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First impressions count

When preparing for a new job, as Chief Executive of NHS Scotland, Paul Gray visited a number of NHS Boards to meet staff and patients. He was inspired by what he found. Then a few days before starting, tragedy hit so many when

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Demons, downloads and daffodils

Hello, it’s me Kate Bentham again this week, starting with a shuffle of the feet and staring at the floor apology for the delay in getting this summary to you. My standards are slipping. I’ll try harder. Am I forgiven? So,

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Scots Abroad – Surely Not That Obvious?

A great blog by Rough Cat looking at all things fabulous about being Scottish. The blog looks at some of the stereotypes associated with being Scottish, including accents, weather, communities and the best lager in the whole of the world.

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Jamming with Learner Journey Data

Lesley Thomson writes about the Learner Journey Data Jam – a 48-hour event about data relating to learners’ experience of the Scottish education system. Developers, designers, learners and educational policy types got together and came up with some prototypes of

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Amazing things are happening in Scotland: Part 2

Lesley Thomson has made her first contribution to Weekly Blog Club in Week 12. She writes about all the events for digital public sector people in Scotland that are happening over the next few months (some of us South of

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