Blogging, walking, leading and bins

Hello, yes it’s me Kate Bentham back for another week as guest curator of Weekly Blog Club. We’re into week 15 of year two and had some wonderful blogs submitted this week, the quality and content of which have been amazing. The 17 blogs submitted this week have the usual eclectic mix of subject matter but what has been interesting is the medium through which some bloggers have presented. We’ve had videos, photos, audio and text, proof that a blog really can be presented in any format. If you’re used to presenting in text, why not have a go at something a bit different next week?

Anyway, let’s have a look at the blogs for this week.

We have a couple of blogs about blogging. First is Parent bloggers and The Lullaby Trust by Louise Brown who talks about online communities, and how it is possible to engage with them by tapping into something which the community may have experienced or have strong opinions about. The Lullaby Trust tapped into one online community to raise awareness of changes within the organisations, with some very positive results. Next up is Ross Wigham who has been celebrating one year since he started his blog. In Happy blog day Ross remind us of some of the excellent blogs he’s written over the last 12 months, and some surprises in the post viewed blogs – ones which were more personal than work related, which I find really interesting in the whole personal and professional discussion – should we try to separate the two, if actually readers like to see a bit of the personal there too?

There were two bloggers who took up the entirely optional theme this week, based on Janet Davis’s Urban Walk posts.  Kate Bentham took us on A Rural Walk April 2013 across fields and lanes and even through a church yard, sharing photos of some of the interesting things she saw on the way. Look out for the unusual Gravestone and the old carving in the wall.  Chris Bolton also took us on a walk from the changing rooms of a Rugby Club to the actual pitch, complete with make shift dug out. In Vardre RFC, Venice of the Swansea Valley? Re-visiting old rugby grounds we get to see some of the canals and bridges Chris had to cross to be able to watch his son play #properrugby.

And on the subject of Rugby  The Sporting Wag AKA Hannah Chia has chosen the team is will be supporting in the Super XV based mainly on looks rather than quality of play. Hannah relieves which team gets her backing this season in And My Super XV Team is…

We have two posts this week looking specifically at leaders and leadership. Derek Barron suggests leaders need to involve a team in the Why, How and What, to ensure that teams are clear of the vision and will follow. In Leaders – where ‘why’ meets understanding Derek also looks at the importance of giving feedback to candidates after interviews and Covey’s work on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Janet Davis touches on another leader this week in Leaving for the future suggesting that the legacy of Thatcher might only truly be understood by future historians, just as architectural heritage and excavation is often best left, with the advancements in technology, for future generations.  

News, media, comms, and PR are often subjects of blog posts, and this week is no different. Andrew Eccleston on the Dumfries and Galloway Blog looks at the subject of media from a different angle. In Front Page News Andrew shares his experience of being in a job for a few weeks, when he was called upon to do an interview about staff shortages at the Paediatric department. Completely out of his comfort zone Andrew shares how he prepared for the interview which was vital considering the issue and possible angle the paper could take. For anyone wanting to find out more about the media post-Leveson and the use of social media in news reporting Ross Wigham invites you to join him at the CIPR conference in June called Power to the people, which looks like a good event with some very interesting speakers.

We had a few employment related posts this week, the first is by Chris Bolton who looks at Clump Recruitment, whereby we can engage or enlist Generation Y people by targeting where they hang out, all for the benefit of the business. In Clump Recruiting, Old Wine in New Bottles? What about the Pals Battalions and Richard Arkwright? Chris explains that this technique of clumping isn’t new, and looks a little bit like ‘Old wine in new bottles’. Another great blog from Chris.

Pride, Passion, Professionalism by Hazel Borland on the Dumfries and Galloway Blog looks back and celebrate 30 years in a nursing role, reflecting on some influential colleagues she worked with and who shaped her nursing practice. Graham Budd has also been helping colleagues understand and use social media and the web as a way of communicating and engaging with customers. In Vexing myself into redundancy  Graham looks at how with the support he has given, colleagues are confidently and competently making the best use of online tools.

Participation Cymru have used video in their blog which includes an interview with a member of their Advisory Panel, to understand more about the work Participation Cymru undertakes and how the panel are key to steering that work. The interview in Wayne Jepson reflects on our work and being a member of our Advisory Panel is used as part of a wider evaluation framework.

Although Carolyne Mitchell may have been on holiday to France, she shows that as with many a Local Gov’er she is never of duty. Having recently implemented changes to the way her council communicate information on bin collections, she watched with interest how the process was managed in France, from data collection to measuring content Who’s up for a binman’s holiday? is an interesting read.

Karen Hart used video, audio and photos in her blog Five Senses at Stepney City Farm, and we’re mightily glad she did. The blog shares some of the exciting developments taking place at Stepney Farm (Café/cake) and also introduces some of the newest residents – baby animals! Videos of baby animals! Photos of baby animals! Audio of baby animals!

The Songs of Me Challenge was taken up by Graham Budd this week, who shares some top tunes which evoke memories for Graham. Why not have a listen to the songs, and watch the videos Graham has also included in his blog. If you haven’t taken up the challenge yourself yet, why not have a go this week?

Our last blog is by Darren Caveney who is a regular blogger for comms2point0, a site he cofounded to share creative comms resources. It is fair to say I was keen to get a Weekly Blog Club post from Darren as I greatly admire the work he does and the way he writes. In Work, babbies, campervans and life. Part 1  Darren looks at balancing work and family and shares his hopes and wishes for the ‘spare’ time he has. A useful reminder on what’s important in life.

So, that’s your lot, and your lot from me for a few weeks. I hand you over to the lovely Louise Brown who will be looking after Weekly Blog Club for week 16. The entirely optional theme this week is Hobbies and Interests – how do you spend your ‘spare’ time?  

If you have enjoyed the blogs this week, be sure to let the blogger know, a simple like, comment or share is really encouraging and motivating. If you have been motivated to write a blog for next week you can find out more about how to on our About page, it really is simple. Or if you have felt motivated to have a go at being a guest curator you can find out how to here, that’s really simple too – and very enjoyable.

Until next time…


Kate Bentham 

Working in local gov, managing a frontline service for families. I love Shropshire, love family and love information and blog about all three. There is also the occasional mention of cake and caek.

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  1. Thanks very much, Kate for another great summary 🙂

  2. If you ever visit, Kate, I shall provide cake in the shape of baby animals.

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