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Demons, downloads and daffodils

Hello, it’s me Kate Bentham again this week, starting with a shuffle of the feet and staring at the floor apology for the delay in getting this summary to you. My standards are slipping. I’ll try harder. Am I forgiven? So,

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St. Andrews Church – Starbeck Church – Update

An excellent update blog by Samuel-James Wilson on his campaign to protect the integrity and heritage of a local church. Samuel-James shares with us some of the recent correspondence he has received from the local council and company carrying out the work, which do

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Hadrian’s Wall landscapes

Just a couple of watercolours I did a few years ago of a couple of my favourite spots on Hadrian’s Wall, and a few words about them (they happen to be managed by English Heritage). Hadrian’s Wall landscapes by Janet E

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Leaving for the future

A wonderful blog from Janet Davis who looks back on how life was in London in the middle the Thatcher years. Alongside the wealth and fashion, Janet also covers how the development of the docklands was viewed to a heritage professional and

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Dear May

Richard Overy has managed to find a wonderfully evocative postcard from 1906, which has a message on the back that seems to be quite the juxtaposition to the image. Visit his blog and find out more! Dear May by Richard

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Taxidermy, Tring and taking time out

Louise Brown’s post for Week 24 of Weekly Blog Club is a good example of how one simply cannot anticipate the content of Weekly Blog Club posts. Each week is different. Louise has included two quite different aspects of British

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A slightly different view

Photographs, art, heritage, technology, looking back to a not-so-golden past, and forward to CultureCode Hack. A slightly different view by Janet E Davis.

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