel-James Wilson
  7. Who is Molly Case…? on the Dumfries and Galloway Health Blog
  8. POST RELEASE: What are you doing writing just press releases in 2013? by Dan Slee
  9. A PTLLS microteach on copyright for the classroom by Louise Brown
  10. Guerilla Gardening by Karen Hart

Summary of Week 25 posts

  1. Fathers and Grandfathers by Kathryn Graham
  2. You are soooo embarrassing… by Stuart Mackintosh
  3. Art and Research Week 36: Allegory as Interpretation by Louise Atkinson
  4. Little steps & tantrums by Ross Wigham
  5. Understanding Communication aka Say What?!? by Kate Bentham
  6. Nursing research, broadening horizons by @mz_kimb for Ayrshire Health
  7. How do you part with books? by Chris Bolton
  8. Help me open up my village’s local history project by Louise Brown
  9. Thinking at the Baltic about art by Janet Davis
  10. Age: More than a number? by Jane McIntyre
  11. What have the Somme, Glastonbury and #khub got in common? by Dan Slee
  12. Six Oi Conference Learning Points – all in a 6min podcast! by Chris Bolton and Helen Reynolds
  13. A Love of Retro Games Consoles by Karl Green
  14. Hopes and wishes for my children for Shropshire Family Info by Mike Perry
  15. Portmanteaux: Mixed Up Muddled Up Shook Up Words by Rough Cat
  16. Brick Decay Course by Samuel-James Wilson
  17. Be kinder than necessary by Ken Donaldson
  18. Two boys and their home by Richard Overy
  19. Wedding photography challenges by Mark Wood

Summary of Week 24 posts

  1. Better late than never, probably! by Scottish Health Monthly
  2. United Leadership (part 1) by Andy Johnson
  3. Diverse by Mark Wood
  4. A Beach Walk May 2013 by Kate Bentham
  5. Urban walk June 2013 part 3 by Janet Davis
  6. Urban walk June 2013 part 2 by Janet Davis
  7. Urban walk June 2013 part 1 by Janet Davis
  8. A walk to Dog-Eared Corner by Karen Hart
  9. Volunteering rocks – my volunteering week by Louise Brown
  10. Carers need more than hugs & chocolate by Jane McIntyre
  11. Un-like us by Eddie Coates-Madden
  12. ECCF personal and professional improvement by Graham Kane
  13. Some Classic Karl…. by Karl Green

Summary of Week 23 posts

  1. A Radiologist’s Journey by David Hill on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog.
  2. Fifty Shades of Green: Part 1 – It’s ’Orrible Being in Love When You’re 8 ½ (or 5 ½…) by Karl S Green.
  3. Ebook Publishing in Local Gov by Kate Bentham.
  4. HELP 2.0: What good Twitter customer service looks like by Dan Slee.
  5. Death of an O2 Salesman by Rough Cat.
  6. The Northern Lights by Professor Angela Wallace on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  7. Context not cloaks and cliques by Phil Jewitt.
  8. Heroes are all around you by John Patterson.
  9. Hospital Acquired Infections Require A Copper Bottomed Solution by Joseph Conaghan.
  10. Urban walk May 2013 by Janet E Davis.
  11. A love letter by Karen JK Hart.

Summary of Week 22 posts

  1. Guidelines in Medicine by Dr Angus Cameron on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog.
  2. A new reason to bee excited by Graham Budd.
  3. A Warm and Sunny Lesson From Aesop by Susan Hannah on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  4. Doctor Who? by Karl S Green.
  5. Aloha: goodbye and hello by Graham Budd.
  6. Folly/Garden Feature by Samuel-James Wilson.
  7. Knowledge Hub: Good CoP or Bad CoP? by Mark Braggins.
  8. My Filmed interview Mums story – part of the Patients story library acute services training by Thomas Whitelaw.
  9. Practice as research [Week 33] Why art is not protest by Louise Atkinson.
  10. Ayrshirehealth Reviewed – a year of blogging by Derek Barron on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  11. If I ruled the world, all public sector senior managers would do a secondment in the community by @Jargonautical by Chris Bolton.
  12. Out with the old and in with the new by Mark Wood.
  13. Racism In Sport – Still A Long Way To Go by Trent Masenhelder on the @SportingWag blog.
  14. BAGs of displacement activity by Karen JK Hart.
  15. Lady & gentleman at a windmill by Richard Overy.

Summary of Week 21 posts

  1. Blogging for beginners part 1 by Janet Davis
  2. Local market lovin’ by Maria Loupa
  3. Giving it all away by Karen Hart
  4. One ounce of emotion beats a ton of scientific evidence. It’s all about “the babies….” by Chris Bolton
  5. A place to talk leadership #OTalk by Elaine Hunter
  6. Bradford Grammar School Staff by Richard Overy
  7. The Only Way is Onwards, There is No Turning Back! by Karl Green
  8. Nearly missed the Dambusters! by Mark Wood
  9. Costume drama by Liz Ritson
  10. Why art is not branding by Louise Atkinson
  11. The Weight of History by Jeff Ace on the Dumfries and Galloway Health Blog

Summary of Week 20 posts

  1. Living life the Wigan way by Kenny McDonald
  2. My personal demons by Karen Hart
  3. St.Andrews Church – Starbeck Church – Update by Samual-James Wilson
  4. Wilson & Mrs W. Hoskin by Richard Overy
  5. Scots Abroad – Surely Not That Obvious? by Rough Cat aka Llana Rockette
  6. Daffodils in full bloom by Ros Gray
  7. Why hang around on mountains then? by Mark Wood
  8. Are You Aware? by Susan Munro
  9. Fragmentation of TV Audiences and Illegal Downloads by Karl Green
  10. Not All Bad For UAE Rugby But Much More Needs To Be Done. by The Sporting Wag
  11. Getting your name “in the paper” by Graham Budd
  12. A quick look at targeting your Facebook page posts By Louise Brown

Summary of Week 19 posts

  1. Swimming by Richard Overy.
  2. Hadrian’s Wall landscapes by Janet E Davis.
  3. TV Programmes: The Future? by Karl S Green.
  4. Letting go by Phil on the Shropshire Family Information Service blog.
  5. Travelling in your own back yard (and getting a social buzz for your event) by Ross Wigham.
  6. Becoming part of the landscape by Scot Health monthly.
  7. Interprofessional learning…bridging the paradigm gap by John Burnham on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  8. Excuses & Being A Good WAG by Hannah Chia (aka @SportingWag)
  9. New blog & inspiration by Mark Wood aka @f8_media .
  10. What can I teach about content licensing in 15 minutes? by Louise Brown.
  11. Out of town by Karen JK Hart.
  12. 20 things from BlueLightCamp13 by Catherine Howe on the BlueLightCamp blog.
  13. Don’t spend any money on NHS Jargon Busters – it’s sorted! Download the Apps by Chris Bolton.
  14. Accident and Emergency in Trouble….Quick, Paint Out The Signs by Joseph Conaghan.
  15. Protecting Older People from Rogue Traders by Jayne Holgate – Age UK Business Directory (Nottingham & Nottinghamshire)
  16. London 2013- International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare by The Patient Safety Team by Maureen Stevenson, Laura Graham, Mhairi Hastings, and Natalie Oakes on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog.
  17. Feedback by Sarah Ball at Participation Cymru.

Summary of Week 18 posts

  1. Books and E-readers: The Future? by Karl S Green.
  2. A church app and a martyr to excessive sensibility by Louise Brown.
  3. Jargon. A tool of exclusion, efficient technical language or just the ‘cheeping of birds’? by Chris Bolton.
  4. Don’t Panic by Cameron A Sharkey on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  5. Drilling down by Dyfrig Williams on the Participation Cymru blog.
  6. A weekend @BlueLightCamp by Karl Loveday on the @BlueLightCamp blog.
  7. Therapy Through the Looking Glass by Susan D Munro‘s placement student on the mentalhealthslt blog.
  8. Week in the life of an AHP Dementia Consultant by Elaine Hunter.
  9. The Sociable Organisation by Phil Jewitt.
  10. Buy, buy, buy! by Andrew Jacobs.
  11. Modern Art Desserts by Caitlin Freeman by Janet E Davis on the Suburbis blog.
  12. Abuse of the Body – Person-centred Care by Dr Ewan Bell on the Dumfries and Galloway Health blog.

Summary of Week 17 posts

  1. The Further Adventures of Karl: The Joy of Real Books by Karl S Green.
  2. Uncle Joe by Richard Overy.
  3. Meet my professional digital footprint by Carolyne Mitchell.
  4. FOUR REASONS: Why I’m not in the CIPR by Dan Slee.
  5. Leading in a new environment by Derek Barron.
  6. When Will the Lessons Stop? by Fiona McQueen on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  7. The thick of it – 10 tips for engaging with Parliament by Ross Wigham.
  8. Look To The Future by Susan D Munro on the mentalhealthslt blog.
  9. Better Understanding – the benefit of meetings. Remember the first time? by Chris Bolton.
  10. songs of me by Lesley Thomson
  11. Your PR is only as good as your product by Kenny McDonald.
  12. Jamming with Learner Journey Data by Lesley Thomson on the OKFN Scotland (Open Knowledge Foundation Scotland) blog.
  13. My report from UK GovCamp 2013 by Peter Olding.
  14. The Electronic Casenote (eCn) by Murray Glaister on Dumfries and Galloway Health blog.
  15. Changing Times by Professor Kate Pickett on the OPM (Office for Public Management Ltd) blog.
  16. JLS won’t Beat Again – dealing with another boy band bombshell by Lindsay Narey on the High Tea Cast blogzine.

Summary of Week 16 posts

  1. Moving Forward by Learning from the Past by Andrew Moore for Ayrshire Health
  2. Bus Characters & Conversations by Rough Cat
  3. Playing catch up by Samuel-James Wilson
  4. Getting to know your Karl by Karl Green – a first post for Weekly Blog Club
  5. Record store day, just another day for a vinyl junkie by Joseph Conaghan
  6. I’m twenty one to-day by Richard Overy
  7. Pizza, tigers and a puffer fish by Mark O’Donnell – a first post for Weekly Blog Club
  8. It’s not the arrows, it’s the indians by Graham Budd
  9. Ann’s blog by Graham Budd
  10. Be careful what you click, you can unsee what you’ve seen by Kate Bentham
  11. Meetings are the symptom of bad organisation. Yes, but no, but maybe? by Chris Bolton
  12. Practice as research: week 28 by Louise Atkinson
  13. Off Quay Arthouse launch by Janet Davis
  14. My Great War journey is at an end by Carolyne Mitchell
  15. From eye witness account to prime time news by Carolyne Mitchell
  16. Patient safety in mental health – why we need to listen to our patients by David Hall
  17. Reflections, values and the zeal for reformation by Craig White for Ayrshire Health
  18. Farewell then, local government… by Stuart Mackintosh

Summary of Week 15 posts

  1. Work, babbies, campervans and life. Part 1byDarren Caveney
  2. Vexing myself into redundancy by Graham Budd
  3. Who’s up for a binman’s holiday? by Carolyne Mitchell
  4. A Rural Walk April 2013 by Kate Bentham
  5. Parent bloggers and The Lullaby Trust by Louise Brown
  6. Power to the people by Ross Wigham
  7. Wayne Jepson reflects on our work and being a member of our Advisory Panel by Participation Cymru
  8. Leaders – where ‘why’ meets understanding by Derek Barron
  9. Leaving for the future by Janet Davis
  10. Five Senses at Stepney City Farm by Karen Hart
  11. Vardre RFC, Venice of the Swansea Valley? Re-visiting old rugby grounds by Chris Bolton
  12. Front Page News by Andrew Eccleston on the Dumfries and Galloway Blog
  13. Clump Recruiting, Old Wine in New Bottles? What about the Pals Battalions and Richard Arkwright? by Chris Bolton
  14. Happy blog day by Ross Wigham
  15. And My Super XV Team is… by The Sporting Wag AKA Hannah Chia
  16. The Songs of Me Challenge by Graham Budd
  17. Pride, Passion, Professionalism by Hazel Borland on the Dumfries and Galloway Blog

Summary of Week 14 posts

  1. Strengthening the Commitments – LD nursing in Scotland by Derek Barron
  2. Dear Flytipper. An open letter–just for you. by Jane McIntyre
  3. Rugby WAG, Rugby Widow. by Hannah Chia aka @SportingWag
  4. Where is your Social Media party? by Andy Johnson
  5. Settling in, month three by Scot Health Monthly
  6. Our Little Rocket by Shropshire Family Information Service
  7. Horndean 1935 Part II by Richard Overy
  8. Why blog? by Phil Jewitt
  9. Urban walk March 2013 by Janet Davis
  10. Bowel cancer: the great escape by Kenny McDonald
  11. SHARE: User generated content? Ask nicely… by Dan Slee
  12. Gin and cigarettes by Karen Hart
  13. “Was it not just an aeroplane?” by Stuart Macintosh
  14. Lesson from Nuka – the Alaskan healthcare system by Eddie Docherty via the Ayrshire Health blog
  15. Can You Teach Care? by Joseph Conaghan
  16. E-participation and storytelling by Participation Cymru
  17. Review: PALACE at Bethesda Theatre. by Clare White
  18. Peter’s Blog: Spotting (Part 1). by Peter Olding
  19. LIFE: How a town is using digital to connect by Dan Slee
  20. Ted Robbins, Textiles and 78rpms. My week of social media. by Chris Bolton

Summary of Week 13 posts

  1. Fireplace and Interviews by Samuel-James Wilson.
  2. The changing way we get online (and what it means for public services) by Ross Wigham.
  3. ARFU West Asia Final: A Fan’s Perspective by Hannah Chia aka @SportingWag.
  4. No money? No food? No Problem, Go online by Kate Bentham.
  5. ‘People buy from People’. A lesson for knowledge workers from Deenna Boutique and Neath Music by Chris Bolton.
  6. The Golden Rule by Gina A Alexander on Ayrshire Health blog.
  7. Subtle differences: how to identify creative collaborative activity by Lorna Prescott.
  8. Ambition for better by Phil Jewitt.
  9. Using Welsh language social media to engage in the public sector by Dyfrig Williams of Participation Cymru.
  10. Practice as research [Week 25] by Louise Atkinson.
  11. Doodle for charities by Louise Brown.
  12. The dreaded first assignment by Louise Brown.
  13. Learn, learn and learn again by Carolyne Mitchell.
  14. Working away from home – what’s in your bag? Part 7 by Mark Braggins as guest writer on @judyheminsley‘s website How to work from home.
  15. Dorset Enterprises by Peter Olding.
  16. Low Hanging Fruit A Guide To Buzzword Bingo by Joseph Conaghan.
  17. Cockerel I by Janet E Davis.
  18. Never Underestimate the Importance of Briefs for Patient Safety by Laura Graham on the @dghealth (Dumfries and Galloway Health) blog.
  19. A life not lived by Karen JK Hart.
  20. Why on earth sponsor an Unconference? by Mark Braggins.

Summary of Week 12 posts

  1. Food for Thought – CommsCamp13 by Simon Hope.
  2. Home advantage by Lindsay Narey on The High Tea Cast Blogzine.
  3. UK Gov camp 2013 by Louise Kidney.
  4. Journalism Day by Eddie Coates-Madden.
  5. Introducing Austerity WAG & Her Wonderful Fiance by Hannah Chia.
  6. “The Power of Orange Knickers” by Rachel.
  7. Channel Shift: Making the best use of your citizen communication channels by Tanwen Berrington on the @PartCymru blog.
  8. A person centred NHS and why successful change takes time by Simon Bradstreet on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  9. White smoke by Phil Jewitt.
  10. ‘Lancashire Speaks’ (issued by Cyril Lord). Textile Workers Voices 1950’s style by Chris Bolton.
  11. HOW TO GET AHEAD IN GOVCAMPING by Mark Braggins.
  12. Meet me on the corner of Twitter by Rachel.
  13. Feeling safe to learn and share by Lorna Prescott.
  14. Albert and the Dots: Reading Rooms by Louise Atkinson.
  15. I had an idea about images for a band by Janet E Davis.
  16. A Training Environment for Twitter (Part 1) by Graham Budd.
  17. A training environment for Twitter (part 2) by Kenny McDonald.
  18. The Folkestone Mermaid by Karen JK Hart.

Summary of Week 11 posts

  1. how an author is using small conversations and viral campaigning by Liam Barrington-Bush on the comms2point0 blog.
  2. FUTURE TACKS: Why every organisation needs a digital comms specialist by Dan Slee.
  3. Expatiation, Innovation, Adaptation, Continuous Improvement and Hyperbole. It’s dictionary time by Chris Bolton.
  4. The Announcement by Samuel-James Wilson.
  5. One small step for….. by Ross Wigham.
  6. Every Day’s A #School Day by Rough Cat.
  7. How children and young people are feeding in to the Citizen’s Panel for Social Services in Wales by Dyfrig Williams.
  8. the pr challenges that face housing by Louise Psyllides on the comms2point0 blog.
  9. The small things by John Patterson.
  10. Happy Mother’s Day – From the Food Baby by Rachel.
  11. The relevance of resilience in healthcare by Angela Rowe on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  12. ‘Bugrit! Millennium hand and shrimp’ by Karen JK Hart.
  13. Celebrating the legacy of Matilda Mae by Louise Brown.
  14. Social bookmarking for charities by Louise Brown.
  15. Learning by numbers by Andrew Jacobs.
  16. My perfect cousin by Carolyne Mitchell.
  17. What the W*Fi?! by Kenny McDonald.
  18. Practice as research [Week 23] by Louise Atkinson.
  19. Learning more about Neighbourhood Planning by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 10 posts

  1. Information sharing and feedback – our February / March Participation Networks by Participation Cymru
  2. Questioning Y by Phil Jewitt
  3. No Excuse for Domestic Abuse by Kate Bentham
  4. Simply the Best for International Women’s Day by Karen Hart
  5. Looking for aircraft in France, Ireland and Portsmouth Harbour by Peter Olding
  6. You’re hired – if you can nail the interview by Jo Smith from Vindicat PR
  7. Place and time | between personal and professional by Phil Jewitt
  8. Engaged employees are happy employees by Carolyne Mitchell
  9. Name’s not down, you’re not getting in by Kenny McDonald
  10. Urban walk February 2013 by Janet Davis
  11. Horndean 1935 – Cycled Aldershot to Weymouth by Richard Overy
  12. The challenges ahead for Improving Outcome for Children and Young People by Kath Evans
  13. Rituals, routines and how to polish shoes by Chris Bolton
  14. Vegetable growing is go by Louise Brown
  15. Google Alerts for charities by Louise Brown
  16. York Minster by Samuel-James Wilson
  17. Settling in – Scottish healthcare blogs in February on the Scottish Health Monthly
  18. Whisper it: UK Cancer Care is Better Than We Think by Martin Brunet
  19. When Community Development becomes a pejorative term by Russell Todd
  20. Creativity and its place in recovery by Derek Barron
  21. Anarchists in the Boardroom by Lorna Prescott
  22. Happily Mourning the Death of a Car by Rough Cat aka @Llama_Rockette
  23. Change. Adapt. Evolve. by Ross Wigham

Summary of Week 9 posts.

  1. Read all about it by Carolyne Mitchell.
  2. In praise of reading aloud (and some tips for the fearful) by Ben Whitehouse.
  3. Good Enough is Good Enough, the law of diminishing returns by Chris Bolton.
  4. PREP requirements and #tag chats by Derek Barron.
  5. Reflections from Sydney by Norma Clark.
  6. Squeezing the Juice out of Orange . . . by Norma Clark.
  7. COMMSCAMP: Die Press Release! Die! Die! And six other things PR people need to know… by Dan Slee.
  8. Reanimation – Defining Quality Health Care by Dr Philip Korsah on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  9. Could council budgets be better (presented)? by Jo Smith of Vindicat PR.
  10. A Study in Mustard by Karen JK Hart.
  11. From Yemen to Yorkshire by Phil Jewitt.
  12. West German Beauty by Richard Overy.
  13. Why I Loved CommsCamp13 by Kate Bentham.
  14. #COMMSCAMP13: My 20 wishes and hopes list by Dan Slee.
  15. Soul food – scouse by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 8 posts

  1. eCounts and eSentiment – Eezer Goode! by Carolyne Mitchell.
  2. The circuitry of my head by John Patterson.
  3. Jefferson’s Taper. A 200 year old perspective on the internet? by Chris Bolton.
  4. Impressions and sharing #tags by Derek Barron.
  5. My Super XV Quest by Hannah Chia.
  6. Fast, Cheap, Good by Peter Olding.
  7. Chris Hulme by Peter Olding.
  8. Hazlewood & Dent Ironmongery & Tools by Richard Overy.
  9. Weekly Blog Club by Dyfrig Williams.
  10. Let them eat cake by Kate (‘Cake’) Bentham on the commscamp blog.
  11. Lincoln Cathedral by Samuel-James Wilson.
  12. Wanna talk dirty…..? by Jane McIntyre.
  13. Social media and healthcare? by Anne Marie Cunningham on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  14. Quo vadis? by Janet E Davis.
  15. Practice as research [Week 22] by Louise Atkinson.
  16. Never mind the blog posts by Janet E Davis.
  17. Makers make the world by Ben Whitehouse.
  18. I love it when a plan comes together by Kenny McDonald.
  19. My Super XV Quest Part Two: What’s in a Name? by Hannah Chia.
  20. ‘Doing’ social media: Be brave. Be honest. Be human. by Lesley Thomson on the Scottish Public Sector Digital Group blog.
  21. Someone I love is 16 today by Karen JK Hart.
  22. Memories of mum by Carol Woolley.

Summary of Week 7 posts

1. Epicurus and a simply PhD lesson by Derek Barron.
2. And we have another year by Sasha Taylor.
3. Dear May by Richard Overy.
4. The naked public servant by Phil Jewitt.
5. The future is now by Louise Brown.
6. Falls Prevention with @clareRCGP on Twitter by Claire OT.
7. Once Upon a Time . . . by Norma Clark.
8. Busman’s Holiday. The Jefferson Memorial, Wastewater Treatment and Root Cause Analysis by Chris Bolton – @whatsthepont.
9. Choosing Quality Childcare by Shropshire Family Information Service.
10. Charlecote at 4am… by Phoebe Taylor and Charlecote Park.
11. Stepney City Farm ‘can change the world’ by Karen JK Hart.
12. Healthcare: We’re all doomed by @micmac650 by Ayrshire Health.
13. What’s in a Name? by Susan Munro.
14. Weekly blog club by Louise Atkinson.
15. Let’s start an evolution by Kenny McDonald – @MarCommsKenny.
16. Participatory websites – what does good practice look like? by Dyfrig Williams – @PartCymru.
17. This is the happy love songs playlist by Janet E Davis.
18. This is the much longer playlist of the ironic, poignant or plain sad love songs by Janet E Davis.
19. My ValenTyne by Janet E Davis.
20. What on earth are you doing here? by Ben Whitehouse.
21. A Done List by Kate Bentham.

Summary of Week 6 posts

  1. Practice as research [Week 20] by Louise Atkinson.
  2. 17-Toes Blue & The Cartoon Palace, or Last Week in My House by Rough Cat.
  3. Young chicken linocut 1 by Janet E Davis.
  4. I Love You, David Beckham by Hannah Chia.
  5. Young woman in prayer by Richard Overy.
  6. A new venture – January 2013 by Scot Health monthly.
  7. Mindmap, ethnography and the smell of coffee by Derek Barron.
  8. Twitter: Looking Back Looking Forward by Elaine Hunter.
  9. Encouraging Innovation. Use some Naive Experts, Belbin Resource Investigators and send them ‘back to the floor’ by Chris Bolton.
  10. The Chime of Midnight by Colin R Martin on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  11. Symm – Week 1 by Samuel-James Wilson.
  12. What the best thing about working from home? by Peter Olding.
  13. Ignore this at your peril by Kenny McDonald.
  14. My life has added complexity by Carolyne Mitchell.
  15. Don’t want to; Can’t make me! by by Andrew Jacobs.
  16. About the artist by Louise Atkinson.
  17. Warnings: Why I love the Warren by Karen JK Hart.
  18. Powys Network Get Engaged by Dyfrig Williams on the Participation Cymru blog.
  19. ‘Wired to share’ – but not educated to by Lorna Prescott.
  20. Getting to grips with groups by Louise Brown on the Lamplight database blog.
  21. Julie’s story by Julie Oxley, Head of Information Management and Technology for Adult Social Care, Leeds City Council on The Sociable Organisation blog [via Phil Jewitt].
  22. Jacob ewe linocut 1 by Janet E Davis.
  23. Lower those expectations, Benji by Ben Whitehouse.
  24. We can finally announce… by Sasha Taylor on the BlueLightCamp blog.

Summary of Week 5 posts

  1. Checking my cissexual privilege #transdocfail by Claire OT.
  2. #Johari’s Window- public, real-time CPD on Twitter by Claire OT.
  3. A new Year and a New Start – CityCamp Coventry by Sasha Taylor.
  4. A Nation Built On Beige, And Stronger For It by Rough Cat.
  5. I don’t do Twitter and it’s your fault by Derek Barron.
  6. CultureCode – cultivating creative technology by Janet E Davis.
  7. Snow blower by Ross Wigham.
  8. Florence Nightingale; the mother of Infographics? (btw she was also a nurse……) by Chris Bolton.
  9. Putting patients first by Alex Neil on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  10. Pace of learning by Andrew Jacobs.
  11. Time to blossom: branch out your social network by Kenny McDonald.
  12. The naming of cats by Karen JK Hart.
  13. If practice makes permanent should you practice something you’re already good at? by Jo Smith.
  14. Snowed under by Kate Bentham.
  15. Press release rules: a prestigious post… by Stuart Mackintosh.
  16. It all starts with a ‘thing’ by Phil Jewitt.
  17. Words from Sarah Jones on her last day as Participation Cymru Officer by Sarah Jones on Participation Cymru‘s blog.
  18. Practice as research by Louise Atkinson.
  19. Why I love my job by Carolyne Mitchell.

Summary of Week 4 posts

  1. Women – would you like to earn as much money as your male colleagues? by Mary McKenna
  2. Four Readings and a Tombstone by Diane Sims
  3. Blue Light Camp: Coming in from the cold By Mark Braggins on the Blue Light Camp blog.
  4. Margaret Peters reflects on the work of Participation Cymru on the Participation Cymru blog
  5. Jo recounts her first time Clay Pigeon Shooting By Vindicat PR on the Ladies Shooting blog
  6. Online learning by Louise Atkinson
  7. House of Lords’ conclusions reflect a wider concern about the future of consultations by Ewan King on the OPM blog
  8. Warwick 4am Project: Charlecote Park at 4am by Sasha Taylor
  9. Gearing up to BlueLightCamp 2013 by Sasha Taylor on the Blue Light Camp blog.
  10. Tears, tantrums and chocolate – why research in nursing? by Kim Barron on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  11. Improving Email Behaviour. End of Campaign Report and Four Recommendations by Chris Bolton
  12. The Incidental Researcher Case 2: Open Badges and Free Education by John Patterson
  13. Wouldham 1932 River Medway by Richard Overy
  14. Oh So Quiet? by Lorna Prescott
  15. Exposé: your ultimate social media toolkit by Kenny McDonald
  16. Tiny, tiny snow by Karen Hart
  17. A town trail, a history lesson & some cheesecake by Rachel Williamson on the Ross Wigham blog
  18. Man v. Food v. Mobile v. Tablet by Carolyne Mitchell
  19. Street Art Musing by Janet Davis
  20. It’s UKGovCamp Jim! But not as we know it! by Lesley Thomson
  21. Any excuse to get some new stationery by Louise Brown
  22. Opinions in 140 characters by Derek Barron
  23. A Tweet in the Life by Susan Munro

Summary of Week 3 posts

  1. Wor Oratorio by Janet Davis
  2. Lurkers, interrupters and more Twitter rules by Derek Barron
  3. Mask making: From Animism to the Internet of Things by Louise Atkinson
  4. Lady & her Daughter from my home town by Richard Overy
  5. Kicking it in 2013: Part 2 by Lesley Thomson
  6. Can you say a few words? by Jo Smith
  7. The Wrong Sort of Sand by Phil Jewitt
  8. Don’t share this by Kenny McDonald
  9. Developing a health and wellbeing site for the Welsh citizen by Dyfrig Williams
  10. Facebook: To be or not to be by Karen Hart
  11. The reason for the season by Kate Bentham
  12. Bikes, Bread and Birmingham by Lorna Prescott
  13. Email Read Receipts. Does the misuse of minimum effort technology undermine trust between colleagues? by Chris Bolton
  14. Assisting Dr. Gerard Lynch by Samuel-James Wilson
  15. Why do I find it so hard to blog? by Marc Carter
  16. Resolve to review your data in 2013 by Louise Brown
  17. The best for every patient every time on the Ayreshire Health Blog by Andrew Murray.
  18. Out with the old, in with the new by Susan Munro
  19. Destination sofa by Lindsay Narey
  20. Medical Science & My Modern Day Witch-Doctoring by Rough Cat
  21. Practice as research by Louise Atkinson

Summary of Week 2 posts

  1. x-y coordination by Lorna Prescott.
  2. Is it all just a con? …maybe not by Vicky Bannister.
  3. Mary Seacole school project by Claire OT.
  4. The Sporting Wag’s 2013 Sport Calendar by Hannah Chia (aka The Sporting Wag).
  5. Dr. Gerard Lynch [The Red Mason] – Week 2 by Samuel-James Wilson.
  6. A uniform approach by Derek Barron.
  7. Kicking it in 2013: Part 1 by Lesley Thomson.
  8. 2012 round up by Louise Atkinson.
  9. Triple trouble by Stuart Mackintosh.
  10. The email ‘cc’ option undermines the very fabric of society. A 19th Century invention using 21st Century technology by Chris Bolton.
  11. Getting the measure of social media by Mark Braggins.
  12. Raising the tone by Jo Smith.
  13. Robotics in healthcare: hogmanay musing by Jim Crichton on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  14. One shade of grey by Phil Jewitt.
  15. Derek Walker reflects on the work of Participation Cymru by Dyfrig Williams.
  16. Two ideas for Stoke’s community assets by Clare White.
  17. Ten for 2013 by John Patterson.
  18. Wish I knew what I know now… by Kenny McDonald (aka @MarCommsKenny).
  19. Here’s to social media friends new and old by Carolyne Mitchell.
  20. What Quora says about how to market an app by Janet Harkin.
  21. The writing habit by Karen JK Hart.
  22. My day in six photos by Louise Brown.
  23. Information can support families and safeguard children by Kate Bentham.
  24. 13 x high hopes for 2013 by Janet E Davis.

Summary of Week 1 posts

  1. 2012 in review – the stats by WordPress for Weekly Blog Club.
  2. Less by Phil Jewitt.
  3. I never make predictions………and I never will (looking back at 2012) by Ross Wigham.
  4. Hierarchies, cliques and Twitter rules by Derek Barron.
  5. LINK LOVE: 16 blog posts that have inspired me in 2012 by Dan Slee.
  6. London 2012 was my family story and yours too by Dan Slee.
  7. #nurture1213 Highlights by Kate Bentham.
  8. The challenges of 2013 by Stuart Mackintosh.
  9. #nurture1213 Hopes by Kate Bentham.
  10. Ouseburn January 2013 01 by Janet E Davis.
  11. Royal Navy Field Gun. A lesson in incredible teamwork, motivation, commitment and missing fingers by Chris Bolton.
  12. Will this year really be different? by Fiona McQueen on the Ayrshire Health blog.
  13. This Land is Mine and Psycho – a comparison by Clare White.
  14. Death of a party by Sarah Lay.
  15. 12 x highlights of 2012 part 1 by Janet E Davis.
  16. 12 x highlights of 2012 part 2 by Janet E Davis.
  17. My year in pictures by Carol Woolley.
  18. Can’t write? Won’t write by Karen JK Hart.
  19. Doing more with digital by Mark Braggins.
  20. Five kinds of silence by Diane Sims.
  21. Blogs to look out for in 2013 by Dyfrig Williams.
  22. 2013: Resolve to Unresolve – You Can’t Fail! by Rough Cat.
  23. Recruitment/Social Media – Goodbye 2012 & Hello 2013 by Andy Ball.

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